Saturday, July 28, 2007

An End to History

Out looking at the new blog, the United British Alliance, about whose existence I was alerted yesterday, I found they have added a new category, entitled Politically Correct News where I found a post, THE MADNESS OF BROWN TO REMOVE OUR HISTORY, which talks about how the new British government is changing the school curriculum, and eliminating studies of classic British history.

It references an article, THE MADNESS OF BROWN, which appears at a link that, to my American perspective, kind of has a tabloid feel about it. I've noticed that about journals from the UK, that many fairly good ones seem to have a look about them that, if they were in the US, I would expect to see them at the cash register in a supermarket somewhere.

Curious, I did a search, and found The Huffington Post has a page with some links on the topic of Winston Churchill, and one of those references a link at Michelle Malkin, Winston Churchill out, global warming in.

Finally, I found an article at Anorak News, another tabloid-looking journal, entitled Gordon Brown: Balls To Education Winston Churchill. So, I took a few quotes from there to tell the story about recent "improvements" in education in the UK:

"BY cutting waste and duplication in the curriculum, I am giving teachers time to concentrate on what is really vital," says Ed Balls, Gordon Brown’s Schools Secretary.

The greatest of evils are done in the name of the common good. In particular, cutting waste, promoting education and helping our children are three battle cries that, when you hear them, should make your hair stand on end.

Good then that the children will be given what they want: shorter classes with more range. Teachers will be free to introduce more topic-based lessons to the core curriculum.

And, without a doubt, children should be given what they want! They know best. After all, it is the adult world that is destroying the planet, oppressing people, and causing wars. Without a doubt, kids should be calling the shots! (Is my sarcasm dripping on the floor?)

Notice the buzz words: topic-based lessons.

It is what the Sun calls "TWO FINGERS TO CHURCHILL". And: "Schools axe Winnie from history lessons." There is talk of “fury” as Sir Winston Churchill is "axed" from school history lessons.

It’s "total madness" says MPs Nicholas Soames. "Sir Winston out, drugs lessons in," says the Sun. No longer will the nippers have to learn about Churchill, Hitler, Gandhi, Stalin, Martin Luther King, the Wars of the Roses, Elizabeth I or Henry VIII. Instead the kidz will learn more about "relevant" issues, "like sex, drugs, climate chance and GM goods".

It has been said that those who fail to learn from history will be condemned to relive it.

The history that children in the UK will no longer be learning from includes Britain's Finest Hour, as the UK stood essentially alone in the dark days of 1940, Western Europe's last bastion of civilized humanity facing the onslaught of Nazism. It includes the height of the Cold War, when the Man of Steel, Josef Stalin, ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist, the multitudes of his Red Army poised at the gates of Western Europe, and finally in possession of nuclear weapons.

Important lessons could be drawn from those turbulent, trying times in British history, lessons that could help the United Kingdom today as it faces calls for its political dismemberment, as well as a new "invasion" of immigrants, many of whom preach a very violent interpretation of a very violent religion, and call for the destruction of everything that has made the United Kingdom civilized.

But, the decision is being made that children in the schools there will not learn about this history; the decision is thus being made that those children will be condemned to relive it.

Is it any wonder that in a nation heavily engaged in the War on Terror, a nation which is itself being increasingly targeted by rabid Islamic terrorists, there are calls to not use the words "Muslim" and "Islam" in connection with terrorist acts?

If the United Kingdom fails to meet the challenges it faces today, its civilization could collapse under the current onslaught of barbarity that it faces, and the people of the British Isles could be dragged back to the dark ages of totalitarian tyranny at the hands of those who violently preach and spread a dark age ideology.

Another domino falls, as an end to history in the schools of the United Kingdom takes us one step closer to an End to History for Mankind.

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