Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

The first three paragraphs and the beginning of the fourth from Do the Right Thing, Right Here, Right Now, posted by Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, April 19, 2008:

As everyone knows by now, I have recently been on a campaign to surgically de-construct the fabrications, deceit, and outright LIES of confessed terrorist fund raiser Sami Al Arian. Truth be told, I have other things to do, and only took up this issue after being challenged to prove a number of assertions I made in the course of exposing the "immigrant Muslim Syndicate". I feel confident that I have done that.

What was most troubling and indeed disconcerting to me in examining that issue was discovering a sense of shock and disbelief, experienced by not a few in the community, that a Muslim would expose the criminality and profound mendacity of one of their own in public. The notion among those who think and feel this way seems to be "protect a Muslim even if he is wrong". This completely erroneous conception of religion only underscores how far we Muslims have strayed from the straight path of Al Islam.

Our religion teaches us to be upright, honest, and most importantly, just. It also teaches us that Muslims are not angels, and can at times even be susceptible to criminality. So yes, Muslims will be found committing murder, slander, theft, fornication and adultery, drug and alcohol abuse, and - in today's world - terrorism, and did so even in the time of the Prophet. So why do we now feign a type of shock and disbelief that a fellow Muslim in good conscience decided to stand for what he believed to be right?

Has it now become a tenet of our religion that however outrageous and repugnant the offense, a Muslim is to keep his mouth shut it happens to be committed by another Muslim? Carrying that twisted logic further still, it is then argued that "Islam and the Muslims would be harmed" by reporting or commenting on the crimes of the disreputable members (criminals) of our community, and that remaining quiet in the face of wrong constitutes some type "Islamic unity".

That's my rationale for reporting at my blog on the crimes of "fellow" Republicans President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Senator John McCain, and others, in addition to reporting on the crimes of Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, Henry Waxman, and the rest.

Implicit in this is that I will report on the crimes of "fellow" Americans, and that includes the charade of this War on Terror, the other forgotten charade of the War on Drugs, the cover-ups associated with 9/11 and other incidents, and the profiteering going on in Iraq and elsewhere.

The vast majority of our armed forces (and many of our civilian contractors) serve honorably and well; they risk, and too often lose, life and limb in defense of this great country of ours. To see them sent repeatedly into Iraq, but not allowed to win against the guys who started all this (bin Laden & Co., many in Saudi Arabia, and so on) because our political leaders are in bed with organized crime and with those who support terrorism is an outrage.

Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment gets trumped by the example set by our nation's first Republican President, "Honest Abe" Lincoln.

America is the land of George Washington, the father of our country, who was elected to the Presidency because of his character, and to hear people say that character does not count, that someone like Bill Clinton is "ethical enough to be President", or that I should not point out the crimes of the current administration because Bush and Cheney call themselves Republicans, is offensive.

I've been called a "truther" and I've been called worse, but I would rather be alone than be in bad company.

To you treasonous criminals in Washington, DC: you know who you are, and I know you read my blog. You are on notice. I discover criminal conduct, I expose it here at my blog -- and I will not stop before indictments are issued.

The buck stops here.

Please, go read Do the Right Thing, Right Here, Right Now!

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anticant said...

Interesting that the Pope is currently engaged in a damage limitation exercise over the Catholic paedophile scandals, and is blaming "the shortcomings of American society" for the moral lapses of his priests!