Thursday, December 20, 2007

Decision in NY Ehrenfeld v. bin Mahfouz

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Excerpt from the New York Sun:

Today the Court of Appeals in Albany said that New York law did not allow the researcher, Rachel Ehrenfeld, to seek a court order saying that a British judgment against her was unenforceable under the First Amendment. The Court said it did not have jurisdiction over the Saudi financier and that Ms. Ehrenfeld's suit to block the judgment must be dismissed.

The court's opinion, written by Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick, an appointee of Governor Cuomo, largely sidesteps any of Ms. Ehrenfeld's First Amendment considerations.

Of "libel tourism," the decision states: "However pernicious the effect of this practice may be, our duty here is to determine whether defendant's New York contacts establish a proper basis for jurisdiction."

A lawyer in Boston who has written on the case, Harvey Silverglate, said: "The New York Court of Appeals could have done a better job of protecting our Constitutional rights than it did here with this rather technical opinion."

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For background on this case, watch the movie.

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