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Mega Controversy

Controversy about plans to build a Mega Mosque in London has gotten more serious. From Opponent of 'mega-mosque' receives chilling death threat on YouTube:

A leading opponent of plans to build Europe's largest mosque in east London has seen a chilling "obituary" for him posted on the internet.

The film on video-sharing website YouTube is entitled In memory of Councillor Alan Craig and contains pictures of him with his wife and two young daughters.

It was apparently posted in retaliation for his opposition to the mosque.

Mr Craig has now contacted police in fear of his family's safety and demanded that the video be taken down.

Posting the video was undoubtedly a secret plot to make the Religion of Peace look bad -- I'm sure when we get to the bottom of this, we will find Israeli intelligence involved somehow. (Eyeroll.)

Islamic group Tablighi Jamaat wants to open the 12,000-capacity "mega-mosque" in Newham near the main 2012 Olympic site.

The FBI has described the group as "a recruiting ground" for al Qaeda, which it denies.

Shoebomber Richard Reid and 7/7 bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer were members.

Birds of a feather? Where there's smoke, there's fire?

Mr Craig, 61, a member of the Christian Peoples Alliance on Newham council, has led a local campaign against the mosque which is planned for the site at Abbey Mills next to West Ham Tube station.

The businessman today said he would be seeking advice about whether his 40-year-old wife, Sally, and daughters were safe.

He said: "Targeting me is one thing. But to use my wife and children is outrageous. This video obituary is either a threat or a very sick joke.

"Some people will look at this as an open invitation to take me out because I am opposing the mosque. That is not the way to operate in a democracy."

Who says anybody wants to operate a democracy?

The video opens with its title and the words "To God we will all return" before showing a series of photos of the councillor, his family and political allies set to Elvis Presley singing You Were Always On My Mind.

The two-minute video ends with the message "The mosque will be built in time for the 2012 Olympic Games."

The video was posted by abdullah1425 whose page on YouTube claims he is 23-year-old Muhammad from Stevenage. It has links to material relating to Tablighi Jamaat.

In one comment to another user posted on the site he said: "Jihad starts from the moment your mother gave birth to you."

(With great control, Yankee Doodle resists the temptation to write a comment regarding this person and this person's remark.)

There is a link directly to the page from the mosque's official website but a spokesman promised to take it down if anything "inappropriate" was found.

He added: "We are not responsible for the content of external websites. But we condemn totally anyone who incites violence."

Plans for the 18-acre-complex, which is expected to include a school for 500 boys, have yet to be submitted to Newham council for approval.

I wonder if that would be 500 Mujahideen. Remember, "Jihad starts from the moment your mother gave birth to you."

Maybe they could build a maternity ward on the grounds of the mosque, so their little jihadis won't lose any time!

Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales said he did not agree with Mr Craig's views but that he was entitled to express them.

He added: "If this has been reported to the police then it is right that they should investigate it."

It is very interesting to read the comments that follow the article. I reproduce three of them here:

What in God's name is happening to this country? If the shoe had been on the other foot and a Muslim was opposing the building of a Catholic Church Christians would not be acting this way. It's about bloody time that this government got a grip on the situation, because every pub/street corner etc you hear people talking about how rubbish this country has become. Let all us British and Christian people unite and stand up against this blatant racism. This is OUR COUNTRY, it is a CHRISTIAN country and it's about time we took it back. If they want to build a big mosque, go build it in a Muslim country, because you can bet your bottom dollar that we would not be able to build a Christian church in the Muslim countries.

- Cathy, Watford, England

Cathy, of course, will be accused of racism for that remark.

Opposition to death threats is not racism.

Opposition to a religion which has a demonstrated propensity to foster violent criminal acts is not racism.

What I think I see happening is this: Decent people are getting shouted down so much, with accusations of racism, that when this finally explodes, true racists may be at the forefront of the opposition. If the politically-correct elite make peaceful protest impossible, they are merely guaranteeing the eventuality of violent repercussions.

Here are the last two remarks:

I am one who protested at the building of the 'super' mosque. However my opposition was to the thought of it being funded directly or indirectly via grants by the tax payer! Whatever your religion, please be tolerant of all who are tolerant of you. Have a kind and generous heart. Each church/religion should be allowed to put its hand in its own pocket and build what it likes. Even agnostics like myself can admire wonderful structures.

- Denis, Ramsgate England

Those who speak of tolerance of other religions should always remember how intolerant we Muslims are of others. Show me one church in Saudi Arabia against the backdrop of hundreds if not thousands of Mosques in Europe, Canada and the US. Tolerance is a two-way street that must be respected, especially because our Islam has gone astray in the last 50 years due to oil revenues dedicated to the spread of ignorance and hate. Accept me as a Muslim when I accept others equally, which is not the case today with extremist Muslims who have hijacked Islam and now trying to suck the oxygen out of other religions using the very argument they totally ignore. Europe should be very mindful of super-structures whose purpose is really to poke Christianity, in this instance the Church of England, in the eye.

- Mohammad Assaf, Montreal - Canada

There really are Muslims who think the way Mohammad Assaf does here. We need to keep in mind that they are in every bit as much danger as we kuffar are.

Hat tip to email tipsters.

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anticant said...

Thank you for posting this, YD. Following earlier protests, plans for the 'megamosque' have been scaled down from accommodation for 70,000 worshippers to a mere [!] 12.000. But if it is built it will still be the largest mosque in Europe, and is intended to be ready in time for the 2012 London Olympic Games, whose stadium [for which plans have just been published] is near the site.

This will inevitably encourage a very large influx of Muslim visitors into this country for the games.

I leave possible scenarios to the imagination - especially as we don't know what the international situation will be in 2012.