Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Rosh Hashanah

As Ramadan comes to an end in the Islamic World, I would like to wish a Happy Rosh Hashanah to those who celebrate the Jewish New Year.


While you're out and about in cyberspace today, may I suggest you check out the following blogs:

Stilettos in the Sand is written by an American expat living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sabra has a variety of articles on her daily life and miscellaneous subjects. If you are interested in the humor in daily life, this is a good place to find it; it also gives you a glimpse at life for a foreigner in the Sandbox; and, it is a nice break from the ideology, politics and corruption that I write about. :)

Red.eVolution is a relatively new blog, blogging in the counterjihad and for Israel. You may wish to see yesterday's post, related to content I write about often, entitled Kosovo nine years later, and the KLA's legacy.

The Xeriscapist is another relatively new -- and somewhat occasional -- counterjihad blog, but with some promise.

The Faithful Remnant offers some political insights from a Christian perspective.

Newcomer to the blogosphere Claudia offers us Blogging for a Free World, just started so far this September, but with an apparent great deal of enthusiasm.

If you are new to the counterjihad, you may find Great Satan's Girlfriend (GSGF) humorously inspiring, and The Gates of Vienna (GOV) always has well-researched and insightful articles.

Please note that I am not endorsing all the things said at these blogs, merely suggesting you have a look.

Stay tuned to Stop Islamic Conquest as several series continue, including the latest installments in the Gotham City series (see bottom of sidebar), under the title Attack by Fire.



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