Monday, October 27, 2008

Gotham City Teasers V

Inky Black:

Gordon stood up, and walked towards the window. Out there, in the inky blackness of Gotham's night, there were organized crime hitmen, corrupt GBI agents, Gotham Police officers – all looking for one man, all looking to collect a reward for finding him. Word on the street was that there would be no investigation into his death, and that no one would do time for killing him – Falcone would see to that.

Vasilissa the Beauty (Part 1 of 12):

"By the way, Bruce," Fox continued.


"If you don't mind my asking... just who is it that you think is going to be chasing you?"

The figure paused, and made eye contact with Fox, before turning away, his answer quietly drifting in the air. "Everybody."

Die Another Day, Part 2:

"Are you planning to reprogram the criminal conspiracy, then, so you can win?"

Casting a glance at Alfred, Wayne responded, "I just think some of Batman's capabilities exceed some people's expectations."

The Demon, Part 5 of 5:

Looking at Bruce Wayne, the master commented, "Some people run from their demons so far, so fast, and for so long, that they become demons themselves."

Rocking Boats:

Her hand couldn't quite find the file on the pavement at her feet. For a moment, she took her eyes off the phantom and looked at the envelope. In an instant she had it and was looking up again -- but the Dark Knight had disappeared back into the darkness of the earliest part of the morning.

The Counterconspiracy: Up in Flames:

Looking up, her eyes closed, the fortune-teller answered slowly.

"The outcome will be as it was decided anciently: in defense of justice, the warrior will work magic, and he will execute the punishments ordained by Heaven."

The Counterconspiracy: "Vigilante" Part 2:

"I think Batman is painting a picture for us... I think he's showing us what this 'War on Crime' is really about. There's a trail that begins with Aladdin and the heroin he produces to fund his crime spree, and that trail leads through all the vices of Gotham City – guns, drugs, prostitutes – and it leads through Gotham's political and business elites, who themselves are dipped in smut and vice and the money that comes with it... it's a trail that leads from Aladdin on one end – " and here Inspector Gordon lowered his eyes, and looked right into the mayor's eyes " – and right through city hall to this office on the other end. It's a trail that leads to you and to the men running in this election cycle, one of whom hopes to take your place in January."

The Counterconspiracy: Witness:

"And where is Master Bruce?" Alfred inquired.

"He said he had one more stop to make tonight."

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 1 of 12:

"Fear has a name," he added slowly, almost whispering now, quietly enunciating every word, "and its name... is 'Batman'."


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