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Pride of Lions, Part 7

At the end of Part 6, we were considering Al Qaeda's recruitment of "lily whites" for terrorist acts in France, and alluding to a comparison to suggestions that something similar had happened in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing.

We now go back across the English Channel to examine an article that an email tipster alerted me about, entitled Time to say sorry by Andrew Anthony, dated May 15, 2008, about last year's documentary Undercover Mosque:

Back in August 2007 I wrote a defence of the Undercover Mosque programme and, among many reasonable responses, I came in for the now obligatory charges of Islamophobia, neocon activism and, of course, racism. This kind of thing is standard these days if you state your opposition to the idea that hitting 10-year-old girls is reasonable, that women are lesser beings then men, that killing homosexuals is wrong, that killing apostates is unacceptable, and that all Muslims supposedly hate the kuffar. All of those views were propagated by the preachers who were recorded in Undercover Mosque, a diligent documentary made in difficult circumstances. And yet the West Midlands police not only attempted to prosecute the filmmakers but also, having failed in that absurd endeavour, reported the documentary to Ofcom.

The author's intent is clear, although, if you read that carefully, I think it was supposed to read "if you state your oppositon to the idea ... that killing homosexuals is right, that killing apostates is acceptable" - in other words, the preachers of hatred in the mosques preach that:

1) it is okay to beat up on little girls,
2) women are inferior to men,
3) it is okay to kill gays and lesbians,
4) it is acceptable to kill infidels,


5) good Muslims hate non-Muslims.

The author is opposed to all this, as anyone should be. The ideas being propagated in some mosques are remarkably like those of the Nazis, when the Nazi movement was in its infancy and did not have real political power. No wonder; many of the nations where these ideas are accepted are remarkably like Nazi Germany. What happens to women who are out in public, unescorted, in Saudi Arabia, or in Afghanistan under the Taliban? What happens to women who try to drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia? What happens to infidels who openly show - or even (gasp!) propagate - their religion in some of these places?

The Crown Prosecutions Service lawyer claimed that the documentary was "heavily edited", having noticed that only one hour of the 56 hours of footage were screened on television. From this the assistant chief constable for security and cohesion, Anil Patani, concluded that the documentary undermined community cohesion. Not the preachers, you understand, the documentary. One of the preachers, Abu Usamah, who had been calling for his congregation to hate the kuffar, then did the rounds of the TV and radio stations complaining that Channel 4 had wilfully misrepresented his genuine efforts to foster multicultural harmony. His words, in the time-honoured phrase, had been "taken out of context". And, by and large, no one asked him about hating the kuffar.

Whenever someone with some common sense hears and then reports about what is being preached, the answer is that it was "taken out of context".

Suddenly, everyone was talking about television distortion and deception. Muhammad Abdul Bari, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the programme employed "the dishonest tactic of selectively quoting from some recorded speeches for the purpose of misrepresentation".

And it was fascinating to witness those who pride themselves on doubting the police suddenly swallowing whole their unsubstantiated accusations against the makers of Undercover Mosque. One of the posters on Cif, admittedly not the most balanced of commentators, suggested that people at Channel 4 "have been shown to have seriously distorted the tapes [and] that they 'incited hatred' against Muslims". Another, again not renowned for his objectivity in such matters, suggested that I was one of the "lying rightwing racist journos".

I wonder if that qualifies him as a member of the "vast right-wing conspiracy"?

It shouldn't be necessary to point out that the vast majority of Muslims are disgusted by the kinds of sentiments expressed in Undercover Mosque, because to do so would be patronising and obvious. And, of course, it will make no difference to those who, like the two commentators I've mentioned, view any attempt to challenge hate-filled extremism as by definition anti-Muslim and racist. But the documentary was clearly about extremism in certain mosques, and was no more reflective of Muslims at large than an expose of the BNP would be an attack on all members of the white working class.

I don't know if it is the vast majority, but it seems certainly many if not most Muslims are disgusted by this; and, it is necessary to point it out, if only so that decent people in the Islamic community will know they are not alone and that we of the counterjihad have not written them off, consigned to the hell-on-earth that their "brothers" are every day creating.

Ofcom realised as much when it completely vindicated the programme makers back in November and cleared the documentary of all distortion charges, stating that Channel 4 had "dealt with the subject matter responsibly and in context". And now the West Midlands police and the Crown Prosecution Service have had to issue an apology and pay out a libel settlement - the filmmakers are donating their damages to the Rory Peck Trust, which supports freelance news people in difficult situations around the globe.

The police and CPS now "accept, without reservation, the findings of Ofcom". It would be nice to think the other loud critics, like Abdul Bari and those brave posters I quoted, might do the same. But for some people, when the facts change, they still keep spouting the same old nonsense.

I now transition to The Gina Khan Interview - Part Two.

The nice things about the Gina Khan interview are that it gives us an inside view that confirms all of this, and whatever I happen to be addressing at the moment also just so happens to be what Gina is talking about next in her interview. We now continue reviewing the Gina Khan interview, beginning Part Two:

Q: So Islamism - that of Tablighi Jamaat and other Islamist cults - is a distortion?

Everybody's religion is 'true' to them but why go force it on others? The Islamists think by forcing us, embedding their violent ideology and creating fear they are forcing the hand of God on us in communities. They use bloodcurdling language but when you see through their ideology you realise they are actually pretty feeble little men behind the ranting, really.

More and more British born Muslim girls were being and still are being subjugated and downtrodden 35 years on. No-one cared then about our plight and no-one cares now. Those of us who got out, even mentally - we have had to fight from within to break the chains of even the cerebral part of the slavery the Islamist ideology forces upon you.

They seek to enslave not just infidels, but even their "fellow" Muslims, especially women.

(And, some people do care, Gina.)

Q: How did the Islamists get a foothold in communities like yours?

Mullahs were forever knocking on the doors asking for charity towards mosques. What I do remember is most Pakistanis didn't trust the local mullahs, they were driving their Mercedes Benz in the 80s, where as most people like my brothers, were working hard to build the family business year after year. The community was funding these backward thinking mullahs.

It was a slow invasion in my eyes, built brick by brick, year by year, infiltrating the education system, the councils and central government offices in the region. It was planned, co-ordinated and clever. Since 9/11 the speed of the invasion has picked up considerably.

How does that go? If you try to drop a frog in a pot of hot water, it will jump out, but if you drop it in a pot of cold water, and then slowly turn up the heat... something like that. I don't know, I've never tried to cook a live frog. But, the principle certainly seems understandable, and applicable here.

"Since 9/11 the speed of the invasion has picked up considerably."

Q: Now your father was one of the Islamists - how did you feel about this?

After Mum passed away, we buried her here in the UK as Dad was in Pakistan. They loved each other and Dad had wanted mum to be buried in his village. Mum loathed the village and his extended family, Britain was her home since her 30s when I was born. We respected her last wishes regardless of Dad's persistency to have her buried abroad.

Dad had been laying down the foundation for his holy project - a madrassa - in his village in Pakistan. He had just made it back to Mum's deathbed. Dad returned to Pakistan to continue his project but would come over now and again to collect funding.

I had visited him when he was ill and had observed young male orphans at the madrassa who were fed, clothed and sheltered but could only study the Quran and Islam under the authority of a mullah and never integrated with the villagers.

I really questioned my Dad's belief for the first time then. Why build a madrassa for boys only and not a girls' school or hospital that would have benefited the whole community?

He answered "that even if just one of these children from my bloodline memorises the Quran, 7 generations of my family will go straight to heaven". His belief was resilient - he had been brainwashed well. Every penny he had or whatever properties Mum had in Karachi were donated to the madrassa.

Dad had gone colder and oblivious to anything else around him. He had promised himself to complete the madrassa before he died and he did. He requested to be buried in the compounds of his madrassa. My Dad was an honest, hardworking man who became indoctrinated into an Islamist ideology. I see his last years as a great pity, as he had been changed - this was not My Dad but a brainwashed Tablighi Jamaat drone in his place.

Q: After your Father's death you saw radical changes in your community as the years passed by?

Back home in Britain, this was not the Britain I knew. This was not Ward End as I knew it. Every empty house and shop was being turned into a mini mosque and unemployed Muslim women could earn extra money by teaching 20/30 children a day at home. Islamic revival was here to stay without anyone questioning the motives or the ideology.

Even I was stunned at some of the translations the Islamists were using that clearly discriminated against me as a woman, a wife, a mother and as an equal human being. Did Allah really ordain what they were saying for Muslim women? I refuse to believe He could.

The Islamists were working inside the community, radicalizing it. This story is repeated often, in every place where these guys show up - and ties are to Saudi-funding and to Saudi-trained preachers of hatred, even in Pakistan (although it is not exclusively the Saudi government and Saudi religious elites that are to be blamed for this).

Stay tuned to Stop Islamic Conquest as Pride of Lions continues.

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