Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Twilight Zone, Part 3

(Continued from Part 2)

In what was obviously a set-up to lure her back to Pakistan and get her out in the open where they could take a shot at her, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.

Help, I'm stepping into the Twilight Zone

She was too westernized, too liberal. She was killed by militant Islamic extremists. What do you expect? After all, we're in the midst of a War on Terror.

And we believe that...

The place is a madhouse

Pakistan's ISI helped the US support the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan, in part by helping arrange funding -- by trafficking heroin.

Destroy the Red Army through heroin addiction...

Covert money for covert ops... out of reach of Congress...

Feels like being cloned

The 9/11 operation was beyond the capability of a terrorist group that does not have a state sponsor. A terrorist group may have been the junior partner in the operation, but it needed help.

Pakistan's ISI is very professional, very capable -- and its leader at the time was connected to a significant money transfer to the 9/11 terrorists shortly before the attack.

Sibel Edmonds commented on the Turkish-language materials she encountered, how there was a buzz before 9/11 that something big was up, that blueprints for US skyscrapers had gone to some place in the Middle East...

My beacon's been moved

Elements in Pakistan have been involved in the nuclear blackmarket -- the same industry that the Turkish Deep State dabbles in.

Those elements in Pakistan are also connected to Communist China, from whom they got substantial help for their nuclear program, including detailed blueprints and assembly diagrams for nuclear bombs with instructions in Chinese.

"The PRC has stolen classified information on every currently deployed thermonuclear warhead in the U.S. ICBM arsenal."

Under moon and star

Al Qaeda is now believed to have some nuclear weapons, and to have them here inside the United States.

But, any investigation into Al Qaeda's nukes will lead to Pakistan's A. Q. Khan network, and from there to China and places in the Middle East -- and then to Washington.

Where am I to go

The attacks on 9/11 hit the World Trade Center, which houses firms that are involved in financial activities, such as stock trades.

During the attack, while the buildings were burning, the computers in the stock firms continued to work...

Now that I've gone too far?

Somebody pushed stock trades through those computers while everyone was distracted...

A lot of stock trades...

Help, I'm stepping into the Twilight Zone

WTC-7 housed, among other things, the offices of important government agencies that investigate financial and white collar crime.

WTC-7 collapsed that afternoon, even though it wasn't hit by a plane...

The place is a madhouse

The Twin Towers were engineered to survive the impact of a Boeing 707 fully loaded with fuel...

In fact, each tower could have survived multiple hits by 707's full of fuel...

Feels like being cloned

Yet, in collapses that looked remarkably like controlled implosions, three skyscrapers came down, supposedly due to the impact of two aircraft...

There was no real investigation of this catastrophe -- the rubble was cleared as fast as possible, under suspicious circumstances...

My beacon's been moved

The narcotics come from Afghanistan, where the drug cartels have experienced a tremendous surge in activity, now not only producing more than 90% of the world's supply of opiates, but actually refining it within Afghanistan -- a quantitative and qualitative leap made under the watchful eyes of US and NATO military power, the same military forces that have been backing Islamic terrorists in their bids for independence first in Bosnia, and now in Kosovo.

Over 90% of a trillion-dollar-a-year industry...

Under moon and star

Much of the heroin is moved through Turkey and within Europe by Turkish government personnel with diplomatic credentials -- the so-called Turkish Deep State, the same organized crime cartel that has US government officials in Congress, in the State and Defense Departments, and in the Federal Bureau of Investigation on its payroll.

The Albanian mafia, much of which is based in Kosovo and is very connected to terrorists and to Kosovo's new government, is also a major player, not just for heroin, but for weapons, sex slaves and other contraband.

Where am I to go

A backlog of Turkish-language FBI intercepts from before 9/11 had a buzz that the attack was coming.

In the Summer of 2001, the FBI noticed that Islamic extremists with no corresponding background were learning how to fly airliners.

Now that I've gone too far?

The FBI was alerted that a hijacked airliner could be used as a bomb, and passed that information on to the President's Secret Service detail.

US intelligence agencies were aware of a dozen similar plots in the previous decade by Islamic terrorists.

Soon you will come to know

Then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, of Communist-China-proliferation-fame, stated:

I don't think anybody could have predicted that these same people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, taken another one and slam it into the Pentagon; that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile.

When the bullet hits the bone

The terrorists on 9/11 thought they were martyring themselves for Allah, but they had been duped -- all they were really doing was covering up someone's scheme to simultaneously start a profitable war, gain control over the heroin industry, and launder the proceeds of organized crime...

Mostly heroin money... laundered in stock trades pushed through the computers in the WTC during the attack...

(And laundered during the War on Terror after the attack...)

By the billions...

Soon you will come to know

And when the bad guys were done, they imploded the Twin Towers and WTC-7 to cover their trail.

When the bullet hits the bone


Debbie said...

You know I love conspiracy theories, but sometimes they go too far.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Aurora said...

Yankee, you cover a lot of points here. As I was reading down my eye got caught by your comment that AQ in the US has nukes, clicked on the link you had and read your previous post. This is a horrifying thought. The nukes were smuggled across the Mexican border they are saying. President Bush is talking about more surveillance laws to 'protect Americans' but the borders are wide open and THAT has been enforced by the imprisonment of Ramos and Compean which would have intimidated anyone else from really doing their jobs.
I am really worried for America and the people I care about over there. Osama bin Laden is a vicious, evil spider lurking in dark places and America's own Obama will only enable him further when he gets into power.

Yankee Doodle said...


I do not "love conspiracy theories" exactly because they typically go too far. I swear, some of these people imagine something and then toss it out there to see what kind of reaction they are going to get.

I think that is why the word "conspiracy" has come to have a negative connotation. It's kind of like the word "politician".

Interestingly enough, the earliest use of the word "conspiracy" relative to the 9/11 attacks that I have come across (and it is admittedly not something I look for) was by FBI Director Mueller in Congressional testimony.

The word "theory" is interesting, too. Properly applying the scientific method, one has some phenomenon or some observations that one wishes to understand and explain. One collects data; one develops a working hypothesis. A theory actually comes a little later; it is substantiated by evidence, and, if successful, can be used to make correct predictions about what other observations can be made under certain circumstances.

A successful theory explains a great many facts, and is useful to make accurate predictions of what else will be observed. Another key aspect to a theory is simplicity -- often times, when there are two competing theories, the simpler theory is the better one.

This is why, when I first thought something might be fishy, I collected the facts and analyzed them. My focus was on documentation, which I could reproduce here at the blog for all to see and evaluate. I then developed various hypotheses, which I tested based on their ability to predict what I would find as I looked in new places. Of course, unsuccessful hypotheses need to be discarded, or at least modified.

Ultimately, after a year looking into related matters, I have come up with a theory that accurately explains a broad range of observations, and which has proven consistently useful for predicting new behavior of the players involved, for predicting what kinds of facts I will encounter if I look in new places, and so on.

Director Mueller was correct in describing the criminal actions that were observed on 9/11 as a conspiracy. However, I have come to the conclusion that it involves far more players than is widely acknowledged.

I appreciate your concern that conspiracy theories sometimes go too far. That is why I proudly quoted you in a recent post, when you had left the following remark, which I have placed in italics, at a previous post:

"If this wasn't posted by YOU, I would think it was complete bunk, some nutjob's conspiracy theory. But I respect your writing and views. This is very heavy stuff. Hastert? I need to do some reading on this.


Thanks for stopping in, always a pleasure!


Yes, I do cover a great many points here. As I just mentioned to Debbie, a successful criminal conspiracy theory needs to explain a great many observations and facts, and needs to ancipate future behavior. Our actions in Kosovo and Turkey (siding with Islamists and mafiosos against those who should be our allies in this "War on Terror") fit the bill perfectly -- right down to Senator McCain's involvement with supporting the KLA all the way back to 1998, and now having such a big contribution from Albanian lobby groups for his Presidential campaign.

I have to agree with Director Mueller, in that his use of the c-word was most apropos!

The idea that many of our politicians are corrupt, on the payroll of organized crime, or in business with our enemies, is, unfortunately, hardly sensational. And, it nicely explains why Bush is determined to spy on Americans, but refuses to deal with his friends in Saudi Arabia who fund so much Islamic extremism.

Always a pleasure to have you here, too, Aurora -- thanks!