Wednesday, October 1, 2008

To The Enemy We Called "Friend"

Wine, women and song:
For these pirates spend money;
But what in a terrorist's mouth
Tastes far sweeter than honey?

A president was bought,
And so was his successor;
Election time again,
Of evils we seek the lesser.

Bin Laden hates America,
But rushes to his own demise,
As business in Washington
Is built on the same lies.

Pirates and terrorists,
But who gives us straight talk?
Listen not to their words,
Rather see how they walk.

Terrorists or politicians,
The deal remains the same:
Focus on the narcotics,
For they fuel the common game.

More honest is the pirate,
Who steals a means to his end,
Than a politician who sold his country,
To the enemy we called "friend".


Sonia said...

oh hoo

it os very Critical Question in my point of view

i wana say that Freely pakistani Political THink that Amrica our Friend

but i think it is null an dvoid

It is Very Famous Aphorism


Snakes Coulnot b a friend
however u serve milk to every day.

America is that snake whome beeting u

i have an otjer site wd great

Sonia said...

i have an other site wd great Political affairis crices markeeting crices and other etc

then log on

Yankee Doodle said...


Thanks for stopping in. I only now saw these comments. I have linked the Pakistani Forum in the sidebar; thanks for pointing it out.

With future suggestions, please send me an email so I can respond a little faster.


ahsan said...

nice blog mashAllah