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Financial Onslaught, Part 5

We continue from Part 4 reviewing an article entitled The Fifth Generation Warfare by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen.

As I mentioned previously, please keep in mind as you read this that Dr. Ehrenfeld is the target of a legal jihad, and needs contributions to her organization to continue her work and defend herself against the legal harassment of the libel terrorists that target her. See my sidebar for links for further information.


Saudi Arabia

In 2007, Saudi Arabia collected $18 billion in zakat52 -- which includes the 20 percent flat corporation tax from foreign companies. The Saudis claim that the money collected develops their infrastructure. However, two-thirds of Saudi men are unemployed and the infrastructure is crumbling.53

And why should they work, if Allah has promised all this loot to holy warriors?

And then this explains why Saudi Arabia has to import so many foreign workers to do all the actual work of the Kingdom, while so many of the holy warriors encountered by U.S. forces in Iraq are Saudis -- our ally in the War on Terror is incapable of being anything other than a menace to world security.

Illustrating how funds are used, Saudi Arabia's secretary-general of the official Muslim World League Koran Memorization Commission stated on Iqra TV, on 29 August 2005, "The Prophet said: 'He who equips a is as if he himself fought.' You lie in your bed, safe in your own home, and donate money and Allah credits you with the rewards of a fighter. What is this? A privilege."54

You lie in bed with your four wives and as many concubines as your right hand possesses, and this is the same as martyring yourself for Allah -- why do all these young Palestinian and Saudi men not see that they are being duped and used by these shiekhs who have things way too easy?

Since the 1970s, the Saudi government has spent more than $100 billion55 to build thousands of mosques, Islamic centers, and Islamic studies programs in universities worldwide to advance the ummah's power and undermine Western economic, political, cultural, educational, and legal structures and replace them with the shari'a.56 In the last 13 years alone, the Saudis gave at least $459 million to British universities for Islamic study centers, according to Professor Anthony Glees, of Brunel University.57

The worldwide Muslim riots following the publication of the Muhammad cartoons in Denmark's largest daily, Jyllands-Posten, began only after Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Denmark; after Sheikh Osama Khayyat, imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, praised on national Saudi television the Saudi government for its action; and after Sheikh Ali Al-Hudaify, imam of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, called "upon governments, organizations and scholars in the Islamic world to extend support for campaigns protesting the sacrilegious attacks on the Prophet."58 Saudi-controlled OIC initiated and coordinated Muslim rioting worldwide after the Danish Muhammad cartoon publications.59

How can the United States be allies of such a nation?

Did our politicians prostitute our country like that to the Nazis and the Communists?

Moreover, to wield more control over Muslim communities worldwide, better orchestrate "spontaneous demonstrations," and better allocate funds for them, the Saudi-backed OIC established the clerical International Commission for Zakat (ICZ) on 30 April 2007. Previously, there were more than 20,000 organizations that collected zakat. Now, however, the Islamic clerics' centralized "expert committee" based in Malaysia also supervises and distributes zakat funds globally. The new committee distributed roughly $2 billion collected over Ramadan 2007 to Muslim "charities".60

In a show of unity, the Shiite Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah argued, "If there had been a Muslim to carry out Imam Khomeini's fatwa against the renegade Salman Rushdie, this rabble who insult our Prophet Mohammed in Denmark, Norway and France would not have dared to do so."61

What is this if not an attempt to enslave us by force?

The Saudi role in terror financing is no secret. Yet, the U.S. administration keeps telling us that the Saudis are our allies. On 10 December 2002, criticizing the Joint Inquiry Staff (JIS) report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), Senators Jon Kyl and Pat Roberts stated, "The pervasiveness in Saudi Arabia of Wahhabism, a radical, anti-American variant of Islam, was well known before 9/11. The JIS should have inquired why the country of Saudi Arabia was given such preferential treatment by the State Department and whether the intelligence agencies were complicit in the policy."62

Foreign policy regarding Saudi Arabia is created by whores that we have sent to Washington.

In early 2008, however, U.S. government officials publicly noted that the Saudis continue the financing of radical Islamic groups.63

Created by whores in Washington -- and these whores are running our military into the ground in Iraq, while denying our forces the possibility of victory by refusing to address the source of most of the problems, Saudi Arabia.

But, then again, the war in Iraq is good for business for too many that are closely associated with the Bush Administration. Halliburton, for example, has plenty of lucrative contracts supporting the war, and if anyone ever dealt with the Kingdom, all that would end, wouldn't it?

Whores in Washington....

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