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The Twilight Zone, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia, and the United States and many other nations quickly recognized the new nation.

In a world turned upside-down, I find myself agreeing with the Kremlin that this is in violation of the applicable UN resolutions and of international law...

I find myself desiring the impeachment and prosecution of an entire Administration -- of "fellow" Republicans!

Help, I'm stepping into the Twilight Zone

Of course, international law is no obstacle for an Administration that has essentially established an extraterritorial system of gulags, in which are held "detainees", to whom the Administration denies fundamental human rights.

If prisoners of war, then they have certain internationally-recognized rights; if terrorists, then as suspected criminals they have certain other rights.

But the Bush Administration has made up its own set of rules regarding how to classify them, so as to deny them any legally-established rights -- and the US Government has been proactive in justifying abusive methods of interrogation.

The place is a madhouse

Waterboarding is, under US law, a war crime; it is a method of torture, and the results it yields are erratic and unreliable, and ultimately counterproductive, both as a form of intelligence collection, and in the realm of public relations.

The terrorists that threaten the world are fanatics, for whom no crime is too great; if it promotes the spread of Islam, they believe any crime will be forgiven by Allah, and they will be allowed into Paradise.

Feels like being cloned

The world is awash in a sea of brutal dictatorships, drowning in cynicism and fear, desperate to believe in America's promise of Liberty and Justice for all...

But now, the Bush Administration writes itself retroactive laws excusing its conduct...

My beacon's been moved

Its supporters justifying the action by saying that the terrorists are worse...

Of course, that's not the point.

Under moon and star

We are the good guys, and our standards should not be allowed to drop.

America is a beacon of hope to all the people in the world, and when America acts in such a manner...

Where am I to go

Then the light in the world dims, and the darkness of oppression and brutality closes in.

Now that I've gone too far?

Within hours after arriving back in Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was targeted by would-be assassins as two powerful explosions killed and wounded hundreds of people nearby, including fifty security personnel from her own political party. The attacks were blamed on Islamic militants. Careful not to directly finger Pakistan's President Musharraf, who had seized power in a military coup in 1999, Bhutto nonetheless blamed certain government figures who abuse the militants to achieve their own goals -- a powerful indictment in a country where the military and intelligence services have for years trained jihadis and used them as proxies in ongoing low-intensity hostilities with India.

Soon you will come to know

Concerned not just about her safety, but about Pakistani government complicity in the assassination attempts, Bhutto wrote a letter to Musharraf implicating former senior intelligence officers who were close to Musharraf. Bhutto sought additional security from the government, including jammers to counter bombs, tinted windows, and police vehicles. She also requested security from foreign governments and foreign private security firms, but the Pakistani government would not provide visas for security contractors.

US diplomatic contacts did, however, take the unusual step of providing her with sensitive information regarding threats to her security.

When the bullet hits the bone

She later comments that "The extremists need a dictatorship, and dictatorship needs extremists."

Days after making that comment, Bhutto is placed under house arrest, only hours before she was scheduled to lead and address a rally protesting the state of emergency under which Musharraf had been ruling. Bhutto comments that 4000 police are outside her house while she is under house arrest.

Soon you will come to know

That kind of manpower was available to keep her from speaking publicly, but where was it on the day she was assassinated?

As one expert commented:

"It's odd and disturbing that the Pakistan government did not do a better job of protecting her and that the US apparently could not do more to persuade them," said Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer and former National Security Council director for South Asia. "She made it very clear privately and publicly that she did not have enough security. That was abundantly clear after the attack on her return.

"I can't explain why the Bush administration didn't pressure Musharraf to do more. Her death leaves the US with a Pakistan policy that is completely bankrupt."

When the bullet hits the bone

Bankruptcy of policy depends on which side you are on, and as I investigate this, looking deeper and deeper into matters, looking farther and farther afield for more clues, and following up on leads, I find that the investigation keeps leading back to the same powerful people, to the same powerful interests...

Although each time it does lead back around, it ropes in another unexpected player from another unexpected direction.

I'm falling down a spiral

Following up on why the US government failed to respond adequately to indications that the 9/11 attacks were pending, I now have information connecting the Secretary of State to Communist Chinese espionage operations.

Questioning why the US government would violate international law and UN resolutions to support the independence of Kosovo, I now have information that a US Senator from Arizona has been knowingly backing Islamic terrorists for a decade.

Those terrorists are tied to organized crime syndicates that traffic in weapons, sex slaves and narcotics.

The Sibel Edmonds case is only the very small tip of a very big iceberg.

Destination unknown

Senator Hillary Clinton has taken over $100,000 from a new lobby that serves as a front for Turkish organized crime, and she has been supportive of the process leading to an independent Kosovo. No wonder, her husband supported KLA terrorists in the 1990's as President.

Sibel Edmonds tried to warn America that important US officials have been on the payroll of Turkish organized crime since the 1990's, but when she came forward in 2002, abiding by the law and following procedures, she was fired.

A double-crossed messenger

Her allegations have been investigated by the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General, by two US Senators, by 60 Minutes -- true, 60 Minutes only looked at the least incendiary allegations -- but every one of Sibel Edmonds's claims that has been looked into has been substantiated, and none of them have been disproven.

She should get a medal, but instead she was the target of legal action by the Bush Administration, essentially prohibiting her from talking about any of it.

All alone

Congress is too compromised -- too many of them have been bought off by the same people that Edmonds warns us of, Turkish lobbies that front for organized crime, the so-called Turkish Deep State. The Executive Branch, too, is compromised...

Many of those who aren't bought off by Turkish organized crime are bought off by someone else; the remainder have no power.

There is no one in officialdom who will act.

I can't get no connection

The media won't pick up her story.

So, it is up to the blogosphere to keep writing about this and investigating.

I can't get through

But, more has to happen. The American public has to take an interest in this story, and start making it an issue. They need to make this matter get the attention that Congress and the media seem determined to deny it.

Where are you?

If that doesn't happen, then the bad guys win -- and that means "that government of the People, by the People, for the People" shall indeed "perish from this earth".

Well, the night weighs heavy

The plug can get pulled on this in so many ways, because the system is so fragile. If any element collapses, the rest will come down like a house of cards.

It is a very expensive, very profitable house of cards, but a house of cards it is.

On his guilty mind

For example, if Islamic militants now hiding in Pakistan were decisively defeated or the battle against them were otherwise ended, then there would be no more reason to permit the opium trade to flourish in neighboring Afghanistan. Any battlefield success on the part of the US and NATO would eliminate the cover needed for heroin smuggling, and completely gut a 1 trillion-USD-per-year industry...

As well as causing the collapse of corrupt regimes who are tolerated in the name of the War on Terror...

This far from

So anyone who threatens the house of cards has to be stopped...

And Benazir Bhutto was doing just that with her determination to get Osama bin Laden, allowing US military forces into Pakistan if necessary...

The borderline

Lured by the possibility of power-sharing in a new government after elections, her way carpeted by an offer of amnesty for outstanding corruption charges, Benazir Bhutto ran the substantial risk of returning to Pakistan in order to campaign for the planned elections.

When the hitman comes

She was then assassinated in an operation staged in Rawalpindi, an important Pakistani city, home or past home to Pakistan's military headquarters, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, elements of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, and other important facilities. It is a location that Pakistan's professional security apparatus should be able to secure; in any operation in which they are involved, Pakistani security forces have home-court advantage in "Pindi".

He knows damn well

Yet, somehow Islamic militants slipped in and killed Bhutto -- and the government couldn't prevent it, despite repeated warnings that her life was in danger, despite repeated assassination attempts that killed and wounded hundreds of people, and despite repeated requests for additional security.

That these Islamic militants train in camps associated with the Pakistani military and Pakistan's ISI is an inconvenient fact we aren't supposed to recall.

He has been cheated

It is obvious now that she was set up all along, enticed by the fragrant bait of involvement in an election, and targeted for elimination in such a way as to maintain plausible deniability for the people pulling the strings of her assassination.

(Continued in Part 3)

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