Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

And it's about time I responded with my choices!

A brief history...

On this post, I was made aware that I had been tagged as a Thinking Blogger: The Killing, Ver 1.0 (JIHAD ME).

Originally, Flanders Fields, who tagged me, announced his decisions for Thinking Bloggers at this post:Thinking Blogger.

My initial (belated) response was here: Thank You to Flanders Fields.

The rules are as follows:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote. (It comes in Gold and Silver).

The Bugs:

Thinking Blogger (Gold)

Thinking Blogger (Silver)

It's worth noting that we are only supposed to select five award recipients, but I was squeezed in because I tied for last place. (Heh... a D- is still a passing grade! And you people wonder what's wrong with our school system... heh!)

In light of the fact that I was number six of five, I decided to name more than five bloggers, partially in case someone named chose not to participate, or does not have time.

Two factors helped me narrow down my choices: several of the blogs I like most were already tagged, and a couple are shut down, with the blogger retired from blogging.

Since it is the Thinking Blogger Award, and not the Thinking Blog Award, I considered not just what the bloggers in question post on their blogs, but also the comments I see them leaving on other people's blogs. Furthermore, in the situation where a given blogger shares the blog with one or more other bloggers, this award is aimed at the blogger, and not the blog -- although the blogs I mention here that fit in that category are quality blogs and other bloggers at them would certainly qualify as Thinking Bloggers!

When I first noticed that I had been awarded, one of the first blogs that came to mind is Anticant's Arena. I didn't frequent Anticant's blog that often (and still don't, actually) but Anticant is very much a thinker. His posts are very thought-provoking, and he has quite an entourage of readers who get into some really interesting debates in the comments to his posts. Furthermore, and this I have noticed recently, his comments on my blog also show that he is thinking and makes me think in turn.

Another blogger is Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld. (Actually, she's more of a scholar and an author than a blogger.) Her website is The American Center for Democracy. Her articles also appear at, as well as other places. She does qualify as a blogger, however, since her work routinely appears at The Terror Finance Blog; in fact, that is where I discovered her. Dr. Ehrenfeld puts a great deal of effort and thought into her work, and explains her points quite well. In fact, when I get done reading her work, I'm left thinking about why something isn't being done about the issues she researches and so clearly explains for us. Consider, for example, the way she is being sued by Terror Financier Sheikh bin Mahfouz: we should be supporting her financially in her battle for Free Speech and Freedom of the Press against this Saudi billionaire and buddy of bin Laden.

V & L is an interesting blog. Rider of Rohan, or Rohana, addresses everyday topics, but she has a knack for seeing into the depths of things around her, rather than just looking at the surface. I find her blog a nice break from most of what I read, since she seldom addresses anything related to what I research or write about. When Rohana does address something that's related, her views are interesting as well, since Rohana is a young Muslim lady. In the exchanges that Rohana and I have had on her blog, she has shown herself to be witty; furthermore, while she disagrees with some (much? all?) of what I write here, she has always been very polite and very much a lady, and her disagreement is not based solely on her Muslim perspective, but rather on her thoughtful consideration and informed background -- definitely a Thinking Blogger!

Lukery has several blogs, but the one I will call attention to is Let Sibel Edmonds Speak. From that blog, his others can be found (he took my advice and put in a box linking to them). He follows the Sibel Edmonds saga, and is considered to be the world's leading Sibelologist. That in and of itself is adequate to put him on anyone's Thinking Blogger list.

Aurora is a blogger who posts on different blogs, including The Midnight Sun, where I first noticed her. She is a very productive blogger, and always responds thoughtfully to the comments that are left on her posts.

Angel at Woman Honor Thyself is also quite productive, and her blog is very popular. Angel is witty in her posts, and very polite in the comments she leaves on other blogs -- perhaps too polite. She visits the blogs of those who visit her, but I suspect her, since she always finds something nice and supportive to say, even when I think she may not agree with something I wrote. That's not to suggest she's politically correct; read her blog, and you'll know where she stands on issues.

Finally, there is Pela68 at Gummihund. When I first noticed Pela, right when I started blogging, he was posting mostly in Swedish. The few posts he did in English, however, were interesting. Furthermore, he was always showing up with comments on other blogs. We connected, and I did a couple of posts calling attention to his blog. Others noticed him also (I think a couple visited him because of my posts) and he soon came to realize that most of his readers were English-speakers. This is good, since he started posting almost exclusively in English. It should be noted that he has had difficulties with English, but has improved dramatically over the past several months, and now routinely makes witty jokes in English. Much of what Pela blogs about points out interesting information at other websites; if I have a complaint with him, it is that in the past he has too seldom given us his thoughts about the topics of his posts, and, although he is doing more of this now, it could have cost him consideration as a Thinking Blogger. Where Pela has certainly set aside any questions about his worthiness as a Thinking Blogger Award recipient is in his comments at my blog and at others; Pela will question what others write, whether in posts or comments, and hold them to task, somewhat pointedly, although he always manages to be supporting and polite -- it's an interesting combination.

Those are the picks, and good places to visit while you're out and about in the blogosphere.

Stay tuned to Stop Islamic Conquest for the next multipart episode in the Gotham City series (see sidebar), entitled The Detective.


pela68 said...

Thank you- most humbly- for the nomination and your attention.

As always- Nothing gives me more pleasure then taking part of your writings. Tha's what makes the nomination ever more pleasurable. I'm very, very proud of being mentioned together with such good writers as the other nominees.

Although a couple of them counts as good friends, I would not dream of placing my self in the same division.

Yankee Doodle said...

You are definitely in the same league, Pela.

If anything is holding you back, it is that you seem a little uncomfortable with English, although you have no reason to be, and you're humble.

But you definitely measure up, my friend! So, GO GET 'EM!

Aurora said...

Yankee, thanks for the recommendation. I also see that I'm in very good company and I consider you to be a thinking blogger as well. I look forward to checking out all the other blogs you've mentioned. They sound amazing from your description.

WomanHonorThyself said...

well well I am deeply honored!..coming from You..this is truly a compliment and yes I mean that!..ha

anticant said...

Many thanks indeed for the warm stroke, and the accolade, which I greatly appreciate.

As you know, I have two blogs - Anticant's Burrow and Anticant's Arena. The former started in November last year, and when it became apparent that mixing personal and fun stuff with more serious topics didn't really work, I started the Arena in January this year to discuss politics etc.

I'll be posting more at length soon about my evolving experience as a blogger. Briefly, the Burrow is a fantasy refuge where I and my imaginary companions and real blogger friends can relax and escape from the harsh realities of the 21st century world, which I feel impelled to address in the Arena.

I hope that all you serious-minded readers of Yankee Doodle's excellent blog will peep into the Burrow now and then, as well as following my [and others'] thoughts in the Arena.

Thanks again, YD, for the great compliment.

Flanders Fields said...

Excellent choices, YD. It is more difficult than it seems, but you have made great awards to some interesting people who show their capacity for independent thought. I think all of you are deserving and I'm happy to see some old friends who definately deserved recognition.

Rider of Rohan said...

Thanks for the honor. I never realized I used to "think" while tuping out my posts. But I guess I do. Thank you. And its great you got the award first.
And no, I don't agree with your views at all.

Yankee Doodle said...

No, I would like to thank all of you for making cyberspace such an interesting and friendly place!


"And no, I don't agree with your views at all."

Not true.

"I never realized I used to 'think' while tuping out my posts. But I guess I do."

You just agreed with my view right there.

And, you really think when you're chez Doodle (like you did in that comment), and you make us think. Just two more reasons why I am so glad when you visit.

Only with Satan have we nothing in common. :)