Friday, September 21, 2007

Timely Reading in the Blogosphere

Aurora has some outstanding posts over at The Midnight Sun.


My comment:

The movement towards such an arrangement does not require a conspiracy, and would, in any case, be difficult to bring about deliberately.

It is like organized crime: it just kind of organizes itself, it just happens, until one day, you realize one guy is pulling all the strings, and there is nothing anyone can do.

It is exactly like organized crime.

With different nations, different peoples, different borders, there are natural opponents to the excesses of any one nation or people; the corruption of any one government can be stopped by other governments, through war if necessary.

With one "world government", there will be no limits to the excesses, and only war (civil war, revolution) will be able to end them, though such war will be made impossible by the government.

Our Creator endowed us with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; a "world government" will take those things away, justifying its actions by claiming to protect them.

A one-world government is one (but not the only) incarnation of The Beast.


My comment:

Children have become commodities, and as such, they are now disposable.

Women, too:

Terror, Corruption and Sex Slaves: From Moldova to Macedonia

Essentially, the weak (physically, politically, intellectually) are now the commodity to be disposed of by the strong. This is what leftism has decried, and this is what leftism has delivered: "Do unto Others" has been replaced by "The Law of the Jungle".

How timely, considering the current theme I am posting on!

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Debbie said...

I've heard talk of one world government, but I don't see it happening. We can't get the Muslims/Arabs to agree on much with the West. Having a world where everybody was under one government seems impossible.

It's probably a good thing. Can you imagine how things would be?

Sorry to be so long reading and commenting, we were gone all afternoon and evening yesterday. I'm just getting caught up.

Right Truth

Yankee Doodle said...

Two points, Debbie:

Generally speaking,

1) The European countries are increasingly abrogating their sovereignty to the EU.

2) The European countries are increasingly making their laws compliant with sharia.

We don't see it happening because we don't see the Muslims/Arabs agreeing with the West.

But, what if Muslim Arabs, well-funded with petrodollars, were calling the shots?

What if de facto allies of theirs, well-funded with narcodollars, were manipulating the Western politicians that appeared to be standing up to the Muslim Arabs?

This isn't something that someone is going to plan -- it is something that is going to evolve. It is just like the corruption in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Western Europe and the US. The threat is from mutual interests in international business, regardless of the legality of those business interests: it is where organized crime, international ideologies and international cartels intersect.

Business is business.

Always On Watch said...

You might want to check out this web site. Something afoot in our Senate even now!