Thursday, November 15, 2007

Open Letter to Yankee Doodle

A friend of mine who blogs in the UK posted an Open Letter to Yankee Doodle.

Anticant asked me to reproduce it here, to see what my readers say. I will ask you, however, to go to Anticant's blog and read it and comment there.

While you are there, check out Anticant's blog -- familiarity with some of the posts there, as well as with some of Anticant's comments here, are at the heart of the matter.


Aurora said...

Sorry Yankee, not impressed with your friend, Anticant at all. Here's my response to his letter:

You show a superficial understanding of what America is all about, especially with your remarks about Walmart, Disneyland and MacDonalds. You also come across as arrogant and patronizing. As you point out (in a very condescending way ...about Americans' 'anxiety to be liked') Yes, Americans do make all the first moves. And it's Brits like you who sit back disapprovingly about their 'anxiety' who then criticize the Americans who aren't impressed with the Europeans. I wonder why?

anticant said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this, YD. I've replied to Aurora in my Arena, and hope that she and others of your readers who comment there will keep checking my site for further comments and discussion.

First impressions aren't always the best informed, Aurora. I hope that we can continue to debate in a civilised and polite manner and refrain from hurling insults at one another. I'm afraid far too many verbal brickbats rain down upon us effete dhimmi Europeans from across the pond these days! As long as they remain only verbal, that's OK by me if it relieves your feelings!

I realise that criticism is never welcome, and rarely received kindly, but I think we are at a point in history where a candid exchange of views is essential if the world situation is to improve.

Oh, and by the way, do read Geoffrey Gorer's "The Americans" [1949] for an interesting take on why Americans need to be liked. It irritated your grandparents, and will doubtless annoy you, but it's a fascinating book.