Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh What A Circus!

(Sung to the tune of the song by the same name from the hit musical Evita.)


Oh what a circus! Oh what a show!
America has gone to the polls!
Over the rise of a senator called Hillary C.
We've all gone crazy,
Campaigning all night, campaigning all day,
Straining our ears to hear all
Hillary has to say!

Oh what a lead-off! That's how to start!
When you're planning your political career,
Demand to be married to someone like Bill!
It's quite a beginning
And good for your career in a roundabout way:
You'll make the front page of all the world's papers each day!

But who is this Hillary Rodham?
Why all this intensive electioneering?
What kind of goddess campaigns among us?
How could we ever not support her?

She has her moments -- she has some style.
The best show in town is the crowd
Eyeing the White House and chanting "Hillary C!"
But that's not here yet;
As soon as the smoke from the primary clears,
We're all going to see how she's been cheating for years!


English Rose said...

who would you prefer got in?, I am not sure about American politics.

Yankee Doodle said...

Whom would I prefer?

None of the above.

That failing, pretty much anybody but Hillary.

I don't suppose you are an American citizen by birth and 35 years of age or older by inauguration day?




English Rose said...

No I have never even been to America, the nearest to America I've been is family in Canada, but I haven't even been there, my parents have though, they've been to Vegas, L.A and New York.
So Hilary is the bad guy, will she be worse than Bush or equal?