Monday, July 30, 2007

Jihad Man

Jihad Man
(adapted from Iron Man by Black Sabbath)


Has he lost his mind
Can he see or is he blind
Has he thoughts his own
Or is he just a Wahhabi clone

Is he alive or dead
Has he brains within his head
We'll just leave him there
Why should we even care

His heart was turned to stone
Under that golden Islamic dome
When he heard the hate
Speech of a Saudi-funded sheikh

Nobody wants him
He just hates the whole world
Planning his jihad
That he soon will unfurl

Now the time is here
For Jihad Man to spread fear
Hatred from the sands
Brings terror to foreign lands

Nobody believes him
As he spews all that hate
Nobody hears him
Now the time is too late

Heavy belt of bombs
Blasts humanity's very womb
Running as fast as they can
Jihad Man strikes again!

Riddle me this, Mujahideen!

What is the one infidel weapon,
against which you holy warriors have no defense?

(For the answer, scroll upwards.)

Do you really believe,
you are asked with a grin,
that you rape virgins in heaven,
and kill and plunder to get in?

And, as Gotham City is menaced by the Mujahideen,
the question hangs in the air:

The Batman?


WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo!...I think youve got yerself a hit my friend...too bad theres so much truth to it though eh.........sigh

Debbie said...

I love it. I'll forward the lyrics to my hubby, maybe I can get his band, SHOW TIME, to play and sing it.

Right Truth

velvethammer said...

OMG Brilliant, just brilliant!

Would make a great video. ;)

Yankee Doodle said...

Thanks for the good words!

VH -- it's already out in video: every night on the news.

Angel -- it's sure a big enough hit in the Middle East.

Debbie -- I wonder if there'd be trouble if his band did a Youtube?

English Rose said...

Hi Thanks for popping by and the support x
I am in an internet cafe at the moment and decided to pay a visit,
I am getting out of this forsaken city and I can't wait!
I am counting the days!
Take care and I will be back soon hopefully my comp will be fixed soon or I will be getting a new one.