Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog Trek: Target-Rich Environment

Aboard the United Cybership (UCS) Weblog...

Captain's blog, supplemental.

Bathed in the eerie glow of battle-lighting, the bridge and other sensitive locations aboard are beehives of activity as the UCS Weblog comes off her first run on the congregation of enemy vessels.

Sensors are detecting secondary explosions near the targets that have been hit, and extensive communications activity has been noted among the enemy. It appears the enemy vessels have been congregating in the vicinity of bases and other critical facilities.

Our battle damage assessment is ongoing, as sensor sweeps and communications analysis are being fused with other data. We find ourselves surrounded by a confused foe, with the enemy seeming to be not just everywhere, but everywhere vulnerable; our analysts are working furiously refining, augmenting and prioritizing target lists.

Also noteworthy, other cybervessels, including at least one of our Federation sister ships, have noticed the battle. I hold out hope that they will recognize what is happening and join us, for if they do, this could turn into a veritable turkey shoot.

Meanwhile, covering ourselves with continuous volleys from our main armament, we maneuver at high speed and position ourselves for another run on a surprised and confused enemy in what is now being somewhat dryly referred to by the bridge staff as a "target-rich environment".

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WomanHonorThyself said...

wowza...the metaphors are striking but then they probably were meant to be !