Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Women in Islam: Resources and Links

This post is a clearing house for information regarding women in Islam. The links are followed by a brief description of what can be found there; they are in no particular order.

Women in Christianity and Islam is an excellent list of articles from Answering; it includes Top ten rules in the Quran that oppress and insult women, a page that dispels the myth that Islam is progressive regarding women's rights. Answering Islam is a Christain site, and has a great deal of information.

Women in Islam is a list of articles from Faith Freedom International, a grass roots movement of ex-Muslims; the site is a treasurehouse of information.

The Second International Congress on Islamic Feminism, which has information from the First International Congress on Islamic Feminism, is a group of "Muslim women claiming their rights from within the framework of Islam", and who are "critical of both modern Western society and of codified tradition."

The Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation "is a non-profit organization, independent from all present political, social and religious factions with goal and objective to promote the Rights of women and children as defined by the Universal Declaration of the United Nations 1948 General Assembly."

Now They Call Me Infidel is an interview with Nonie Darwish, a US citizen who was born in Egypt and raised there as a Muslim before Islam in Egypt became widely radicalized. She is the author of a book by the same title, and founder of Arabs for Israel. The interview has a great deal of useful information regarding the status of women in the Islamic world, and makes significant connections between Islamic family life and terrorism. After you read the interview, you'll know why you must read her book.

The International Campaign Against Honour Killings is as the name would suggest:
Over 5000 women and girls are killed every year by family members in so-called 'honour killings', according to the UN. These crimes occur where cultures believe that a woman's unsanctioned sexual behaviour brings such shame on the family that any female accused or suspected must be murdered. Reasons for these murders can be as trivial as talking to a man, or as innocent as suffering rape.

Its connection to Islam is that nearly all the crimes it reports take place in Islamic countries or among Muslim communities elsewhere.

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