Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blog Trek: The Undiscovered Ideologies

Captain’s Blog, Cyberdate 20070313

With the arrival of several of our sister ships along the Neutral Zone, Cyberfleet Headquarters now considers the area adequately patrolled, and has made a strategic decision for Cyberfleet to be more proactive in learning about our new foe.

This decision comes in the wake of startling new discoveries being made by Cyberfleet Headquarters.

First is the discovery that our new foe, the Morg, are in fact not one species, but are several related species, which seem to war with each other at least as enthusiastically as they do with unrelated species. This has offered us glimmers of hope, as we now understand that the Morg are a threat to themselves every bit as much as they are a threat to the Federation. Furthermore, there are persistent reports of related species that do not share the Morg's imperialistic ideology. Many of these species, it seems, are rather indifferent to those around them, and several are even reported to be friendly to the Federation!

While this discovery has offered us a silver lining to the dark cloud now hanging over the Federation, another dark cloud may be appearing on the horizon. Cyberfleet Headquarters has received unconfirmed reports that some other species, which we thought the Federation had been on close and friendly terms with, may in fact be collaborating with the Morg. Cyberfleet Headquarters has not shared any details with the fleet, so our senior officers on patrol are left with the impression that these unconfirmed reports may be little more than rumors. Ominously, however, Cyberfleet Headquarters is taking this matter seriously enough that the fleet has not only been notified of this possiblity, but even directed to explore it -- cautiously.

It is not without apprehension among the crew that the UCS Weblog now leaves the relative security of Federation Cyberspace on a mission of reconnaissance against a shadowy array of enemies, while at the same time holding open the hope of diplomacy in making the acquaintance of new allies. It can truly be said that we are going where no blogger has gone before as we seek out these undiscovered ideologies.


pela68 said...

Ahh, this time I got it! Nicely done!

WomanHonorThyself said...

where no blogger has gone eh....bon voyage~!..heh