Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Islamic Imperialism 101

I have had it with the lies.

Islam is not a religion of peace.

Islam is an Ideology of Armed Conquest.

Islam is the Religion of Arab Imperialism.

Now Arab Imperialism is the Ideology of Islamic Imperialism.

Islam means "Submission".

Islam IS Imperialism.

Fourteen centuries ago, Muhammad had a vision in a cave that terrified him. A spirit pinned him to the floor of the cave, and demanded that he convey a message, even though he protested that he was illiterate.

Understandably shaken, he returned to his wife, Khadijah, who was significantly older than he was, and told her about his vision. As he sat in her lap, scared, he explained that an evil spirit was trying to possess him. She asked him if he could still see the apparition. He said that he could. At his wife's direction, he sat first on one knee, then on the other, and she asked him if he could still see the spirit despite his movements. He indicated that he could. She disrobed herself; according to some accounts, she merely took the veil off her face; according to others, she fully disrobed herself. Either way, when asked if the spirit was still there, Muhammad said that the apparition had left, and Khadijah informed him that it was an angel, not a demon, since it departed rather than view a woman's body.

Do not think Muhammad was a coward. It may seem funny, a fully grown man, one who defended himself in fights in a rough Arabian culture, running to his wife and sitting in her lap for consolation, but it wasn't funny to him, and it shouldn't be to you. Muhammad had had a violent physical encounter with an otherworldly entity from another realm -- and that entity was evil.

Little by little, Muhammad, who may very well have wanted to do something that was good, was taken farther and farther astray, deeper and deeper into evil, creating an ideology where religion, government, and politics are one and the same, a "religion" where violent battle is every bit as much a sacrament as Holy Communion is for a Catholic: an ideology of armed conquest.

The ideology of Islam was born in a dark cave on the Arabian peninsula. Muhammad, streetwise by the standards of the time, and listening to a crafty voice from elsewhere, at first tried to peacefully convince others to follow him.

His ideology was bad for business in his hometown of Mecca, which was a crossroads of the Middle East. Goods arrived by sea from Africa, India and beyond; merchants then had their merchandise loaded onto caravans of camels, which carried those goods from seaports on the Arabian coast to ancient cities farther north. Mecca was an oasis in the desert at a crossroads along the routes. And it had all the atmosphere of such a place; it was a "Wild West Cow-Town" before there was a Wild West; it had "roadhouses" before there were roadhouses.

People living in and travelling to Mecca had a variety of religious beliefs. Various sects of Christians and Jews were among them, but so were adherents to a variety of other beliefs, worshippers of a number of gods. The local merchants had a good business catering to their needs. Muhammad's message that there was only one god, Allah, and that Allah alone should be worshipped, didn't sit well with the clientele. The merchants were hostile to him.

Muhammad's message didn't go over much better with the other monotheists. The Jews believed that a Messiah was still to come; with curiosity, they looked at Muhammad, but decided that he wasn't their guy. The Christians believed that the Messiah had already come, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ for Whom their beliefs were named; they weren't expecting anyone else, so they, too, decided Muhammad wasn't their guy.

With little acceptance of his message in his hometown, but rather with significant hostility towards it there, Muhammad and his followers made the several day journey across the desert to the next big oasis, Medina. There, the message he was receiving from this entity took a sinister turn. Previously, as the leader of a weak movement, Muhammad was told to spread his faith peacefully, and passed that message on to his followers. But, peace hadn't worked in Mecca, and now Muhammad's movement was stronger. Gradually, the call for peaceful evangelism in Mecca gave way to a call for violent spreading of the faith in Medina.

In Islamic scholarship, earlier chapters of Islam's holy book, the Koran (also Qu'ran), chapters which were believed to have been revealed to Muhammad in Mecca, are abrogated by chapters that were revealed to him later, when he was in Medina. This concept of abrogation, very widely but not universally accepted, is important in Islam: newer revelations supplement and clarify older ones, and where there is a conflict, the newer revelations supercede the older ones. The call for gentle persuasion of words to conquer souls was abrogated by the call for armed force of battle to conquer bodies; holy war, jihad, was born.

Believers of Muhammad's message had to submit unquestioningly to it; non-believers were offered the infamous triple choice: 1) conversion to Islam; 2) submission and subservience, including payment of protection money to the believers (dhimmification); or 3) war and death.

Muhammad was pitiless with those who fought him, stole from him, who acted against his interests, or whose wealth he hankered to acquire. Kinana, the chief of a Jewish settlement at Kheibar, automatically became Muhammad's foe when the Prophet learned that Kinana had a fortune in gold vessels hidden away somewhere, and Muhammad ordered him to be tortured until he revealed its hiding place. His executioners tied him down to the ground and lit a fire on his chest "till his breath had almost departed." When Kinana finally died under torture, Muhammad ordered his head to be cut off, and that night went to bed with the victim's widow, Safiya, aged 17, who later became one of his eleven wives.

(from Jihad, by Paul Fregosi, 1998, Prometheus Books, ISBN 1-57392-247-1; pg 46)

At Kheibar (also spelled Khaibar and Khaybar), the men were executed, the children and women were enslaved; female slaves were especially appreciated by Muhammad's followers, as Allah had told Muhammad that raping them was perfectly lawful.

Muhammad, who is also known as the Prophet and Allah's Apostle, and his followers quickly learned to make money the old-fashioned way: they took it by force. They extorted wealth from those who agreed to submission under the rules of dhimmification; they took it off the bodies of those who resisted. Muhammad kept one fifth of all proceeds. Jihad was the command of Allah; business was good.

The rapid expansion of the Islamic empire is a historical fact. Its significance in illuminating what jihad really means and how it is practiced cannot be minimized. If the Qur'an and the Prophet taught that jihad was solely or primarily a spiritual struggle, or one of self-defense, why did Muhammad's own followers get it all so drastically wrong? How could such a titanic figure have failed so utterly to instruct his followers properly?

(from Onward Muslim Soldiers, by Robert Spencer, 2003, Regnery Publishing, ISBN 0-89526-100-6; pg 166)

With a convenient order from Allah to spread the faith by force to all non-believers, and to kill them and take all that was theirs should the non-believers resist, the Holy Prophet set the people of the Arabian peninsula on a course to conquer the world, and Arab Imperialism was born.

Other societies, regardless of their background, found it necessary to convert to Islam or be violently destroyed. Once converted, those societies had to fully assimilate themselves into Islamic culture. Anyone trying to leave Islam was under a death penalty; conversion was a one-way street. As the Arabian conquest continued, and more of the world came to Allah, these converted societies had to join their Arab masters in conquering the outside world, and Islamic Imperialism was born.

The center of the Islamic world is in Arabia, specifically Mecca and Medina, which are Islam's first and second holiest cities. Today, these Arabian cities serve as Islamic learning centers, spreading the most fundamentally violent interpretation of Islam, and funded by Arabian oil wealth. At the center of Islamic Imperialism is Arab Imperialism.

Islam's mission is to conquer the world, until Islam is the only "religion" practiced under the sun. This is the meaning of jihad; most Islamic scholars have never repudiated this.

Islam is the cannibalistic attack of one society on all others. Islam seeks to enslave humanity and drag it back to that dark cave in the Dark Ages, and force and trick a terrified humanity to submit, the way that evil entity forced and tricked a terrified Muhammad to submit to its will.

Islam is imperialism. At its core, Islam is evil.


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