Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gina Khan Interview

Gina Khan has given an interview -- it is a must read!

For people who may not recall who Gina Khan is, you can read one of the very first posts I did, entitled Friends in the Muslim Community.

If you are not hearing Muslims speak out against terrorism, jihad and oppression of women, then maybe try taking your fingers out of your ears.

This is serious, too, because Muslims are especially targeted by jihadists, who feel a need to keep the faithful -- well, faithful! Women in most of the Islamic world are especially oppressed -- and that is half the population. Sooner or later, they are going to wake up to what is going on, and when that happens, the house of cards that is extreme Islam is going to come crashing down.

Islam needs to reform to survive -- not because of anything we infidels are going to do, but because of what Muslims will do! Our Creator made us free, and we will not be bound by the chains of jihad as slaves of hatred.


WomanHonorThyself said...

sure hope youre right my friend but here in NY ..we dont hear any moderates or see mass gatherings of protest ...!..keep up the good fight!

pela68 said...

The key note here is her frequent use of the word "ideology" when describing islam!

What I mean is; can you really be a friend of the jews if you describe yourself as a nazi?

Can you be a friend of western capitalism if you describe yourself as a communist?

So what does that make Gina Khan? Either an apostate or a liar!

It comes in the package so to speak. I hope she is sinciere and truthful- but that makes her a non-muslim.

I know this is a tirade you have heard many times before, but it's true in it's core- because devote muslims believes it to be true in it's core. It's all or nothing!

Sorry for the ranting but as a christian (by birth- we werent a true secular state at the time of my birth) but an agnostic in heart- I just cant help gag at muslims talking about secular values. There are absolutely no room for these in an islamic state!

Individuals on the other hand...
But that's a whole other story!

History has shown us and history will tell us.