Sunday, April 1, 2007

Blog Trek: War!

Originally posted at Blog Trek: War!

Captain's Blog, Cyberdate 20070401

The United Federation of Bloggers is at war.

While this realization seems to be dawning on most of Cyberfleet, yet I believe they don't fully understand against whom. The situation has become increasingly apparent to the crew of UCS WEBLOG, as hostile cyberships are actively looking for us.

Finishing our second week of patrol well outside of Federation Cyberspace, we have identified more Morg-like species that are friendly to the Federation, but we have also identified a whole array of powerful, sinister enemies bent on our subjugation -- enemies more powerful and more sinister than the Morg, in part because of the resources they have at their disposal, but mainly because few in the Federation suspect their evil intentions.

Coming across a group of such enemies that was unaware of our presence, we decloaked long enough to fire a full salvo of cyber torpedoes. Since we know the enemy is actively searching for us, we recloaked and evaded away from the engagement scene at high speed, even before assessing what kind of damage we may have inflicted.

During our brief decloaking, the communications officer sent our position and blog entries out in an omnidirectional transmission. I can only hope other Cyberfleet vessels, which I know are in the area, will come and investigate -- and perhaps warn Cyberfleet Command!

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