Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hello to all of my new regular readers, as well as to my old friends and cohorts, and to all those who just happen by!

Just an update for everyone:

My email inbox is full of tips and unfinished business. For all who have been sending me tips, thanks! I haven't been able to answer everyone. I appreciate the tips and the patience as I look into them.

Sometimes I hold the tip until something else comes in or until something else happens. Other tips seem perishable -- right now, I am even having trouble staying on top of just the perishable stuff. Again, thanks for your patience.

I am going through literally thousands of pages of documentation as I continue investigating several groups of events. To me, it is increasingly obvious that many of these groups of events are quite related. If you have been reading my blog, you know what I am talking about.

There is still a great deal of other unfinished business. I have a few interviews that I have had to place on hold, in some cases for months. Again, thank you for your patient understanding. There are also several series that I am working on.

On top of everything, there are some new developments that have gotten some coverage in many of the counterjihad blogs, and, despite, the excellent coverage of some premium quality blogs, the historical significance of these developments seems to be understated even by bloggers who are generally alert to the gravest ramifications of what they blog about. More on that in coming days.

Please keep sending me tips and leads; they are important and appreciated, and so is your patience.

Thanks, everyone!

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