Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our Minds Threatened with Arrest

Lionheart is in the United States right now, but has been threatened with arrest upon his return to the United Kingdom.

Visit Lionheart's blog for coverage.

More information is at The Green Arrow:

Religious Hatred Act 2006

Lionheart Update

This from Lionheart

Other than an obvious concern for Lionheart personally, as well as for other bloggers in the UK, my main concern is for the UK.

Hat tip to my email tipster.


Without specifically commenting on Lionheart's situation, with which I am not terribly familiar, I nonetheless have some thoughts.

Hate speech laws are, in general, ill-conceived, as are Holocaust-denial laws and other such infringements on Freedom of Speech and of the Press. They are everything we in the counterjihad movement complain about with regards to Sharia.

Such laws are an attempt to enchain our tongues and our pens (or our computer keyboards, these days), and that is a major step towards enchaining our minds. Once our minds are enslaved, physical enslavement becomes superfluous, and even counterproductive.

It is important to understand that we have a Second Amendment in case the government fails to abide by the First.

It is more important to understand that, due to the awesome destructive power of modern warfare, the battle needs to be fought and won peacefully, using legal measures. An armed, vigilant citizenry is a counterbalance to a heavily-armed government; both sides may then appreciate the need to settle issues with the ballot box and the jury box, understanding the terrible potential should the issue be settled with the cartridge box instead.

In an increasingly pacified and civilly-disarmed Europe, the government's excesses know fewer natural bounds of an armed and vigilant populace. This makes the provocations greater, thereby making the possibility of armed revolt against government oppression more likely. The disarming of the populace, intended to preclude a resort to arms for settling disputes, in fact emboldens tyranny and works toward making such a resort to arms more unavoidable.

Freedom is not free, and it is far better to sweat a little now, defending our freedom peacefully, than to bleed later, and perhaps arrive too late to save Lady Liberty.


English Rose said...

Good post yankee, I totally agree that freedom isn't free and in order to keep it we must fight for it. Hopefully with pen though rather than sword.

pela68 said...


You are dang prolific!

I have got the snowball in hell's chance to keep up with you.

Great work! keep on what you're doing!

anticant said...

Yes, of course 'hate speech' laws are insufferable, and this guy's right to free expression should be defended even though he appears from his blog] to be a pretty far-out fruitcake.

But PLEASE, YD, refrain from telling us on this side of the pond [more like a vast chasm in this instance!] that what we "need" is an armed citizenry. Americans' glue-like devotion to the 'right to bear arms' strikes most Europeans as a species of lunacy - especially when we repeatedly see images of yet another US school or shopping mall massacre by some emotional misfit with everyone weeping and wringing their hands and saying, inanely, "how could this happen"?

Do you realise that [a] about 30 teeenagers have been knifed or shot on the streets of London during 2007, and [b] that if gun licence restrictions were relaxed the first to acquire them would be the last people decent law-abiding citizens would wish to have them - namely, the criminal gangs and rival extremist political and religious groups whose activities with illegal weapons are already a growing worry.

So please think twice before posting any more of the nudge-nudge wink-wink "what you lot over there need is to arm yourseves and have a revolution" stuff.

Yankee Doodle said...

"Americans' glue-like devotion to the 'right to bear arms' strikes most Europeans as a species of lunacy"

And Europeans auto-enslavement at the hands of an invading army of the Prophet's holy followers, of course, looks perfectly rational. (**eyeroll**)

School shootings: it is a federal law that firearms are not allowed on the premises of any public school that receives federal money (and they all do). We already have the stupid liberal law about firearms.

Criminals do not obey laws, they break them. Criminals commit robbery, rape, murder, and so on. The fact that they are in violation of another law prohibiting them from having or using a firearm in the commission of their offense means little. Someone risks life in prison, or even the death sentence, for felony murder -- another five years for doing it with a handgun means nothing.

Now, contrast that to the way things could be: if law-abiding, decent citizens who meet certain legally-established criteria, including firearms training, and who legally possess and carry concealed firearms, were present, they would be able to respond quickly and shoot the assailant at the beginning of the assailant's shooting spree, saving most of the intended victims from harm.

"So please think twice before posting any more of the nudge-nudge wink-wink 'what you lot over there need is to arm yourseves and have a revolution' stuff."

I did not advocate an armed revolution; in fact, I advocated, in forceful terms, a peaceful resolution to the issue.

But PLEASE, YD, refrain from telling us on this side of the pond

God-bashing, gun-controlling liberals have ruined things in much of Europe, and Europe is now in the midst of paying the price for its errors.

Furthermore, I am not trying to tell you what to do on your side of the pond. But, I have a pretty good idea what will happen when they start trying to pull that big-government-knows-best-so-submit-to-Islam-now crap on this side of the pond.

Thanks for stopping in, my friend! ;)

Thanks for stopping in, everyone!

Yankee Doodle said...

By the way, lest this be misperceived --

We have ruined a great many things here in America, as well. And, although there are those desperate to make the same mistakes much of Europe has made, to a significant extent, the mistakes we have made here are different from mistakes made over there.

I was not saying that America is better, but rather pointing out a difference.

However, here I will say this: in respect to our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights, including the right to keep and bear arms, America IS better than places where "rights" are whatever the people in power seem to offer to their liberty-starved citizens -- and the UK comes to mind here.

(And, before you go off on an anti-Bush tirade to finger-point at America, I have already called for criminal investigations of the Bush Administration, and I think it would be appropriate to investigate the Clinton Administration, as well, considering some of Bill's criminal conduct continues to have a negative impact on US national security.)

Furthermore, in that our Declaration of Independence recognizes that our rights are endowed to us by our Creator, a fact that so many in Europe these days dispute because they don't even believe in their Creator, America IS better.

Cheers, Anti! :)

anticant said...

"Liberalism" appears to mean something entirely different to an American - even an intelligent one like you - and a Briton. You seem to think it synonymous with Communism; we use it to mean someone [of whatever political party or none] who believes in a pluralistic, open and tolerant society as opposed to a totalitarian one.

I admire the depth of your research and the guts of your posts, but we shall have to agree to differ over guns and God!

Incidentally, this may interest you:;jsessionid=VOVAYTKT24SK3QFIQMFSFGGAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2008/01/06/nislam206.xml