Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog Trek: "Resistance is Futile"







Aboard the United Cybership (UCS) Weblog...

Captain's Personal Blog, Cyberdate 20080507

The UCS Weblog is running silently deep in enemy territory. Pursuing a new foe, one both elusive and dangerous, we came across a large target complex. Firing and maneuvering for position, our sensors absorbed staggering amounts of data, which intelligence and tactical reviewed, assessing battle damage, refining our aim, and identifying further targets.

Perhaps a bit of history is in order. The UCS Weblog, like many of our sisterships, was on patrol, defending Federation cyberspace from a terrifying new enemy, known as the Morg. The Morg have challenged the Federation, and every other civilization which they have encountered, with a triple choice: assimilation, subjugation in abject slavery, or war of annihilation. With a long list of conquests behind them, a history going back centuries, the Morg confidently assure us that resistance against them is futile.

Just beyond Federation cyberspace, we encountered Morg-like species which, unlike the Morg themselves, were not interested in conquest, but rather seemed disinterested in us, and at times even friendly -- even as these species themselves expressed their concern that they, too, might become assimilated by the Morg. This of course was well-received by our crew, but our sense of relief was short-lived; almost immediately, we came across evidence of other civilizations which we thought were on friendly terms with the Federation, but which were in fact working in league with the Morg, profiting from the Morg's attempts to subjugate us.

Immediately pursuing this new enemy, running cloaked in cyberspace, the UCS Weblog went onto a wartime footing, and quickly came across enemy installations and operations that were threatening imminent destruction of the Federation. It seems we and our new enemy surprised each other, as the UCS Weblog charged into the midst of them, firing incessantly. We discovered a vast target complex, and continued firing, our volleys scoring devastatingly accurate hits on their targets, yet causing little real damage, due to the size and nature of the target complex. Repositioning and scanning, we charged again, only to find ourselves in the middle not just of a target complex, but of an array of target complexes, a virtual galaxy of enemy installations and operations.

Analyzing the information from our new vantage point in the midst of the enemy, the realization dawned on us that this target array stretches all the way to Federation cyberspace, and even deep inside it. Scanning further afield, we noticed similar connections going elsewhere, not just to the Federation.

Not only is this new enemy elusive and treacherous, but they are powerful and well-connected, as well -- their tentacles seem to have a death grip on the very heart of every cybercivilization known to exist! Moreover, considering how our ship is deep in a sea of the enemy, it could be easily and persuasively argued that instead of being the hunter, we had become the prey.

As I considered all this, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps resistance against the Morg might just be futile, after all.

Aware of my duty as a leader, I stood before the crew, trying to project an air of confidence, decisiveness and wisdom, while surveying the situation and wondering what we should do next; all the while, though, I actually felt an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

I recalled stories of another leader facing a seemingly hopeless mission. Outmanned, outgunned, desperate and beleaguered, he led his army to a place called Valley Forge, and there spent a very difficult winter. Throughout his campaigns, he knew how easily he could be defeated by his enemy; he also knew how his enemy had their tentacles deep inside the very people for whom he was fighting. Despite this, he persevered, leading his men in hard-fought battles, and launching daring attacks as he could. Yet, as I understand it, there were times when he, too, was unsure what to do. At such times, he would focus his efforts on maintaining his composure. His men, also sensing the gravity of the situation, would look to him, and from him take their cue. Although the situation was often desperate, he seemed to be in control of it. Thus reassured, his men would go back to their work of defeating their enemy. He seemed to understand that, although at times he had all he could do to maintain his composure, at times, maintaining his composure was all he needed to do.

It was with these thoughts that I stood before the viewscreen, the realization dawning upon me as to what we were truly fighting against, even as cyberspace continued to reverberate with secondary explosions from our most recent salvoes.

Watching these explosions, and perhaps sensing my thoughts, my first officer stepped up and gave orders for a course heading that would take our ship still deeper into the enemy array and into firing position yet again, even as he directed our weapons officer to prepare to fire.

Pausing, his eyes were but two of those that were upon me.

Resistance may indeed be futile, but it is certainly not as futile as abandonment and resignation in the face of adversity that seems insurmountable, and of odds that seem impossible.

I nodded confirmation of my first officer's commands, motioned forward with my arm, and, in as clear and decisive a voice as I could muster, loudly said: "Engage!"


WomanHonorThyself said...

Engage indeed YD!

USpace said...

Yes YD, but resistance is necessary!

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