Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Send Me

Osama bin Laden...

Khalid bin Mahfouz...


Yankee bin Thinkin.

And, I noticed that these guys never go out and die for Allah themselves; they just send others to do it.

And that's really quite heroic on their part!

While young mujahideen strap on belts of bombs and blow themselves, their fellow Muslims and us infidels to smithereens...

While young mujahideen die in the hills and mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq battling infidel armies...

Sheikh bin Laden and Sheikh bin Mahfouz watch from a safe distance.

It's very generous of them to send those young Muslim men to paradise and their 72 virgins, while Sheikh bin Laden and Sheikh bin Mahfouz stay here on Earth, organizing and funding it all, managing their wealth.

Hey, organizing and funding it all ain't easy, but somebody's gotta do it!

You know, guys, infidel lands need to be conquered and all, we understand that, but I think there are some aspects of American culture that perhaps you fail to appreciate.

Consider peanut butter, for example.

It's yummy! Mmmmmmmmmm.... :)

And, rock music....

I understand you may not appreciate the lyrics of some of our songs... believe me, there are a few American songs I don't particularly like, either.

But, some of that could be adapted for use to the glory of Allah!

Take, for example, the song Call Me, by Blondie.

It's about a male prostitute, but, hey: ya gotta admit, it's got a catchy tune.

Rework the lyrics with due reverence for the caliphate (and a little imagination), and, voila! you have a recruiting song for your mujahideen.

Send Me

Share with me your jihad, sheikh
Share with me your hate
Share with me your jihad, mullah
Before it gets too late
Tell me of your holy ways
I can't wait to end my days
Send me! to the line
Send me! send me any any time
Send me my sheikh you can send me any day or night
Send me!
Share with me your anger, sheikh
Share with me your plans
Infidels in Islamic lands
It's far more than I can stand
Quran preached I don't know why
Cover up hate's alibi
Send me! to the line
Send me! send me any any time
Send me oh my sheikh
When you're ready we can free Palestine
Send me!
Ooh, he speaks the rhetoric of hate
Ooh, brothers of some pigs, brothers of some apes
Rid the earth of infidels, before it gets too late
Anytime anyplace anywhere anyway
Anytime anyplace anywhere any day, anyway
Send me! with a knife
Send me! send me any anytime
Send me! to take a life
Send me! send me to Palestine
Equip me now and send me off
To kill those Israelis
Arm me with the weapons of the modern jihadis
Rape and maim and kill some more
I know what you send me for
Send me! send me any anytime
Send me! to take some lives
Send me! send me to Palestine
Send me with bombs and knives
Send me send me Allah's great design
Send me send me for your kingdom's kingdom's alibi
Send me to the line
Send me send me any anytime
Send me!
Oh send me ooh ooh ah
Send me my sheikh
Send me send me any anytime


LEL said...

Well done.

WomanHonorThyself said...

heh..catchy..yup!..of course the send women and children to die for them...lower than pond scum!

pela68 said...

Call Me...
And I thought that you were younger than me!

Nice one!

Yankee Doodle said...

Well, Pela, I was going to do this to the tune of one of Mozart's operas, but I didn't want everyone to know how old I really am!

Thanks for the visit and the words, everyone!

Flanders Fields said...


I ran across this and thought you might be interested:

Kali said...

You know, I don't know if I ever shared my game board, That's Jihad!.
Its actually a bit that I did for my SNL audition. I think they were in shock!

Yankee Doodle said...

Thanks, FF & Kali!

All, go check out Kali's website. I link to it on the sidebar under "Off Topic" -- the site is called "Out of Focus". She has a brilliant sense of humor, and you guys will appreciate how pretty she is.