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Gotham City Series Index -- First Year

In an effort to clean up the sidebar and make room for new lists of links, I am moving the information about the Gotham City series to this post. The descriptive text introducing the series is reproduced here below. All the links to the posts, newest on top, are at the bottom of the post. The two boxes with descriptive text about the series will be deleted from the sidebar, and the list of links in reverse order will have this post as a link to the first year of the series, with subsequent Gotham City posts in the list above it.


It was the crime of the century!

Arsonists' fires are set in Gotham Towers, two enormous skyscrapers towering over the streets of Gotham City. Although the two buildings are engineered to survive far worse disasters, within hours both skyscrapers collapse to the ground, dusting Gotham City with tremendous clouds of pulverized debris. A few hours later, a third skyscraper collapses, leaving the Gotham Trade Center in ruins.

Shock turns to mourning over the thousands killed in what is already being labeled the crime of the century, as a majestic, exotic figure appears on Gotham television. Crime boss Aladdin claims responsibility for the incident, and warns that unless Gotham City submits to him, his men, the Mujahideen, will attack again, and will leave Gotham so devastated that its people will forget all about the Gotham Towers.

Declaring to Gotham's residents, "either you're with us, or you're with the criminals," an angry mayor sends Gotham's law enforcement personnel out into the streets to round up Aladdin's men, but Gotham's War on Crime quickly bogs down.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne begins to suspect that Aladdin has nuclear weapons, and that he has them inside Gotham City! As he is wondering why the Gotham Police can't seem to bring Aladdin to justice, puzzling messages begin to arrive at Wayne Enterprises and at Wayne Manor. The messages contain riddles which help him discover how organized crime has a stranglehold on Gotham City. Realizing a connection to corrupt elements in Gotham's law enforcement agencies, and hoping to get the War on Crime moving forward again, Batman rushes out into the night to tip off a reporter -- and finds himself squaring off against the Gotham Bureau of Investigation!

The next day, another riddle arrives connecting Batman to Bruce Wayne. Worried, Alfred cautions that Batman may be in over his head: "Those corrupt elements are, after all, the GBI, and the GBI always gets its man!"

The stakes are high, as Batman races against the clock to free Gotham City from the tentacles of organized crime, before Batman himself is taken down, and before Aladdin strikes again!

The "Gotham City" Series

It's a little surprising how popular the "Gotham City" series is. The comments left on the posts have been quite favorable. The series is generating e-mail, as well, and since the hit counter has been in place, the "Gotham City" label has received far more hits than any other label.

For the benefit of my readers, below is a linked list of the series titles in order. This saves you having to click on the label and read the bottom passages first.

Batman was known to his arch-enemy, Ra's al Ghul, as "The Detective" and in the Gotham City series that is how Batman is portrayed: as a dark, brooding detective.

From the very start this series has been dedicated to the bloggers, the "dark knights" and "detectives" who will save Gotham City in its time of trouble.

As an added note to the reader, you will notice an evolution in the posts. There was an obvious connection to cyberspace and bloggers in the first two posts. In the third post of the series, I started to take a definite serious turn into a Batman-style mystery, a move which became more pronounced as the series has progressed.



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