Friday, November 16, 2007

UBA March

The United British Alliance has a march on Saturday. The flyer gives the basics.

Here is some information:

Meet will be at St james tube station 11am sharp. The route is not as long as last one,But will be high profile.The route will take in Houses of Parliment Whitehall and Downing St. Myself and others and have put the word about all over.Please please turn up.YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.All unite behind the flag

March for our Flag and Identity.Our childrens future is at stake and our English roots and foundations are being dug up from underneath us. Meet outside St James tube station 11am Nov 17th and march to Whitehall where there will be many speakers.Bring your families lets get OUr voices heard in our own Country. Speakers are from all over Pompey Midlands etc. The March will have a 10ft by 6ft cross of St George at the head of it (UNMARKED) Please bring flags lets make a Forest of flags flying in the wind as we pass through. Alot of work has gone into this please please turn up PUT YOUR COUNTRY FIRST.No Surrender to ISLAM

Also been informed we will be having a whip round after the march for the help our heroes fund in the Sun.Tel has been in touch with the said news paper and informed them of this.Tel has also been trying to get in touch with British Legion Chelsea Pensioners Royal Naval assocation etc.This march is being pushed hard hence not posted on here for a while.Trust me this is going out to wide cross section of the population.But we still need you.Show not only our pride in our Country and flag.But also our pride in our ex sevicemen and current heroes fighting round the world.You have all been a great a help please give it one final push lads.Many thanks Dave Pompey

(Note: I disagree with the wording on the banner seen at the link, which states "NO HUMAN RIGHTS FOR TERRORISTS". Even the worst of terrorists have certain basic rights. I believe the concern behind this banner is that excessive emphasis is placed on the rights of terrorists, and that the rights of even legally convicted terrorists seem to trump the rights of their victims -- this is a concern I share.)

From the UBA's blogsite:

We are a multi-ethnic,multi-faith organisation with a passionate interest in reclaiming our once proud nation from the grip of international terror and political correctness gone-mad,with a view to re-installing some pride in our communities and way of life.We hope you enjoy our Blog and if you find you are like minded then please,feel free to jump to our FORUM from the links page and become a member.Many thanks for visiting.

Disclaimer The views and opinions expressed on these pages are not neccessarily representative of the group as a whole. ANY remarks, comments or views left in public areas of this site and/or the forum that are racist, obscene or in any way incite hatred and condone violence towards any persons/groups/communities based on their colour, religion, political beliefs or social opinions will NOT be tolerated and will be instantly deleted by the Admin team and could result in you being banned and your IP address being passed over to the relevant authorities.

My take on this is that a great many people in the United Kingdom are being made to feel like second-class citizens in their own country. There definitely seems to be a real concern that British culture is being destroyed, actively suppressed and denigrated, and washed away in a tide of immigration.

The same thing seems to be happening elsewhere, Sweden, for example, and even here in the US, though to a lesser extent in the US than what seems to be the case in many European countries.

Multiculturalists will tell you something to the effect that all cultures are equally valid and relevant, but this is a hypocritical lie that they cynically tell -- beneath the lie is a hatred of Western and Christian cultures, which they see as the root of all evil in the world.

When decent people react to this, in defense of their own culture -- though not attacking other cultures -- people are then accused of racism or something akin to it. If those people then express concern about a possible relationship between politico-religious ideology and political violence that is done in its name, those people are even more emphatically accused and condemned.

Western and Christian cultures are not perfect, but they have a right to exist. Their people have a right to be themselves, to make mistakes, to learn, to improve... whenever any culture gets crushed into extinction, we all lose, and whenever any culture becomes endangered, we must all be concerned.

This is true for cultures in Asia and Africa, as well as for cultures in Europe and the Americas. Just as we should all have been concerned about the threat to Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and others in the Nazi era, just as we should all have been concerned about the threats to various cultures under Soviet domination, just as we should all be concerned about what happens in Tibet under Communist Chinese occupation, so should we all be concerned about the native cultures in ancient lands such as England, Wales and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, and so should we all be concerned about the native cultures in other European lands such as Sweden, and beyond, around the world.

Certain elements in the Islamic world are trying to obliterate many of these cultures and replace them with their own; certain elements within the targeted societies are more than happy to collaborate.

It looks to me like this is what the UBA is concerned about, and trying to prevent.


anticant said...

An interesting website!

I wonder who's behind it?

And I wonder how many will in fact turn up at today's demonstration? And whether they will mostly be the usual extreme right wing rentamob??

Aurora said...

I think the numbers of people who will be involved in this kind of thing are growing.
Britons are getting heartily sick and tired of their country being taken over against their will.
There is a growing sense of powerlessness and a backlash against that. It will be interesting to see what happens. Perhaps more today than last time.

anticant said...

I agree, Aurora. The problem is that there is currently a hiatus in the centre of British politics, and none of the mainstream parties is as yet willing to grasp this nettle, which would spell the end of the multicultural project to which they are all committed. Because of Muslim intransigence, multiculturalism is a busted flush.

The younger generation seem to have given up on demonstration and protest since Blair blithely ignored the biggest ever mass march - estimated at 2 million - against the Iraq War. So for the moment vocal opposition to Muslim pretensions is unfortunately confined to the extreme [neo-fascist] Right, while the extreme [Trotskyist] Left - who are the REAL anti-Americans - absurdly portray Muslims as victims of racial prejudice, which is a load of bollocks.

As you say, it will be interesting to see how this scenario develops.

Yankee Doodle said...

As both of you allude to, the imperiousness of both Muslim immigrants and the government, coupled with an increasing sense both threat and powerlessness, seem to be fueling a backlash.

Anticant, if everybody who is not left of you is on the extreme right wing, then the world is pretty lop-sided. :)

Anti, you commented that the site was interesting. Any particular reason?

anticant said...

Now, Now, YD - I didn't say that "everybody who is not left of me is on the extreme right wing", did I? What I said was that many of these 'English nationalist' blogs you keep referring to are extreme right wing, and politically insignificant. Why I thought that UBA site was interesting is because it is more sophisticated and nuanced than most of the others, and I wonder who is behind it.

You should know by now that I am an extreme moderate! What I want to see is the development by mainstream parties of alternative policies to 'multiculturalism' which will confront Islamic refusal to integrate into our open pluralistic society more realistically. There must be an answer to this, but I don't know what it is yet.