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Digging It Up, Part 2 of 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Some other posts that are somewhat related, but which address the situation in the Balkans, include the following series, State Capture, Part 1 of 3, State Capture, Part 2 of 3, and State Capture, Part 3 of 3, in which we detail how the US government (both the Clinton Administration and the Bush-43 Administration) has been actively assisting the establishment of a failed state in the Balkans -- Kosovo. In violation of international law, and backing up their policies through military force and the threat thereof, the US government has dismembered Yugoslavia, and in its former territory established states essentially run by organized crime and Islamic terrorists. I end Part 3, with the following:


Did they not see this coming?

As demonstrated in this series of posts, everyone else has been able to see this developing.

What interests did Clinton then and does Bush now have to want to promote the establishment of a state run by terrorists and narcotics- and human-traffickers in the heart of the Balkans?

Aurora makes the following comment in response:

Yankee, it certainly is a cesspool you've uncovered here. Nice investigative and detailed analysis. In answer to your question, I would say the interest is in keeping the area unstable so that a power vacuum is maintained and this is just one more place crying out for centralized interventionist government down the track. Much like the lawless mess that exists in Africa and was, perhaps, either orchestrated or encouraged by western countries.

Other posts on Kosovo that may be of interest include Kosovo at Year's End, Kosovo in 2008, Kosovo in 1999, Part 1, Kosovo in 1999, Part 2, and Kosovo in 1999, Part 3.

Other posts regarding Pakistan's border area include Talibanistan, Part 1, Talibanistan, Part 2 and Talibanistan, Part 3.

Elsewhere in Asia, I review another of Tamara Makarenko's papers in an as-yet unfinished series, The Central Asian Nexus, Part 1 and The Central Asian Nexus, Part 2.


March 23 Update:

Shortly after I did this post, I realized that I had indeed finished that series:

The Central Asian Nexus, Part 3
The Central Asian Nexus, Part 4
The Central Asian Nexus, Part 5



At the end of Part 1, Aurora makes the following comment.

Yankee, this is a serious indictment against the very top rungs of the U.S. Government. It's almost a sickening thought to countenance that American officials would be mixed up in the heroin trade. The more I read, the more the whole structure seems rotten at the core.

Some of Part 1 and Part 2 has now been translated into Spanish (Part 1, Part 2) by Nora at Spanish Pundit.

In another series, Patriot Games: The Nexus (Part 1) sets the stage for Patriot Games: The Nexus (Part 2), in which I discuss the fact that the Sibel Edmonds case is about evidence linking Dennis Hastert to the Turkish Deep State: Hastert received bribes from Turkish organized crime figures. Debbie from Right Truth commented:

If this wasn't posted by YOU, I would think it was complete bunk, some nutjob's conspiracy theory. But I respect your writing and views. This is very heavy stuff. Hastert? I need to do some reading on this.


The series continues with Patriot Games: No Quarter, where I conclude with the following question:

What does Sibel Edmonds know -- what did she see in those FBI documents and within the FBI -- that got confirmed by all these officials (including two United States Senators) who looked into it, that got investigated by the Justice Department Inspector General, but that everyone is now shutting up about?

The series continues with Patriot Games: Deep State Secrets, where we examine the link of the Sibel Edmonds case between Turkish organized crime and the arms industry, between corruption in the US government and narcotraffickers, and so on; I make the following statements:

In an effort to stymie Islamic extremists, the US Government sides with secular Turks. But, the secular Turks are involved in narcotics trafficking, so the US Government tolerates some heroin as being the lesser of two evils, so much more so, since some of the heroin money is finding its way into the hands of those advisors who are recommending this course of action.

But, it turns out that Al Qaeda also traffics heroin, and has business ties with these secular Turkish mafiosos that override the ideological ties between bin Laden and Turkish think-alikes.

Consequently, those making US policy regarding Turkey -- and other nations in Central and Southwestern Asia -- are drinking from the same trough as the terrorists.


Horrific indeed. The mafiosos who are pulling the strings of those who make US policy are not only connected via business dealings to the terrorists that threaten America, but also have major interests in the arms industry.

A "War on Terror", a war which has no end in sight, a war unlike any other, a war that will last for our lifetime, is made to order: the mafiosos benefit from the arms transactions, and the war provides cover for the narcotics trafficking. Moreover, since the enemy is terrorism, any War on Drugs takes a back seat to the War on Terror; a conscious decision is made and justified in Washington to leave the poppy fields in Afghanistan intact, so as not to alienate the Afghani people who cultivate them, in an effort to win their hearts and minds.

(My apologies -- that should read Afghan people.)

To which Pela68 of Gummihund commented:

You are really on the track here! Turkey- a NATO member! And soon to be incorporated within the EU...

And Aurora added:

This is quite a disturbing post, Yankee. I believe you're spot on about Turkey as well. It's a nicely facaded bubbling witches brew that I think is going to explode sooner or later.
Your prediction that the 'war on terror' will last a lifetime. Do you really think so? You could be right, though I imagined just a year or so. Actually I see a rapid escalation in the not too distant future.

Another post that is related is Excerpts of DOJ/OIG Report on the Sibel Edmonds Case alluded to above, where I point out the complaints Edmonds makes to authorities, quoting from official reports on the espionage she discovered, and conclude:

But the well-founded -- and corroborated -- concern about espionage was swept under the rug.

There you have it, in the words of the Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General.

Go read the report for yourself.

See also Letters from Senators, Sibel Edmonds on 60 Minutes, Sibel Edmonds and the Attack of the TiNRATs Part 1, and Sibel Edmonds and the Attack of the TiNRATs Part 2.

Finally, the Patriot Games series continued with two more posts, Patriot Games: Sex Slaves, Guns, Drugs and Bribes (Part 1 of 2) and Patriot Games: Sex Slaves, Guns, Drugs and Bribes (Part 2 of 2). At the end of Part 2 Aurora commented:

Yankee, these are excellent exposes. I wonder if you'd consider writing a summary of the Balkans one to post on TMS and link back here to your longer post?

Phoenix, Part 1 was the first of a series about 9/11 and a label that includes the Information Dominance series about nuclear proliferation and espionage involving no less than Condoleezza Rice (see sidebar). As Pela said there: "Hmmm. As we say in Sweden. There seems to be a a dog buried here (something like 'it smells fishy')!"

Yes, indeed, Pela -- and I'm digging it up!

Posts like this one, the main point of which is to summarize and provide links to the other posts, will now be under a new label: Index.

Cheers, my friends!

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