Monday, October 27, 2008

Gotham City Teasers IV

The Counterconspiracy: Marked with Blood:

Leaning forward toward Wayne, Nygma added, "In the pool full of sharks that is Gotham's financial world, the mayor's team marked their victims with blood."

The Counterconspiracy: Up in Flames:

"Here it is, Bruce. Now, pay attention, because it has a few new upgrades."

Attack by Fire: The Pale Horse:

On the table, she placed the Magician and Fire....

"There he works magic; using the eternal flame, he torments the devils," the fortune-teller explained, opening her eyes.

The Counterconspiracy: Witness:

"At that point, a large figure dressed in flowing black crashed down through the skylight, landing behind the assailants," the officer explained, referring to his notes, and proceeding rather matter-of-factly.

"Batman," O'Hara said quietly.

The Dark Knight, Part 4 of 5:

"It incorporates a great deal of stealth technology."

"How does that work?" Sasha asked, looking at the Batmobile.

Mirror, Mirror (Part 8 of 8):

"The official story is that two girls escaped from the ring's custody, ran to the village, told the police, and the lieutenant went out with three or four truckloads of police and arrested everyone." The master looked around. "Unofficially, however, there are some details that seem to have been left out of the story."

Attack by Fire: The Pale Horse:

Sasha winced. At a range of less than five meters from Falcone's men, the Batmobile's flamethrower was being discharged.

The Dark Knight, Part 2 of 5:

In Polygon Delta, three large, armed men stood ready, as the giant figure approached them. Facing the referee, they bowed to him, then the three men and the giant figure exchanged quick bows. The referee stepped between them, raising his right hand. "Ready," he lowered his right hand and stepped back quickly as he said "Fight!"

The Dark Knight, Part 3 of 5

"He taught me things that transcend the mechanics of fighting."

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 12 of 12:

"If this indeed has happened, Talia," he thoughtfully said, "then your friend, Bruce Wayne, is the most dangerous man on earth."

The Counterconspiracy: Heavenly Fury:

"Mr. Wayne, Mr. Fox. I am Special Agent DiViglio of the Gotham Bureau of Investigation. This is my partner, Special Agent Kyle."

"How do you do?" Wayne smiled. "This is the head of my corporate legal department...."

The Warrior, Part 2:

"You can battle the Mujahideen," Alfred began, "perhaps even corruption in the mayor's office, but if you battle corrupt elements in the GBI, you will be labeled as 'with the criminals'. Those corrupt elements are, after all, the GBI, and the GBI always gets its man!" Alfred looked at Wayne. "If you battle them, the price could be all of this," Alfred pointed around the Batcave.

"If I don't try to defend Gotham, the price will be my soul."

The Dark Knight, Part 5 of 5:

Sasha was now fully suited up in her body armor, armed with a variety of weapons, including small grenades which were remarkably similar to the Batbombs she had seen down below, in the Batcave.

Her orders were to prevent anyone from moving from the Batcave up into Wayne Manor, and, if it became necessary, to coordinate with Alfred a counterattack to retake the Batcave, should it fall into enemy hands.

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 10 of 12:

"Gotham Bureau of Investigation," a voice announced in that same instant from behind, loudly, and with authority. "Nobody move!"

"All right," the phantom quietly said to himself, "now I'm worried."

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 2 of 12:

"How did you escape?"



"No," Sasha answered quietly, "the analysis was that the Batsuit did its job against the submachinegun that the female had. It was the military-grade weapon in the hands of the sniper behind him that did it. The computer analysis shows that this was the lethal shot."

The Warrior, Part 3:

The boss turned back from the window, and looked around at the people in the room, making eye contact with everyone. Then, he slowly looked upward and thoughtfully stared at the ceiling.

"I have given a name to my problems," he announced with great deliberation, "and it is 'Batman'."


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