Sunday, December 16, 2007

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A quick tour of the blogosphere....

Spanish Pundit is in a new location. There for a while, Lady Vorzheva was only posting in Spanish, but she has begun doing some posts in both Spanish and English, again.

Kali has completed her semester and graduated, and is back posting again.

Aurora at The Midnight Sun has an interesting post about the EUSSR.

And, Douglas Farah has an interesting post about how Al Qaeda is, and is not, changing. As you are reading it, keep in mind how we have looked here at the work of Makarenko and others (see especially the series entitled "The Shadow Realm", links in the sidebar).

Don't forget to check out Angel's blog. Angel may just be the most loved blogger in the conservative blogosphere!

As for Stop Islamic Conquest, there is a great deal more coming up, as we will continue looking at the Pakistani Pimps in the UK, and, more importantly, we will continue with the Phoenix and Information Dominance series (see sidebar), under the label Phoenix.


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You can watch the Ehrenfeld Documentary, then swing by The American Center for Democracy to learn more about the legal counterjihad and support Dr. Ehrenfeld's efforts to defend our freedoms of speech and of the press, and you can also watch Kill the Messenger, the documentary about Sibel Edmonds (Part 1, Part 2, Teaser; hat tip to We Can Change the World), before swinging by Sibel Edmonds' website or the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition to learn more and offer some support.


Nora said...

Thanks, YD. By the way, my last post is about Russia. I think -though it's not about your posts :( I have to do it- you're going to find it interesting...

WomanHonorThyself said...

how kind of ya my friend!..ty for the all the heads up and the lovely comment !!