Wednesday, February 6, 2008

9/11 FSA Supports Libel Terrorism Protection Act

9/11 Families for a Secure America has issued the following press release:

9/11 Families for a Secure America
The families and victims of the September 11, 2001
terror attacks and other violent crimes committed by illegal aliens

February 5, 2008

John A. DeFrancisco
New York State Senate
Albany, New York

Dear Sen. DeFrancisco:

9/11 Families for a Secure America, an organization representing families of many of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks, strongly urges the New York State Assembly and Senate to pass the bipartisan Libel Terrorism Protection Act (A-9652 and S-6677).

We have seen our loved ones murdered in a terrorist attack financed with Saudi money, perpetrated primarily by Saudis acting in response to the murderous Wahabist fanaticism financed around the world by the Saudi government. It is unacceptable that a Saudi with possible financial involvement in funding al-Qaeda, who has already silenced more than 40 writers and publishers – including many Americans -- should be able now to prevent a New York author from investigating his activities. Saudi billionaire, Khalid bin Mahfouz through exploitation of plaintiff-friendly British libel law has achieved precisely that goal.

Unless the NY Libel Terrorism Protection Act is passed he and others like him will be free to determine what can be published in the U.S.

Bin Mahfouz is utilizing United States law to render meaningless the rights guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution.

We who have lost our loved ones as a result of Saudi financed terrorism believe that bin Mahfouz and his ilk must be stopped. It is a disgrace to this nation that these legal proceedings have been able to reach a stage at which any American writing in America is threatened with financial ruin for publishing her findings about a Saudi’s alleged financing of terrorist acts.

For these reasons we urge passage in the New York Legislature and signing by Gov. Spitzer of the Libel Terrorism and Protection Act.

In closing, we wish to thank Assemblyman Rory Lancman and Senator Dean Skelos for introducing this bill.


Peter Gadiel,
President, 9/11 FSA

It is a scary thought to have a Financier of Holy Terror determining what may be published in the US by intimidating authors through threats of legal action.

This is not some theoretical concern.

The threat is very real to Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and other authors who have been targeted by Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz and his libel terrorism.

Beyond that, bloggers in countries as diverse as Finland, the United Kingdom and Israel have been targeted for their writings.

All that it takes for this to happen here is for a critical mass of Americans to go along with a judicial ruling to the effect that something is "hate speech" and that the Constitution was not intended to protect "that kind" of speech, and, deprived of our precious right to speak and write about what is happening in the world around us, no one will be able to call attention to the problems we face.

And, make no mistake about it -- right now the issue is whether a multibillionaire has been financing Islamic terrorism. If the Thought Police get their way, though, soon you won't be able to question the "accepted" version of any story, be it an historical account, a scientific theory or something else. A simple democratic majority will be adequate to determine what is acceptable and to outlaw everything else; and that majority can be achieved through PR spin, funded by billionaires like bin Mahfouz, or through good old-fashioned rigging of elections and opinion polls.

The law is there to protect the rights of everyone against infringement from the majority. That most emphatically includes protecting the rights of those who would offend someone through their comments. Imagine not being allowed to question evolution or creationism, the geocentric or heliocentric theory, the Holocaust, or 9/11 -- it only becomes a matter of who wins the election, and suddenly the Holocaust never occurred, or the sun revolves around the earth; all other ideas are speech that was "never intended to be protected".

Scientific advancement would come to a hault, because no one would be allowed to question orthodox scientific dogma; Newtonian mechanics would have ruled, because Einstein would have been a heretic. Such a society, devoid of the freedom to express itself, would become a stagnant Hell on Earth, much like the stagnation found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, home of Sheikh bin Mahfouz: a nation that has no industry, no scientific or philosophical advancement -- a nation that produces only terror, funded by the profits of the resources deposited in the bowels of the Earth under her sands, a society which, though on the surface God's Earth, has come to resemble that other society that in human imagination is depicted as dwelling deep in the bowels of the Earth, below even where the oil can be found, a society where God is ignored.

We cheer for our troops overseas, and pray that they may return home safely and victoriously, mourning when they die, yet thanking God that such heroes have lived -- and well we should.

Yet, let us not forget to cheer the heroes whom the forces of evil seek to silence here at home, heroes who daily fight a battle that is far more critical to our long-term survival, lest these heroes be defeated and our troops, victorious, return home to a place where the Star-Spangled Banner waves, but which is no longer the Land of the Free -- for, indeed, what is the point of being the Home of the Brave if everything that is worth fighting for, everything that is worth sacrificing for -- everything that is worth dying for -- has been taken from us, and we have become but captives enslaved by the darkness of ignorance?


For information on Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld's legal counterjihad, you can read the posts and watch the movie linked in my sidebar, or visit her website, where you can make a monetary contribution to the defense of our freedom of speech and of the press.

This post is dedicated to two lady heroes, Rachel Ehrenfeld and Sibel Edmonds; though physically small, yet they are giants, among the greatest of Americans for heroically refusing to be silenced by the forces of evil.

Hat tip to my email tipster.

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