Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Basics

At a Muslim blog, I found a post entitled In Friendswood, TX, Islam 101 is less than welcome; it is quite amusing.

Apparently, there was an alleged hate crime against a Muslim student, followed by an assembly where CAIR came in and taught students about Islam.

Parents were somewhat concerned about this, to put it mildly.

The blog post addresses this polemic, with the following near the end:

When Christian students are on no-fly lists, when Christianity is reviled as a scourge of evil on the planet, and when the number of hate crimes against Christians is on the rise, an assembly about the basics of Christianity may well be in order.

May we then start booking such assemblies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and in certain minority neighborhoods throughout Sweden, France, the UK and elsewhere in Western Europe?

Of course, the implication is that Muslim students are on no-fly lists, Islam is reviled as a scourge of evil on the planet, etc.

Assuming that to be true, may I ask how it came about?

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