Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gotham City Teasers I

The Dark Knight, Part 1 of 5:

"This time, it started out as my parents that were falling, but suddenly... suddenly, it was these two tall buildings. They were tall, squarish, two nearly-identical buildings, and the smoke, instead of being the smoke from a revolver, was the smoke from a fire in these buildings. Then one fell, hitting the pavement below, then the other fell."

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 1 of 12:

"Tonight, I looked Fear in the eyes," he explained, drinking about half his Scotch. "Fear dresses in black," he said, "and it has a bloody face."

Mirror, Mirror (Part 4 of 8):

"They were taking young women off the streets, gang-raping them to break down their resistance, and getting them addicted to drugs, which they then supplied. All of this to force them into a life of prostitution, dependent on the pimps." She paused, a note of anger in her voice.

The Counterconspiracy: Heavenly Fury:

"So what's that?"

Inspector Gordon looked at the evidence bag being held up by the narcotics lieutenant.

"Cigarettes laced with heroin."

The Demon, Part 2 of 5:

"Bruce, you're a prisoner of your past," she began, not sure how to proceed. "In six months, it will be a new millennium. You need to put it behind you."

"What? My parents' death?"

"Your fixation on the man who killed them." She slowed for a stop light. "He's in prison, Bruce."

The Demon, Part 3 of 5:

"That both you and Master Bruce are still quite young, and it would be a shame for either of you to allow impatience or frustration to rule you." Alfred sipped his tea. "Impatience and frustration are two demons, closely related; allow neither to drive your actions."

Attack by Fire: Three in the Morning:

He smiled. "The prison bars, the prison walls – it's all an illusion. You can walk away any time you want to."

She thought about that, then looked at him. "And what about the prison you are in? Is that an illusion, too?"

The Dark Knight, Part 3 of 5:

"No, hiding is for children. I mean he disappeared, right before their eyes."

Captivated, Sasha's mouth opened.

"As in 'Now you see him, now you don't,'" Wayne explained.

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 10 of 12:

"The city you love is in danger." It was a different voice, coming from Bruce Wayne's right.

He looked, and saw Gotham City. It was a beautiful morning, the beginning of a work day, and the sky over Gotham was clean and clear, a deep blue. The day was warm and pleasant.

The Interview:

"Laundering money for organized crime..." Nygma continued, as Wayne looked back out the window, " the billions," Nygma whispered.

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 10 of 12:

"The danger is not past, Bruce," his mother's voice answered.

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 12 of 12:

But Ra's al Ghul knew something more; he knew that it would not end with the destruction of the Gotham Towers.

The Eagle and the Butterfly:

"To murder a man and to destroy an entire village are both crimes, but, as terrible as the one is, it pales in significance when compared to the other."

Late at Night in the Batcave:

"You think this new crime syndicate, the Mujahideen, have nuclear weapons, don't you, sir?" It wasn't a question. "You think they have them here in Gotham."

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 12 of 12:

"And when they do not heed this latest warning? What then? Yet another?"

"Patience," he repeated. "When the time is right, the people of Gotham City will come face-to-face with the power that makes the stars shine in the night sky."

With great care, the bearded figure picked up a book and raised his eyes toward heaven. "When the time is right, Gotham City will touch the sun."

The Warrior, Part 3:

"It says: 'In a world darkened by the overcast of evil, one man will emerge, a warrior, and in defense of justice, he will work magic.'"


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