Friday, July 20, 2007

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is an expert on how terrorists finance their terror. She has a website, The American Center for Democracy, and her articles, as well as those of other excellent researchers and scholars, are also published at The Terror Finance Blog. I link to these and other sites in a prominent location on the sidebar.

Dr. Ehrenfeld is an author, and in her book Funding Evil she exposes how Saudi billionaire Khaled bin Mahfouz finances terror. As a result of that, this Saudi billionaire has launched a legal campaign against Dr. Ehrenfeld attempting to silence her, and, by extension, to silence others who tell the truth about terrorism and terrorists.

The initial attack from the Saudi billionaire came in the courts of the United Kingdom, where it is relatively easy for a plaintiff to support a claim of libel.

Dr. Ehrenfeld is fighting back. Her position appears to be that bin Mahfouz's UK judgement is unenforceable in the US due to First Amendment considerations. Furthermore, there is an effort to establish that the US court system (specifically New York's) has jurisdiction over bin Mahfouz, so that other legal battles can proceed.

Read about Dr. Ehrenfeld's story at the sites linked above, and specifically at this link: Fighting a Saudi Billionaire in U.S. Court.

Dr. Ehrenfeld probably does not consider herself a hero, but she is. She is battling the jihad on the most important fronts: money and law, which, together, are a major foundation for spin and political correctness, those two weapons that have been so devastatingly effective against what is right in the world.

Please keep Dr. Ehrenfeld in your thoughts and prayers. Learn about her work and her case, contact her and let her know you appreciate her efforts, and support her.

Keep in mind that she is battling terrorists. Terrorism is big business: it is well-funded, and her immediate enemy is a Saudi billionaire. With that in mind, hit her tip jar if you at all can -- anything will help.

As an aside, when I am writing the Gotham City series of posts, it is exactly people like Dr. Ehrenfeld that I dedicate those posts to. Dr. Ehrenfeld and people like her are, like Batman, ordinary people without any kind of super powers, but doing exceptionally heroic and extraordinarily super things against the supervillians of this world, and in defense of people they will never know; they are the detectives that will save Gotham City.

Dr. Ehrenfeld, don't blush. I may have sensationalized your efforts with the comparison to Batman, but your work is every bit as heroic and important as I make it out to be.


WomanHonorThyself said...

hello my friend..youre right..she is a hero!..what an excellent crusade to check into where the money is!

Rachel said...

Many thanks for your wonderful posting.

I certainly do not feel like Batman. The way things are, I feel more like Don Quixote....

Still, it was nice to see that someone cares. Seems to me that these days, many/most well to do Americans don’t seem to worry too much about their freedoms. Indeed, many do business with the wealthy Saudis/Gulf Islamists and elude themselves that the Islamist, too, are interested mostly in money.

While they are right about the Islamists interest in wealth, they are willingly blind to the rapid advance of the Caliphate. They give millions to candidates that will loose elections, but nothing to defend their freedom...

Yankee Doodle said...

You don't look like Batman, either, Dr. Ehrenfeld. An excellent disguise! ;)

It's an interesting point you bring up, too, about being blind to the advance of the Caliphate. Some on the religious right in America view conservative Muslims as fellow social conservatives -- that's a mistake! Then, some in the business world see these guys as business partners. The price we all pay for their profits....

Agreed, Angel.

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helle said...

It's amazing post. I liked it.