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Pride of Lions, Part 10

Continuing with the series Pride of Lions, we now look at the last part of The Gina Khan Interview - Part Two:

Q: But you still rose up above all this negative pressure?

It wasn't until after divorce and after 9/11 that I decided I wasn't mad. I wasn't an apostle or a kafir or Islamophobe. Islamistophobic perhaps! I pulled my children out from the Islamists' bubble of influence for good. I decided to get to know my enemy - get to see what was behind the Islamist ideologies that had hurt me and were hurting so many others so much.

It is important to realize that Gina Khan is a Muslim.

With that in mind, it is amazing that the "nutters" and extremists in the Islamic community, together with their useful dupes among us infidels, have things so skewed that it would occur to a Muslim woman to consider the term "Islamophobe" in connection to her own feelings.

This is testimony to both how upside-down society is, and how intelligent and courageous Gina Khan is.

I realised that to understand Jihadists I had to understand the roots of Jihadist history myself - not depend on the books or translations I was being subjected to. I started to read the Quran, study my religion and Islamic history. My reading helped promote my respect for democracy, as well as the values and principles of this great country, Britain, which is my home and my motherland too.

Education - honest education, a search for the truth.

This is something that the Islamofascists (or any other kind of fascist or communist) cannot effectively deal with, so they must silence it.

The "silence of the lambs"?

And, to top it off, this is coming from a woman.

Just like when Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld refuses to back down to Sheikh bin Mahfouz. Just like when Sibel Edmonds refuses to be gagged in silence. Just like when Kristen Breitweiser essentially twisted the government's arm, and got a 9/11 Commission (such as it was - but that's another story).

Let's hear it for the ladies!

As a lone mother I learnt a lot about myself and who I am. The Sharia law was designed with the 'family' framework in mind. The lone mother isn't in the Islamic conscience; Islamists claim 'there are no lone mothers in Muslim communities'. Of course there are. The more reason why lone mothers need to protect their children from being indoctrinated or recruited into Jihadism.

More jihadist lies - and Gina Khan is the truth-detector, here.

So far I had been de-humanised as a Muslim woman. I thought about converting to another faith or renouncing the religion I was born into, but no, I realised I was a Muslim. To convert - that would be pointless. Just because I think Osama Bin Laden is wrong doesn't mean that I should change my religion - the Islamists are wrong too.

Q: Now you are at peace even if the Islamists are not?

My identity isn't in conflict with itself anymore. I'm a British Asian and we are a proud breed apart - but very much part of Britain.

To be a Muslim you have to adhere to the 5 pillars of Islam - that in itself is a struggle and it's a spiritual, personal struggle. Jihad - an unofficial pillar devised by early Muslims - is not a compulsory pillar as the Islamists would have you believe. The meaning of Jihad is complex in the Arabic language but for the Arabs Jihad means Holy War, not a yoga experience as many apologists in Islam claim.

Modern Jihadists have twisted verses using the Quran's historical edicts. I'm still on a journey to discover the truth. I am a secular Muslim. I live in a secular country where we had freedom to practice our faith, and freedom to have no faith, where I have learnt to respect people from all religions and races, regardless of their gender or sexuality. As the humanist I now know myself to be, I have faith in myself, faith in the Almighty and faith that modern secular Muslims - the silent majority - will emerge and stand up to counter doomsday Jihadism. We just have to.

My one concern - did the modern jihadists in fact twist the verses? Or, are they getting back to the original intent of the verses - an intent that most peace-loving people who are Muslims naturally drifted away from?

An email tipster sent me a link to the following: Muslim gangs 'are taking control of prison' by Jamie Doward, Sunday May 25 2008:

Prison officers at one of Britain's maximum security jails are losing control to Muslim gangs, according to a confidential report obtained by The Observer. An internal review of Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire warns that staff believe a 'serious incident is imminent' as several wings become dominated by Muslim prisoners.

The report, written by the Prison Service's Directorate of High Security, says there is an 'ongoing theme of fear and instability' among staff at Whitemoor, where just under a third of the 500 prisoners are Muslim.

It claims: 'There was much talk around the establishment about "the Muslims". Some staff perceived the situation at Whitemoor had resulted in Muslim prisoners becoming more of a gang than a religious group. The sheer numbers, coupled with a lack of awareness among staff, appeared to be engendering fear and handing control to the prisoners.' The situation has become so acute that white prisoners are routinely warned about the Muslim gangs by staff on arrival.

Islamophobia and prejudice? Or, wisdom, based on experience?

The report says that apprehension about Muslim prisoners has potentially damaging consequences and is in danger of 'leading to hostility and Islamophobia'. It serves to highlight the growing concern about extremist activity in the UK's jails. The Home Office is concerned that young male prisoners are being radicalised by Muslim gangs and that the prison system is becoming a recruiting ground for al-Qaeda sympathisers. Similar problems have been experienced at Belmarsh prison in London and Frankland in Durham. A number of high-profile al-Qaeda sympathisers at Frankland have been moved as a result of increased tensions within the jail.

And, it's not just Muslims who are being radicalized in the prison system.

Infidels are being recruited - converted not to some "Religion of Peace", but to an ideology of terrorism and armed conquest. What better place to recruit than among violent elements who have already rejected the rules of the society they live in?

Frances Crook, director of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said she was alarmed at the report's findings. 'The difficulties of running a high-security prison such as Whitemoor cannot be underestimated, but much of what this internal report uncovers is extremely disturbing,' she said. 'It is vital that the problems uncovered at Whitemoor are addressed as a matter of urgency.'

The report was commissioned partly as a response to the deaths of five prisoners at the jail within 12 months. Muslim prisoner support groups have also complained that Muslims are suffering harassment from staff. Recently a number of Whitemoor staff have been suspended on unrelated corruption charges.

The tense stand-off between staff and prisoners is causing problems, the report warns. 'Staff appeared reluctant to challenge inappropriate behaviour, in particular among BME [black and ethnic minority] prisoners for fear of doing the wrong thing,' the report states. 'This was leading to a general feeling of a lack of control and shifting the power dynamic towards prisoners.' It adds: 'A wing itself felt particularly unstable with a general lack of confidence among staff.'

"[R]eluctant to challenge inappropriate behaviour" - "for fear of doing the wrong thing" - and the result is "shifting the power dynamic towards prisoners."

Multiculturalism and leftist liberalism in a nutshell: "A wing itself felt particularly unstable with a general lack of confidence among staff."

The emergence of gang culture in Whitemoor has alarmed some prisoners. The team that compiled the report found that over the Christmas period the segregation unit was full as inmates sought refuge from the gangs over debt problems and drugs.

Henry Bellingham, the Conservatives' shadow justice minister, who has raised concerns about the running of Whitemoor in parliament, said he welcomed the report. 'However, I'm very concerned about some of the findings,' he added. 'They point to a systematic breakdown in the chain of command. It's in everyone's interests that these problems are sorted out soon. Whitemoor holds some of the most dangerous prisoners in the country.'

It's not "a systemic breakdown in the chain of command" - it's the direction society is moving in.

In recent months the Prison Service has unveiled a series of initiatives to combat extremism in the UK's jails through the supervision and monitoring of imams and better training for staff. 'It is vital that prison staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure they have the confidence to identify and challenge behaviour that is of concern,' said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice. 'A programme of work is planned at Whitemoor to increase mutual understanding between staff and prisoners, including a development day for staff on the Muslim faith, focus groups in which staff and ethnic minority prisoners will discuss prison community issues, and diversity events.

Sounds like another strong dose of the disease.

What they need is someone with the guts to say: "These are the rules, they apply to everyone, and violations will be punished without exception."

'The prison will continue to work closely with the Prison Service's Extremism Unit and the police to monitor and assess issues around extremism, and work will be undertaken to examine the management of gangs and terrorist prisoners within the prison.'


We conclude this post by looking at the first excerpt from The Gina Khan Interview - Part Three:

Q: What do you of the think of the 7/7, 21/7 and Glasgow bombers?

When I watched 3000 people die within 30 minutes on 11th September 2001, I was horrified and the first thought that came into my mind was, "My God, they have started the war".

For me, after reading the anti west, anti American flyers and posters in the 90s, watching the rise of a backward Islam, it came as no surprise that America was attacked. In fact I thought it would be Britain first. At the time I was unaware that the same ideology, network and strategic planning that the Jihadists and their mentors were implementing was international.

I had already imagined a suicide bomber walking into a British night club or shopping centre planning to commit mass murder in the name of Islam. I was always taught your life belongs to God, He alone knows when your time is up so to take your own life a huge sin.

My Mum used to teach me as a kid that to stamp and kill an ant is a sin, all living creatures belong to God. Such simple, meaningful teachings of the Prophet and God's wisdom kept my faith going.

These men on 9/11, 7/7 and 21/7 believed they are the soldiers of Islam. Amazing. They lived in the 21st century with the mindset of the 7th century. They are fools.

In 2001 on the al Jazeera channel, Osama Bin Laden stated "We (meaning Jihadists) love death as much as you in America (or infidels) love life." Hence this has become the rhetoric Jihadists adhere to. They believe they are on a mission as martyrs for the revival of a Caliphate, they believe they are dying for their beliefs and their religion.

The Islamists lure the would-be suicide bombers into believing they will be rewarded with virgins, milk and honey and eternal life in heaven. The suicide bomber believes he is dying for the 'ummah'- another powerful myth. They believe they are on a mission to defeat the 'kafirs' and represent true Islam.

If you have ever studied Osama Bin Laden or even people like Moazzam Begg from Birmingham, you will observe that they use the Quran, certain verses related to the historical events of Jihad in the Quran and twist verses to suit their ideology.

Again, I question whether they are "twisting" Islamic texts - they seem to think it is everyone else who has twisted the texts.

And, it's not just an academic question; it has very practical applications in the UK's prison system - and elsewhere, for that matter.

Gina Khan is such a smart person, and she calls things as she sees them - and she seems to see them pretty accurately, too! It would be so interesting to hear her thoughts on this series of posts.

Anyway, stay tuned to Stop Islamic Conquest as Pride of Lions continues.

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