Friday, February 9, 2007

Friends in the Muslim Community

UP Pompeii has several good posts today. One is entitled "Our mosques are importing jihad", and links to an article by the same title.

Gina Khan is a very brave woman. Born in Birmingham 38 years ago to Paki-stani parents, she has run away from an arranged marriage, dressed herself in jeans and dared to speak out against the increasing radicalisation of her community.

This is the kind of person that I and other people talk about. There are people in the West in the Islamic communities who do not like and do not approve of the radicalization of their religion. We must reach out to these people and focus on what we have in common. In the eyes of the radicals, we kuffar can be dhimmified, but people like this are apostates, and will be killed by the radicals. We must work together, or we will be enslaved and killed separately!

Recall that Birmingham is where the recent terrorist plot to behead UK military personnel who are Muslims was discovered. See my other post about this "Birmingham (UK) Terror Plot: Look Who's Talking".

Over the past 15 years, she says, there has been an influx of jihadist thinking into her part of Birmingham. Bookshops sell radical literature and the mosques preach separatism and hatred. The Government and the white Establishment have allowed it to happen. And she is outraged about it. "It’s all happening on your doorstep," she says, "and Britain is still blind to the real threat that is embedded here now."

We are starting to wake up, though.

"I truly believe that all these mosques here are importing jihad. The radical teaching is filtering through, and these mosques are not regulated. They are supporting everything that is wrong about Islam. We within the community knew this. People are lying. They are in denial. They knew they were bringing in radicals."

Yes! It is being imported from Saudi Arabia and other "friendly" countries. They train the preachers in Mecca and Medina, they fund the mosques overseas, they send the preachers to preach hate in those mosques. These foreign governments are establishing, with their governments' money, institutions that preach the violent political overthrow of Western governments in the Western countries whose governments they seek to overthrow.

"But there are still more English and British people, no matter what, and if they got together and wanted to stamp out this radicalism, they could. I am wasting my time talking to my own people; that is why I am sitting here talking to you, to open your eyes."

Thank you. And keep talking!

Khan is particularly worried about how mosques are brainwashing children and young people: "To me, it is starting to look like a cult."

Starting? It's been a cult for fourteen centuries. The thing is that, like this woman, not all the cult members have been fully indoctrinated. But, the cult leadership has noticed that, and has not just the desire, but now also the money and support, to rectify that.

And her local community certainly seems to be in denial. "After the raid I went to the corner shop here, and they were all saying it was a conspiracy. I turned round and said, 'No, it is not. Let us be honest'.

"They say we’re being victimised. We’re not. The truth is coming out at last, but it’s 20 years too late." The trouble is, says Khan, that many of the Pakistanis who have come to Birmingham are all too easily swayed. "Most of them are ignorant, uneducated, illiterate people from rural areas. It is very easy for them to be brainwashed, very easy. These are people who have been taught from the beginning that our religion is everything, it is the right way. You are going to Hell simply because you were not born a Muslim." Khan is far too independent-minded to accept these beliefs wholesale. "I would say to my mum, 'Are you telling me that Mother Teresa is going to Hell?' and she didn’t have an answer. My mum was not backward, but everyone is being taught that Islam is going to take over, there are going to be mosques everywhere. This is something jihadists have planned for centuries. They were just looking for our weaknesses, which they have found."

It goes without saying that Mother Teresa is NOT going to be one of somebody's seventy-two virgins!

Key quote: "This is something jihadists have planned for centuries. They were just looking for our weaknesses, which they have found."

But it is a very brave course to embark upon. Already Khan has had bricks through her car window for speaking out locally about domestic violence and sexual abuse, issues that are taboo in the Muslim community.

She is determined, though, to stand strong. "It has been a constant mental battle for me all my life until I decided I am who I am, I am not afraid. I have been living in this community, but lots of thing I say people will not like.

"I fear no one. I fear God punishing me for never revealing the truth. Women like me usually jump in front of a running train. I was close once, but I’ll be damned if I let another jerk put the fear back in me again. I have freedom of speech, too.

"I am not going to live in fear. I have been told not to say too much. I have been told to be careful what you say, there are people, men, out there who won’t like it."

But there are thousands, millions perhaps, who will. They will cheer for Gina Khan, admire her courage and pray that she remains safe. "The bottom line for my agenda is to eradicate the radicals," she declares. "We need to say, 'Wake up, you have to understand you are not being taught the right thing'."

God bless you, Gina, God bless you! When you get to heaven (because you WILL get in), please put in a good word for the rest of us. Meanwhile, I'm praying for you!

I think Islam is evil at the core; BUT I know there are a great many very good people who are Muslims. And I know that, with God's help, those good people can change that core. All things are possible with God!

Please read the whole article: it's good.

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