Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pride of Lions, Part 13

We continue Pride of Lions by continuing our look at a four-part interview with Gina Khan. We begin The Gina Khan Interview - Part Four:

Q: Who in particular is exploiting the weaknesses of Britain?

MCB spokesman Inayat Bunglawala is a good example of what I mean by the extreme version of Islam. He is always playing down the real threat. People like Bunglawala have read the same books as me and understands Jihad like most Muslims do. In number the Islamists like him may be a minority, but the influence they represent is powerful because they use historical edicts in the Quran to mobilise the masses. It is up to Muslims to reject and lead the way by rejecting this modern Jihad and rejecting backward practices.

These Islamists also have backing from powerful foreign lobbies, foreign governments and foreign organized crime interests.

And, they obviously are not above using violence, or any other means to an end -- after all, their "Allah" understands; nothing is prohibited, provided it furthers what these guys consider to be "Islam".

Why oh why do TV stations allow these men on their shows to talk about us Muslims? They do not represent us - they enslave us with a backward mentality.

We are free agents we didn't need backward-thinking Muslims representing us.

When President Bush needs a token Muslim, whom does he contact? CAIR -- a front organization for Islamists.

It's proved counter-productive. They do not represent plural Islam. They have an issue with gays, with the Jewish, with liberal Britain. The government has been taking advice from the wrong people for the last 10 years. That is obvious.

And that's why they just let that terrorist out of jail, and give him a big, fat government subsidy into the deal -- see my recent posts on Abu Qatada under the title "What a shambles!"

Q: Who do you blame?

I blame the government of this country for the rise in Islamism. They were too slow while Islamists leaped ahead in order to turn British Muslims into Islamists. Europe and America have been given the wrong advice for the last 10 years too. If the best they can come up with to win the hearts and minds of people is a Bunglawala or Tariq Ramadan - who isn't even a citizen of this country - then we're in big trouble.

Why the government appeases Islamists and engages with men who advocate a backward Islam beggars belief. The government needs to create space for reformists and secular Muslims to lead debates - to push away the Bunglawalas who, for example, tried to shut down the debate on the veil, and believes Osama Bin Laden is a 'freedom fighter'. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Q: It's not a battle between men and women amongst the British Muslim community?

No. Just recently, modern British Muslim men pointed out to me that they are just as alarmed when they see an increasing number of Muslims (British Pakistani women) adopting the full veil. The same happens to all of us - you end up just staring at them, on the Ladypool road, Stratford road In Birmingham, Alum Rock Rd etc.

British Pakistani Muslim women have steadily shrugged off the beautiful chadors and head scarves full of vibrant colours that have always reflected the Indian or Pakistani culture and are turning to morbid colours of black. I personally call this revival of desert Islam. It really is beginning to look and feel like a cult; a political statement and a sign of women participating in their own oppression believing Allah ordained it. What's wrong with the Pakistani outfits?? It didn't happen at this rate in Pakistan until the media showed us the veiled women with sticks demonstrating outside the Red Mosque. Such an event could happen here - we may have democracy here but that isn't stopping Islamists from demanding Sharia law or special treatment in schools, councils or in the public sphere just because they are Muslims.

Dr Naseem Nawaz - a member of Hibz ut Tahrir - is a good example of a woman who wishes to live under the raw power of Islamists, dreaming of a revived Calpihate.

Men look at these people as though they are weird as well but they believe they are superior. There are women totally subjugated in some Islamic states forced to wear the veil, that's a different issue. The veil causes segregation in the West and these women know it.

Women are treated like cattle in Saudi Arabia -- the same was true in the Taliban's Afghanistan.

Now for a key question:

Q: Is the area becoming a no-go area for non-Muslims?

It is becoming a no go area in some parts of Birmingham. Non Muslims are becoming suspicious and uneasy as are secular Muslims. Why should Rev Ali (the Bishop of Rochester, pictured) be accused of racism when he is actually speaking the truth? Trevor Philips was spot on too - non Muslims are leaving these areas because Muslim leaders have allowed our areas to turn into Muslim ghettos.

Hazel Blears and William Hague say they don't recognise these areas? Well they only need to visit and see. I have respect for Blears and Hague and I'd like to put them right. It's one thing trying to be diplomatic, it's another if you don't face up to a serious ideology that is aiming to mobilise the Muslim community and the next generation. No other religious group has asked for special demands. Who is instigating this special need for Muslims and Islam? Not Muslims like me or people I know.

The British government has become Chamberlainized in the face of Islamism.

Meanwhile, a reminder -- here is a list of no-go areas in France: ATLAS DES ZONES URBAINES SENSIBLES.

So many British people from nearly every religion and race have said to me that something is going on but they just can't put their finger on it. I know exactly what they mean.

Q: So British mainstream politicians are missing the point here?

They have missed the point for the last 40 years.

Mr Brown, Mr Cameron should pay close attention next time they want to visit a Muslim community like mine. They could start counting the mosques springing up like mushrooms and the lack of resources for the youth in the community, especially for Muslim girls. They should introduce a law prohibiting total square metres of one religion's buildings exceeding a certain amount in a given area per capita. Next time when they are up here they could visit bookshops and run-down Islamic schools. They have abandoned these communities.

Polygamy is more common than the British realize. Young teenage forced marriages and honour killings have escalated. So why was our plight ignored and why the Islamists appeased? I could take them to some really nice mainstream English, Irish, Indian, Jamaican, Sikh and 'Modern' Muslims who sense and fear this rise of Islamism but because Britain is a civilised, tolerant society they remain silent. Most fear being called Islamophobic or racist. The public needs educating. As one decent Indian family told me, Islamists were trying to buy a pub in Hodge Hill to turn into yet another Islamic centre.

There are not many Muslims in Hodge Hill but this is how the Islamists operate. People in Hodge Hill are going to either get angry and move out or worry about their young becoming converted.

Muslims and non Muslims at grassroots level know something isn't right. They should talk to people, not just representatives or leaders. I am not scaremongering.

If you integrate you get to hear all sides like I have. Anyway I was in the minority who was standing up to radicals 20 years ago, no-one would listen to me then either. I feel the tide is turning - the Islamists have gone too far too soon. Britain is waking up and will show the world how to deal with these people.

"I feel the tide is turning - the Islamists have gone too far too soon."

The devil always overplays his hand.

Stay tuned for Part 14.


anticant said...

She may respect Hazel Blears. I don't - the woman is a prize twit. But she is right that the tide is turning, if only slowly. The changing balance of opinion on the Guardian's Comment is Free - where Bunglawala writes frequently - is very interesting.

Yankee Doodle said...

Hey, Anti, can you spoonfeed us a little, and leave some links to examples of what you think is interesting?