Saturday, June 21, 2008

Financial Onslaught, Part 1

An article entitled The Fifth Generation Warfare by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen recently appeared addressing yet again the threat we face of financial jihad. In this short series, I review the article; I have tried to reproduce it faithfully, but there were some parts that seemed a little garbled in the article at

As you read this, please keep in mind that Dr. Ehrenfeld is the target of a legal jihad, and needs contributions to her organization to continue her work and defend herself against the legal harassment of the libel terrorists that target her. See the links in my sidebar for further information.

The United States and the West cannot win the war against radical Islam merely with the most sophisticated military strategies. Winning requires understanding the role of shari'a and the Muslim Brotherhood in developing a global ideological and political movement supported by a parallel "Islamic" financial system to exploit and undermine Western economies and markets. This movement is the foundation and the major funding source for the political, economic, and military initiatives of the global Islamic movement.1

As I have pointed out before (in my very first post), the Religion of Peace is in fact an ideology of imperialism and armed conquest.

True, there are many Muslims who live their lives peacefully, and who sincerely believe that extremists are misinterpreting Islamic texts to justify criminal acts. However, my take on this is that there is something fundamentally wrong with Islam, and that those who try to live and practice a religion of peace are in fact veering off from what was originally a violent ideology.

Okay, so perhaps you are one of these people who really believes Islam is a religion of peace. Regardless, the point being made in the article is that the militant criminal extremists have quite a financial infrastructure behind them; this infrastructure is spreading.

Shari'a finance is a new weapon in the arsenal of what might be termed fifth-generation warfare (5GW).2 The perpetrators include both states and organizations, advancing a global totalitarian ideology disguised as a religion. The end goal is to impose that ideology worldwide, making the Islamic "nation," or ummah, supreme.3

Rising oil prices and the West's dependency on Middle East oil, combined with willful blindness and political correctness, provide a surge of petrodollars, making financial and economic jihad so much easier to carry out. Moreover, according to shari'a, Muslims hold all property in trust for Allah.4 Therefore, under the shari'a, all current and historic Muslim acquisitions everywhere, including the United States, belong to the ummah, in trust for Allah.

That's it in an ominous nutshell.

From the right to rape female captives to the right to extort wealth from conquered peoples, this "Allah" that these people worship is an evil entity that promises those who submit to it anything they want, provided they can figure out a way to get it.

Shari'a is the crucial source and ultimate authority dictating the actions of practicing individuals and radical Muslim states and movements alike. Failing to understand the political use of shari'a hampers the U.S. ability to mount effective policies, plans, and strategies to successfully counter this fast-growing totalitarian threat.

There are Muslims who see shari'a as the threat it is, and are against it. See my sidebar.

This ignorance is illustrated by the statements of Massachusetts representative Barney Frank and Utah senator Bob Bennett. Responding to opponents of Bourse Dubai's then-proposed acquisition of 20 percent of NASDAQ in September 2007, Frank quipped, "In the ports deal, the concern was smuggling something or someone dangerous.... What are we talking about here" --smuggling someone onto a stock exchange?" 5 Similarly, Bennett said, "Dubai is making a purchase on the open market of an asset that's for sale. What's wrong with that?"

Although Senator Bennett is correct -- buying portions or all of NASDAQ is legal, and NASDAQ regulations could not be changed without Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval -- Bourse Dubai's shari'a influence in the heart of the U.S. markets and economy should have been of grave concern.

Shari'a is the set of Islamic laws established by Muslim jurists, based on the Qur'an and deeds of the prophet Muhammad, as recorded beginning more than 1,200 years ago. Its end goal, for all time, is establishing a world ruled entirely by Islam and the harsh shari'a laws. These laws govern every aspect of daily life and prohibit individual, political, and religious freedoms.

I addressed this in one of my first posts, Islamic Imperialism 102.


Funding the jihad, i.e., financial jihad, or Al Jihad bi-al-Mal, is mandated by many verses in the Qur'an, such as chapter 61, verses 10.11: "you ... should strive for the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives," and chapter 49, verse 15: "The [true] believers are only those who ... strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah." This has been reiterated throughout Islamic history and in recent times. "Financial Jihad [is] ... more important ... than self-sacrificing," according to Saudi and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) spiritual leader Hamud bin Uqla al-Shuaibi.6

In other words, in the Religion of Peace, there is no such thing as "sin" if you pay for a holy warrior to rape, pillage and plunder.

Qatar-based Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most prominent Sunni scholars in the world today, reiterated the legal justification for "financial jihad [Al-Jihad bi-al-Mal]" in a lecture he gave on 4 May 2002 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to him, "collecting money for the mujahideen (jihad fighters... ) was not a donation or a gift but a duty necessitated by the sacrifices they made for the Muslim nation."7

And it is every good Muslim's duty to support these holy warriors (may Allah be pleased with them all).

Stay tuned to Stop Islamic Conquest as Financial Onslaught continues.


nibar said...

Yo yankee
How about renting your home or any assets you have to Zionist.
If they continue to remain without paying any bills 4 u do you think your gonna take back or just sleep.
we all have right for self defence.

Yankee Doodle said...

We all do have a right to self defense -- thank you for clarifying our options:

1) conversion to Islam;
2) submission in abject slavery as dhimmis;
or, as Nibar points out;
3) we all have a right to self defense.

Thanks for stopping in Nibar!