Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad on WURD/900 AM This Saturday Evening

A message from a fellow blogger:

I will be a guest for one hour on the Living Islam program on WURD 900 am out of Philadelphia, Pa on Saturday March 22, 2008. The show, hosted by brother Amin Nathari, airs from 5:00 PM to 6:00PM EST and can be accessed on-line at

Everything will be on the table,

1) The failure of leadership
2) The Immigrant Muslim Syndicate
3) My series "Why Blackamerican Muslims Don't Stand for Justice"
4) My views on Muslim extremism

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad
Singular Voice

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad addresses this in a post entitled I’ll Be On The Radio (Inshallah).

The next post is interesting. It is called These People are SICK, and begins:

More proof that these monsters have nothing to do with us and our religion. Why do these beasts continue to do such things? These creatures WANT people to see people suffer so they kill aid workers. And some of you wonder why I do not like these people...


I am redoing my sidebar links, and don't really know how to do it, or how to link to these Muslim blogs.

Originally, I had an "us-vs.-them" mentality, and had infidel bloggers -- to a certain extent, think-alikes on the issue of militant Islam -- in one list, and Muslim websites in another.

I added in a category for "Islam as Seen by Apostates and Infidels". Then, I put Tariq Nelson's blog there, but that was not right; Tariq Nelson is neither an apostate nor an infidel. So, I changed it: "Islam as Seen by Apostates, Infidels and Enemies of the Khawarij" -- better, but still no cigar.

Putting Abdur-Rahman Muhammad and Tariq Nelson in a separate category seems like surrendering Islam to the nutters and cutthroats (although most of the sites I link to about Islam do not advocate extremism).

How do I do this? Do I link all blogs, regardless of their viewpoint, in one list? Do I attempt to differentiate those of us who condemn extremism from sites that do not seem to condemn it? What are your thoughts on this?


Visit Abdur-Rahman Muhammad's blog, and listen to the radio show this weekend.

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