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Pride of Lions, Part 15

We continue from Pride of Lions, Part 14, and will conclude this series with this post, as we conclude our review of The Gina Khan Interview - Part Four:

Q: So strong women are the answer?

The empowerment of Muslim women is crucial against this backward male dominated ideology. Any change in the thinking and behaviour of mothers has a strong impact on children and the next generation. Benazir Bhutto is an inspiration, even after her death, Muslim youths in colleges are signing up to join the PPP and Muslim women and men respected her. If she can oppose this ideology, oppose Islamists, why aren't we doing the same in Britain? Isn't this ideology in collision with democracy?

Why are we allowing Islamists to mobilise our minds? Why are we participating in our own oppression?

If my son hadn't been approached by radical Islamists on the streets of Ward End and if I didn't know a British Christian woman from Birmingham whose teenage son as converted by Salafists and then tried to kill her because she refused to convert, I would have been ignorant too of the power of Jihadism embedded in our communities.

Mr Bunglawala doesn't fool me. These men like Bunglawala are exactly the kind of Islamic men than Pakistani women in Pakistan wouldn't trust or give their vote to.

In fact Hazel Blears could be thinking of empowering non Muslim women too. The rate of conversions is alarming. Most converts seem to be indoctrinated with extreme Islam and political Islam. I have met British black and white, Indian, Sikh mothers who have the same fear as I do for our growing children. If the government continues to fail its people and the next generation through lack of knowledge and education then we are in a lose-lose situation. The gulf they want to create will widen.

The MCB don't give a damn about the Muslims or non Muslims. They are using their position to mobilise the masses towards political Islam.

Why? What's wrong with the British law?? It trumps their barbarity. It's about time the voices of British Muslim women and secular and reformers were heard.

Why doesn't the government ask British born Muslim women to advise them?

Women like Samira Malik were on the conveyor belt towards Jihadism but she clearly hadn't read up enough about the rewards for women jihadis, or asked her Islamist male mentors enough questions. I hope the Samira Malik case deters other radical females from dreaming of 'martyrdom'. According to what I have read, women won't enjoy the bounties of heaven as much as the men will. Even in the after life women will be treated as sub human and have to put with all the virgins they will inherit, so say the Islamists.

That's a key point -- life in this world is hell for women under the rule of these guys, but life in the next world is no better.

Women need to up and leave that ideology -- they have nothing to lose.

Q: Where's the platform for you to promulgate your feelings and solutions?

Peaceful mainstream British Muslims are the silent majority. We have no platform where we can oppose the Jihadists' propaganda.

There are millions of Muslims in this country that are proud to be British, that abhor honour killings, forced marriages, polygamy, the veil, abhor the Islamists, abhor the suicide human bombs that Jihadism has created. There are thousands of British Muslims who respect the Jewish people, accept Israel as the one of the best democratic countries in the Middle East and would never abuse let alone behead a Jew or apostle.

Contrary to interpretations, mainstream Muslims respect people of other religions and the importance of a pluralist modern reformed Islam. We live and let live. There are millions who supported a woman leader Benazir Bhutto as she was the only beacon of light who could have instilled democracy in Pakistan. The last thing modern Pakistanis want is an Islamist party running the country. It's Islamists who discriminate or assassinate women in power as they have with Benazir.

People like my mother respected the British education, wanted their rights and freedoms, wanted their full humanity back. I hope Pakistanis make the right choice.

Q: And you, Gina. What lies ahead for you?

I plan to carry on writing and doing interviews, I plan to work as an anti Jihad activist. I plan to challenge in any way I can the status that Islamists have enslaved us into. I will repeat over and over that I don't believe for one moment that the God who created me wanted me to walk out of my front door using only half the IQ he gave me. Nor is my brain deficient and nor are we any less human to the Muslim male.

I live in a democracy. I am lucky. I will exercise my freedom of speech and champion democracy, oppose Jihadism and empower women to stand up for their natural rights and full humanity. And I won't stop until the government of this country hears the voices of women/men like me who know they are living in one of the best democracies in the world.

No one owns Islam and the Islamists can't pressurise Muslims or non Muslims any longer. We must break our silence. British people are the nicest, the most tolerant and the most humane people on earth. I learnt more about kindness, forgiveness and humanity from the English, Welsh, Jamaican, Indian, Irish, Gays and Atheists, that no script on earth could have taught me.

We need to stop putting the country down and playing into the hands of Islamist. There's a dangerous ideology out there that is doing everything to cause a clash within this humane civilization. I hope to God that one day we can all as British people oppose this ideology from the mainstream without fear - as that is all it takes - or the future is bleak.

Staying silent just isn't an option anymore. What will we say to the next generation, our children, their children? That we had no backbone?

Mahatma Gandhi has quoted "I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills". That says it all for me.


England's Royal Coat of Arms features three lions and, indeed, when Hitler tried to invade the British Isles, the peoples of the British Isles (more than just English) resisted fiercely, so much so that Hitler's forces got their noses bloodied during Britain's Finest Hour. It was as if Hitler had stuck his head into a lion's den.

Today a similar situation may be playing out in the United Kingdom, which faces an invasion.

To be sure, most of the Muslims who live in the UK, mostly either recent immigrants or born in the UK of immigrant parents, are not violent; however, Islam is a foreign ideology, and it certainly has violent aspects to it, at least in the eyes of some of its extremist adherents.

These violent, extremist Muslims seek nothing less than the subjugation of the people of the British Isles -- or, rather, their "submission" -- much like Hitler once did. Fierce, violent and determined, radical Islam -- or, perhaps, "Islamism" -- is rampaging, like a pride of lions on the hunt.

The question that remains to be answered, not just for the United Kingdom, but for many countries in Western Europe, including some we have looked at in this series, is how that rampage will be answered.

Will the peoples of the British Isles (and of other European locations) react like lions whose den has been invaded, and repulse this violent ideological invasion, which seeks to enslave them as the Nazis tried to do?

Or, will the voices of the Gina Khans of the world be drowned out, until the various European countries are enslaved by fierce holy warriors, ideologues and terrorists bent on conquest, leaving France and the United Kingdom -- two nuclear-armed permanent members of the UN Security Council -- under Islamist rule?

Difficult it is to recognize the historical significance of events as they are unfolding.

Is this the beginning of World War III?

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anticant said...

World War III is already happening. It is an ideological war, and as Gina Khan says, the British government, through a mixture of incomprehension and fear, is not tackling it effectively yet.

But there aren't enough violent Islamists in Europe to win, unless they get hold of nuclear weapons. This is why the situation in Pakistan is so crucial. If Pakistan succumbs to an Islamist, Taliban-type regime the hand of the violent Islamists in Europe will be immeasurably strengthened. And remember that the vast majority of |British Muslims originate from Pakistan and there are constant family ties and journeyings between the two countries..