Thursday, March 1, 2007

Doodle Doggy Dogg

yo this was submitted by the most unbelieving of the infidels / an infidel rapper name doodle doggy dogg / brother of those the jihadis call apes and pigs / defender of his dome / pistols made of chrome / a boy from my home / a man after my heart / gonna take the jihadis apart / send them back on a cart / guns blazin / bullets grazin / pistols poppin / jihadis droppin / yo jihadis come on over here / yo jihadis bring your artillery / yo jihadis conquer this

they say an elephant never forgets but i too shall remember
what they did to my country on the eleventh of september
as i watched it happen on tv it all seemed so unreal
stunned and dazed my mouth wide open i just couldn’t feel
i thought about those families who had no power
watching their loved ones burn up or jump from those towers
one plane missed its target instead it went down
americans fought back it crashed in hallowed ground
i won’t forget what happened that tuesday in september
know this kingdom of hate i too shall remember

they did it cuz our troops in their country they say
but that don’t make no sense it’s a lie no way
we went to their country because their king needed help
august of 90 iraqi tanks on their border like a dog he yelped
we defended their kingdom and liberated their neighbor
saving them all from tyranny just a different flavor
americans died we did our job then we went home
but they twist it around it’s an excuse bring terror to our dome
all just a lie trying to justify what happened in september
know this kingdom of hate i too shall remember

make noise about israel and a place called palestine
but they fools they lie they out of their mind
they attack in central asia wanna build a caliphate
central asia done nothing to deserve all this hate
they attack other muslims and arabs way uncool
those folks themselves was fighting the jews
these radical muslims just excusing their violence
listen n think thats the only thing that makes sense
even other muslims are jihadi victims for another september
know this kingdom of hate i too shall remember

their first attack on america was in the seventeen eighties
they stealin our ships enslavin the crews rapin the ladies
there was no israel back then they aint had no excuse
palestine yo hear me people you all just being used
these jihadis are rich yo they got a lotta petrogreen
if they wanted to help you they could do it real clean
but that aint their plan you all aint that thick
they using you you an excuse them fools is sick
think about this all they givin you is another september
know this kingdom of hate i too shall remember

america aint gonna quit we gonna hunt jihadis down
like the people in them towers you goin six feet underground
our military is the best our homies got the right stuff
other fools chicken out but with god we got enuff
other muslims aint radicals don’t want your hate
gonna live in peace with their neighbors never too late
aint gonna be killin christians hindus and jews
yo radical jihadis only ones dying is gonna be you
time will come when theres no more septembers
jihad gonna be nothing but history that we all remember

yo this is doodle doggy dogg / if you cool with jesus then im cool with you / if you cool with peace then im cool with you / if you cool with freedom then im cool with you / if you live and let live then im cool with you / yo jews christians hindus and others / our creator put us here so we could be brothers / our lord pointed at his mom she is our mother / our creator is awesome dont need no other

yo this is doodle doggy dogg / if you a jihadi and you wanna kill then you aint got nothin comin / i aint gonna be your slave / aint gonna be your knave / gonna piss on your grave / you just too cruel / you nothin but a fool / gonna watch you drool / get things right with allah / when you ready to die give me a hollah / gonna drop you like flies / radicalism gonna die / the time is high

yo this is doodle doggy dogg peace thru victory im out YO

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