Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whole Lotta Trouble: Intermezzo

From Two Plus Two, Part 8, October 28, 2008; this passage begins with an excerpt from What "incredibly tough" foreign policy actions is Obama preparing? by Patrick Martin, October 25, 2008:

Foreign policy journals and pundits linked to the Democratic Party have undoubtedly been discussing many such doomsday scenarios, and Biden's language suggests that the use of the US nuclear arsenal, the world's largest, is under consideration by those who are formulating the foreign and military policy of an Obama-Biden administration.

The expectation is that they will use nuclear weapons to show everybody how tough Obama is.

From Nuclear Strike on US Imminent?, February 16, 2007:

Bin Laden is believed to have bought some small nuclear weapons, possibly from organized crime figures in Chechnya.[snip]

It is vital to note that this isn't just a bunch of backwards tribesman running around in the mountains with something they may not be able to use. Bin Laden is anything but unintelligent and unsophisticated in his thinking.[snip]

Bin Laden contracted technicians and other personnel from the former Soviet Union to maintain his nuclear weapons and advise him regarding them. It would be quite foolish to assume that all these weapons are "duds" or that for some other reason Bin Laden can't pull this off. The 9/11 attack probably seemed quite unimaginable to many until it happend.


From Gotham City Teasers I, October 26, 2008:

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 10 of 12:

"The danger is not past, Bruce," his mother's voice answered.

The Detective (Touch the Sun) Part 12 of 12:

But Ra's al Ghul knew something more; he knew that it would not end with the destruction of the Gotham Towers.

The Eagle and the Butterfly:

"To murder a man and to destroy an entire village are both crimes, but, as terrible as the one is, it pales in significance when compared to the other."

Late at Night in the Batcave:

"You think this new crime syndicate, the Mujahideen, have nuclear weapons, don't you, sir?" It wasn't a question. "You think they have them here in Gotham."


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We are living in iterresting times my friend.
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