Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Smuggler's Blues, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

An Interview with Sibel Edmonds (Page Two), 2004

SE: You might have an organization supposed to be promoting the cultural affairs of a certain country within another country. Hypothetically, say, an Uzbek folklore society based in Germany. The stated purpose would be to hold folklore-related activities – and they might even do that – but the real activities taking place behind the scenes are criminal.

CD: Such as?

SE: Everything – from drugs to money laundering to arms sales. And yes, there are certain convergences with all these activities and international terrorism.

It's the lure of easy money,
It's gotta very strong appeal.

The Candidates on Kosova ... and perhaps beyond, 2008

(D) Senator Hillary Clinton who insisted that her husband initiate the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 has repeatedly declared that the bombing of Serbia was "a success". She has been the honored guest to of many Albanian fundraisers and is hailed as someone that would continue her husband’s legacy as a friend and defender of Albanians. Hillary receives 63% of her campaign donations from individuals who donate $2300 or more and 37% from those who donate the maximum $4,600; in short, she is a "big money" candidate. Hillary Clinton is a socially liberal and aggressively interventionist.

Perhaps you'd understand it better
Standin' in my shoes,


It's the ultimate enticement,
It's the smuggler's blues,


The caption accompanying the above photo says McCain was in New York doing some fundraising, and it is fair to ask: how much money did he get from the Albanian lobby? As the great "reform" candidate who denounces the influence of "special interests" and the power of money in politics, McCain had better tell us exactly how much the Albanian lobby has thrown his way – and to what effect. Of all the lobbyists in Washington, it is the "special interests" represented by the agents of foreign powers that pose the greatest threat to the integrity of the Presidency.

Smuggler's blues.

The Turkish Lobby, Obstruction of Justice and Henry Waxman, 2008

While we're at it, notice who took a great deal of money from the Turkish lobby for her Presidential bid.

See it in the headlines,
You hear it ev'ry day.

The Turkish Lobby, Obstruction of Justice and Henry Waxman, 2008

And whose smiling face do we see on the list?

They say they're gonna stop it,
But it doesn't go away.

More heroin from Afghanistan pouring into U.S. cities, 2007

U.S. Rep. Mark Steven Kirk, a Republican who represents suburbs north of Chicago, said the Bush administration had been slow to respond to indications that more heroin from Afghanistan was coming to the United States. U.S. law enforcement officials also have told him privately that Afghanistan's share of the American heroin market is growing, he said.

They move it through Miami, sell it in L.A.,

Embassy of Afghanistan quoting "Unlikely allies: U.S., Iran separately fighting a common foe -- the Afghan drug trade", 2006

"As far as Pakistan, we don't have much cooperation," Haidari said. "They have not been as effective as we would have hoped. Not only traffickers but also terrorists regularly cross borders and attack.

"We are getting assistance more from Iran. One reason is they have a more established, cleaner counter-narcotics police force. They are watching for drug traffickers coming in from the Afghan side, and interdict them and arrest them and put them in jails in Iran."

They hide it up in Telluride,
I mean it's here to stay.

More heroin from Afghanistan pouring into U.S. cities, 2007

"More heroin is definitely coming in from Afghanistan," said Kirk, who's visited Afghanistan as a reserve naval intelligence officer. "The problem is the official reporting lags as to what we're actually seeing in the streets."

The increase in the U.S. supply of Afghan heroin is further evidence that Afghanistan is awash in illicit opium and plagued by official corruption.

It's propping up the governments in Columbia and Peru,

Heroin Heroes, 2000

Now free of the war and the repressive Yugoslav police machine, drug traffickers have reopened the old Balkan Road. With the KLA in power -- and in the spotlight -- the top trafficking families have begun to seek relative respectability without decreasing their heroin shipments. "The Kosovars are trying to position themselves in higher levels of trafficking," says the U.N.'s Tony White. "They want to get away from the violence of the streets and attract less attention. Criminals like to move up like any other business, and the Kosovars are becoming business leaders. They have become equal partners with the Turks."

Italian national police discovered this new Kosovar outreach last year when they undertook "Operation Pristina." The carabinieri uncovered a chain of connections that originated in Kosovo and stretched through nine European countries, extending into Central Asia, South America, and the United States.

You ask any D.E.A. man,
He'll say "There's nothin' we can do,"

UN World Drug Report, 2007 page 45

The route from Afghanistan continues to go mainly via Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and the Balkan countries to distribution centres in West Europe. However, alternative routes have also been established to circumvent the border between Turkey and Bulgaria, some via Ukraine to Romania and along the Balkan route to West Europe.

From the office of the President,
Right down to me and you, me and you.



There they are, the two of them, DioGuardi and McCain, side by side: one who would carve an Albanian empire in the midst of the blood-soaked Balkans, and the other who would be President of the United States. It is a disturbing juxtaposition, to say the very least.

It's a losing proposition,
But one you can't refuse.

Corruption and Organized Crime in Kosovo: An Interview with Avni Zogiani, 2008

John Rosenthal: Your organization focuses on the links between organized crime and politics in Kosovo. Can you give us some idea of the nature of the problem and the particular forms organized crime takes in Kosovo?

Avni Zogiani: You've had cases where politics was mixed with organized crime in a very blatant manner: for example, cases of high officials who were found to be involved in arms smuggling or in money laundering. Because of the lack of integrity of the public sphere in general and especially the political institutions, very often you will find that a part of the money that goes to organized crime comes in fact from public funds. This is one aspect of the problem. Another aspect is human trafficking: women are brought to every corner of Kosovo to be sold into prostitution. Human trafficking in Kosovo is a very big deal and also drug trafficking is a big deal.

It's the politics of contraband,
It's the smuggler's blues,

John McCain armed Kosovo Islamic terrorists, 2008

Smuggler's blues.


WomanHonorThyself said...

why is this nowhere in the MSM ! wow.

pela68 said...

Good article(s). Then there of course also the fact that not only are we in the west financing the heroin trade directly, but also indirectly by state financed "aid" (read taxpayers money)...

But you may have covered that issue- hard to tell because it's hard to follow your prolifferance. Nothing bad with that- I just can't sit and read your work all the time. Keep up the good work!

Aurora said...

Yankee, shocking roundup of information as usual. McCain and Clinton are in it up to their eyeballs. My guess is that Obama has his own little side-issues but that we'll probably not know what those are this side of the elections. I have no doubt that all three of these candidates are dirty.

Yankee Doodle said...

Actually, Angel, much of the information is in the MSM -- see the links -- and the rest is available. But, the MSM's journalists are used to being spoon-fed. Besides which, those who control the media services -- which are businesses, after all -- set limits on what can be investigated, and if you go after this story enough, you will get very close to those who actually own the MSM. So, the MSM implicate McCain in an affair with some assistant -- a little smut is safe, and it sells copy, while lowering everyone's expectations of Presidential and other official conduct.

That's right, Pela -- you pay the bill in more than one way. Junkies resort to street crime to pay for their fix, so as the heroin market expands, so does the number of muggings, carjackings, burglaries...

Aurora, these candidates need identifiable and exploitable character flaws to get where they are. That way, those who pull their strings can control them. Like I was saying to Angel -- just like the MSM, there can be government investigations into petty corruption that affects only one or two officials, but they could never hold government hearings into the heroin lobby without opening a pandora's box that would send big people to tiny cells. Imagine McCain, Waxman, Ashcroft, Libby, Rice, Bill & Hillary all in the same prison... gives a new meaning to "Club Fed", huh?

Aurora said...

Yankee, did you get my email (from ibelieve)?

pela68 said...

Just watched "Kill the messenger".(Sibel Edmonds).

Woof, Woof!

Yankee Doodle said...

Yes, I did Aurora. I will answer you in a few days, after I have checked it out. Meanwhile, have you read my "Shadow Realm" series, linked in the sidebar? That establishes a background, and then "High Explosive" provides a list of links in order, with teasers.

As I concluded The Shadow Realm, Part 7:

"We stand on a planet, not comprehending what we see -- not believing our eyes, because of the magnitude of the object we behold. The horizon fades off into the distance in this flat world of ours, because the orb upon which we stand is in reality round.

We stand in the midst of a War on Terror, not realizing that powerful forces share common interests in generating and then perpetuating the instability, death and destruction around us. This War on Terror is not flat: it is a continuous surface, where all points on it can be reached from all other points by going in any direction.

The War on Terror is a separate world, and it exists in the Shadow Realm."

Keep digging, Pela. ;) By the way -- do you have a link for that video on line?

pela68 said...

Sorry no online links as per se. The documentary has as far as I know it never have been aired here (what a surprise!). But there are ways. Either you order it via Amazon or the likes (which I recomend snigger, snigger) or you can do it the "dirty" way, that is to give a visit to for example www.thepiratebay.org- Thats a more convinient and faster way to do it, but do not forget to send in some money to Mrs Edmonds legal fund if you do...(c;