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In an article that appeared at today, entitled Jihad U, the spread of radical Wahhabi Islam throughout the USA is addressed.

From the East Coast through the American Heartland to the West Coast, a rapidly growing and extremely popular Islamic studies program is bringing Wahhabi extremism and Muslim Brotherhood activism into mosques and Muslim student groups throughout North America. The Al-Maghrib Institute features motivational-style speakers, aggressive marketing, savvy use of the Internet and slick multi-media presentations as part of their for-college-credit courses leading to an Islamic Studies degree offered at mosques in at least thirteen cities: [9 in the US, and 4 in Canada]


The organization’s Wahhabi-influenced extremism, rabid anti-Semitism and Holocaust denials, and militaristic preaching of jihad even have other Muslims expressing concern about the radicalizing effect of Al-Maghrib’s preaching and programs.

Wahhabist activity in the United States, openly supported by officials of the Saudi government who blatantly abuse their diplomatic status, is not new. The Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences (IIAS) in Fairfax, VA,

was operated by Saudi diplomats as a branch of the Saudi Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University until it came under pressure from the US government when the diplomatic visas of 16 school’s instructors were withdrawn by the US, according to a report in the Washington Post; after the Saudis withdrew their support in 2004, the Institute was closed and searched by the US government for its links to terrorism.

Our government closed a school. How many are still open -- just within a short drive from the Capitol?

Saudi-backed incitement to terror and the resulting carnage -- Islamic Terror -- is tolerated in a way that no other terrorism is. In another article from from 2002 entitled Defeating Wahabbism, the comparison is made:

In the U.S., when certain Christians advocate terrorism against abortion clinics, nobody views such discourse as protected religious speech. It is seen as extremist incitement and dealt with as such.

In Northern Ireland, when Protestant fanatics label Catholics non-Christian - exactly as the so-called "independent" Muslims in Uzbekistan label the adherents of traditional Islam
[Note: more to follow about Uzbekistan. Y.D.]- the result is that Protestants throw bricks at Catholic schoolchildren. Such preaching is not seen, especially in the United Kingdom, as protected religious speech. It is treated as terrorist incitement.

Even in Israel, advocacy of the physical liquidation of Arabs and Muslims by Jewish ultra-radicals is treated as terrorist incitement as punished by the state.

But, Saudi-backed Wahhabist terror is different. It is special. It is the 800-pound gorilla sitting in the middle of the floor in the "lobby" that nobody in Washington wants to deal with, or even see.

What, to summarize, is the goal of the Wahhabi-Saudi alliance? To destroy the traditional Islam present from Bosnia-Hercegovina to South Africa, and from Morocco to the Philippines, and to replace it with their extremist, ultra-rigid, and Puritanical version of Islam.

In other words, their goal is ideological enslavement of any place that has ever been Muslim.

They do this through indoctrination, infiltration, and financial subsidies. Wahhabi-Saudi penetration of local Islamic communities may begin with the construction of Saudi-funded mosques, with Saudi-trained imams assigned to them. A reportage in Newsweek states that "at least 250 out of some 1,200 [recognized mosques] nationwide" - that is, in the U.S. - function under direct control of the North American Islamic Trust, a Wahhabi-Saudi body. Further reflecting Wahhabi-Saudi ideological influence over American Islam, Newsweek points out a really extraordinary fact: "An April 2001 survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found that 69 percent of Muslims in America say it is 'absolutely fundamental' or 'very important' to have Salafi teachings at their mosques." "Salafi" is a cover term for Wahhabi - comparable to "socialist" for Soviet-controlled Communists.

Translated, that means they're buying their way in to America with petrodollars -- quite successfully. They train their operatives in schools in Medina and elsewhere in their little "kingdom", then send them here to subvert us in the name of religious freedom.

"Wahhabization" may also begin with the distribution of literature - more properly designated as Wahhabi hate propaganda. I recently helped produce a report on the distribution of Wahhabi hate literature on the soil of the U.S., by institutions controlled by the Saudi government, online at

[Note: is linked on the sidebar as Foundation for Defense of Democracies.]

("Oh, but we're just teaching about Islam. Why are you looking at us like that, you racist islamophobe pig? What, you're Christain? Then you're a racist islamophobe ape. The Jews are the racist islamophobe pigs. No matter; once we take over, we'll just kill you all, and let Allah sort it out.")

Wahhabism is as different from "ordinary" anti-Israeli ideology, or even from most of so-called "militant" Islam, as Nazism was from the mentality of the German military in the first world war, as different as Stalinist Communism was from the radical socialism of a generation before. It is a nihilistic, violent, Islamofascist movement that seeks not only to impose conformity on the world's Muslims, and to completely wipe out Shi'a Islam, but also to attack the world's Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other worshippers.

It also seeks to attack all the world's non-worshippers. It seeks to make the world a Wahhabi-Muslims-Only Club.

The extensions of the Wahhabi conspiracy - centered in such organizations as the Muslim World League and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, both headquartered in Saudi Arabia - are visible throughout the world, wherever Muslims are found, including on U.S. soil.


(Please pardon my outburst.)

The failure of Western political and intellectual leaders to adequately understand the internal crisis in Islam, and the conflict between tradition and extremism, led to obliviousness in the face of the terror revealed on September 11th. At this point, certain measures have become imperative. One of them is for the U.S. to demand a full, transparent accounting of Saudi involvement in September 11th from the Saudi authorities. Another is to demand that the Saudi government, like the Soviet government and various right-wing dictatorships before it, entirely cut off its subsidies to the extremist Wahhabi ideological establishment. Third and most important, is to protect, support, and otherwise encourage Muslims opposed to Wahhabism to develop their own community institutions and to produce a new, articulate network of authoritative advocates who can bring the truth about traditional Islam to the Western public. The last is the mission of the Islam and Democracy program created by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

How's about closing the schools in Medina where this ideology is taught?

How's about holding the little kingdom's royal family accountable?

How's about regime change in Saudi Arabia?


Since nobody in Washington seems to want to deal with this, one can only assume they see things a little differently.

Instead of a sorry little desert kingdom with no military capability to speak of, perhaps they see something more sinister...

Perhaps they see something more ominous...

Perhaps they see something more threatening to their political careers...

Perhaps when they gaze into the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, they see...


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