Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saudzilla's Ants at the Picnic

At UK: Half of Muslim Schools not inspected there is an article, which, if I understand correctly, Sixth Column noticed at Little Green Footballs, originally from the Telegraph.

Apparenly, more than half of the UK's Muslim schools have not been inspected by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) in five years. Some have not been inspected for twice that; some, it seems, have never been inspected.

This has led to what I can only characterize as a terrible infestation of ants.

Key quotes and my comments:

"News of the apparent gaps in monitoring comes as questions are being raised about whether some Muslim schools are adequately preparing children for life in Britain."

Of course they're adequately preparing children for life in Britain. The question is, for life in what kind of Britain?

"Last month, King Fahad Academy, a west London school funded by the Saudi government, was condemned for using text books that described Jews as 'pigs'."

Saudi Arabia is the state that sponsors terror and gets away with it.

Under Saudi-funded influence, Pakistan is little better.

"Last month, the Muslim Council of Britain accused state schools of failing to respect Muslim wishes and called on headmasters to open prayer rooms, introduce single changing cubicles, overhaul sex education and reschedule exams outside Ramadan."

The Religion of Piece: a little piece here, a little piece there, and, like ants at the picnic, pretty soon it has nibbled up the whole thing. Who says you can't get a free lunch?

"A number of Ofsted reports are critical of poor buildings, inadequate resources, poor management, unqualified teachers and the low level of general education in some Muslim schools."

What kind of facilities and faculty do you need to produce mujahideen and suicide bombers? And don't kid yourself -- with Saudi backing, that's exactly what they're producing.

I would be curious to see what contrasts there are with Islamic schools that receive no Saudi funding -- if those haven't been run out of business yet.

The ants are getting their backing from the big ants' nest in the sandbox.

What that sandbox needs is for some US Army Rangers and US Marines to conduct a few raids.



anticant said...

Your comments are spot-on. I don't suppose the DfES has many - if any - Arabic-speaking inspectors, anyway, and they most likely don't have a clue what is being taught in even those Islamic schools they do inspect.

But slim hopes, I fear, of the US or anyone else taking out the fanatical Saudi despots in the foreseeable future, more's the pity.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Raid!..ha..good one...ah they forgot some inspections eh...wonder who's pockets got lined for that lil oversight...sheesh!