Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Secret Blogger Man

(Adapted, of course, from Johnny Rivers' Secret Agent Man, by P.F. Sloan / S. Barri)

There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every post he makes
Another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to blog tomorrow

Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They've given you a login and taken away your name

Beware of friendly comments you may find
A friendly word can hide an evil mind
Ah, be careful what you post
Or you'll be givin' up the ghost
Odds are you won't live to blog tomorrow

Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They've given you a login and taken away your name

[Lead guitar]

Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They've given you a login and taken away your name

Swingin' in cyberspace one day
And then ridin' in the medevac next day
Oh no, you let the wrong word out
While posting with a shout
The odds are you won't live to blog tomorrow

Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They've given you a login and taken away your name

Secret blogger man

(This post is dedicated to all the bloggers out there, posting to preserve our God-given rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Mujahideen can't compete with the truth, so they will have to shut us up, and the Religion of Peace won't be able to do that peacefully. God bless you all, and practice safe blogging!)

Late at Night in the Batcave...

A silent figure stared intently at the computer, yet his eyes seemed to see something far beyond its screen. So intent was his stare, and so distant his gaze, that, for a moment, it almost seemed that he was unaware of someone approaching.

“What’s on your mind, Alfred?”

“I might ask you the same thing, sir. You’ve hardly touched your dinner.”

“I’m not hungry right now.”

“You’ve been down here for quite some time. Is something troubling you?”

The figure frowned, then looked up. “What do you know about nuclear weapons, Alfred?”

“I know enough to be deathly afraid of them, Master Bruce,” he replied. “What could possibly prompt such a question?”

The long silence was deafening. It could in no way conceal the answer from someone who had years ago learned to hear the meaning of unspoken words; years ago, when the one not speaking those words was just a child.

“You think this new crime syndicate, the Mujahideen, have nuclear weapons, don't you, sir?” It wasn't a question. “You think they have them here in Gotham.”

“Yes,” the figure admitted, resigning himself to the fact that he couldn’t possibly keep such a big secret from someone who knew him so well. He paused, then, looking back beyond the computer, added, “There’s something else.”

There was another long, deafening silence.

“‘To whom’, sir.” Like before, it wasn’t a question, and, hearing it, the figure half scowled. The figure’s friend was correcting the grammar of the figure’s unspoken question. “When the citizens of Gotham need help, they turn to The Batman. But when The Batman needs help, to whom does he turn?”

Looking up again at someone who had always been far more than an employee, far more than a friend, the figure prompted him. “And the answer is....?”

“Quid pro quo, sir. What else is troubling you about the nuclear weapons?”

“I can’t quite put my finger on it,” he began, looking back beyond the computer. “The elected officials in Gotham City know what’s going on, but they don’t seem to be dealing with it. They haven’t told the public. That’s understandable, maybe they don’t want to cause panic....” His voice trailed off to that place where he was looking, far beyond the computer. “But there are things they could be doing, and they’re not doing them.” He paused, as if studying something in the distance, something only he could see.

“Why do you suppose that is?”

“That’s the problem,” he thought aloud. “There are business links between Gotham’s officials and friends of Gotham’s new crime syndicate, but I stop short of suggesting corruption.” He paused again. “Gotham’s leaders are very concerned about what the syndicate might do, but I stop short of suggesting intimidation.” He struggled for a moment, searching for the right way to phrase his concern. “It’s as if this new ‘War on Crime’ that the mayor has declared is being kept within certain boundaries by an unspoken, unwritten agreement.”

“Would that not be a good thing, Master Bruce?”

“It would, except that I don’t think the syndicate is sincere about playing by these rules. I think they’re just buying time. Gotham’s leadership doesn’t want to provoke the syndicate into using these weapons, and the syndicate, in turn, is using Gotham’s hesitation to finalize preparations for their use.”

“That is a troubling thought indeed, sir.”

“Indeed, my friend,” and for the first time, a faint smile appeared on the figure’s face as he continued, “and it brings me back to my question.” With great satisfaction, knowing his grammar would now be correct, he looked up. “Quid pro quo, Alfred. To whom does The Batman turn for help?”

“That one is easy, sir,” came the knowing reply. “He turns to his God, of course.”

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gummihund Means "Quality"

I stopped in at Gummihund today. Pela told me once "Gummihund" means "Rubber Dog". I thought that was funny. Today was even better:

First, he's got a post called "The Good Things Mohammed Introduced" -- the post is blank!

There's another one called "Muhammads profession", with a little tickler, then a link to

He's got some other good stuff over there today.

Pela, thanks for writing more in English! And, sure, Gummihund may mean "Rubber Dog", but I think it means "Quality", too.

By the way... USpace (Hard to Swallow) made a suggestion to me about this blog, so I'm passing it along to you about yours... Open up links for your posts, please.

Monday, February 26, 2007

House of the Rising Sun

Bin Laden has nukes, and wants to use them here.
The destruction of America he holds very dear.

When a nuke goes off, the sun rises from ground zero.
Doing that here would make him Allah’s hero.

These "buckets of sunshine" are really quite a blast.
With them in our future, are we a thing of the past?

Following up on all this, I sought to look around;
Like a scout from the Old West, I put my ear to the ground.

So I googled Saudi Arabia to learn the latest news:
Who's the target today -- Hindus, Christians or Jews?

And what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a tiny desert kingdom, and cause for nuclear fear?

Concerned about nuclear weapons and their use for nuclear terror,
I pondered for a while, hoping I were in error.

Unfortunately I was not, as it soon became clear.
There is great cause for concern; the threat is quite near.

The Kingdom is worried about Iran’s nuclear aspirations,
So they made a deal with Pakistan, place of past detonations.

Their Goldfinger in Pakistan has bought them nuclear fun;
Perhaps “House of Saud” should be “House of the Rising Sun”.

The House of the Rising Sun is buddies with bin Laden;
When politicians deny this, the media just keep noddin’.

Connecting nukes to the Saudis, and from there to their lackey
Only emphasizes the potential for an American Nagasaki.

Rather than tell you all the details, I leave it for you to read.
You can think for yourself; of me you have little need.

Here is what I found; tell me, please, what you think:
Does Saudi Arabia have “crowd-pleasers”, or what is the missing link?

‘Pak agrees to give Saudis nuclear bomb’

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Saudis to purchase nuclear option, advanced missiles and spy satellites off the shelf from Pakistan and Russia

Will Saudi Arabia Acquire Nuclear Weapons?

Khan's illicit nuclear network said to span globe

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia in secret nuke pact

Israeli general says Saudis seek to buy Pakistan nukes

Saudi Arabia's nuclear gambit

Would the Saudis Go Nuclear?

Saudis consider nuclear bomb

Saudi Arabia Special Weapons

Underpinning Saudi National Security Strategy

Proliferation Unbound: Nuclear Tales from Pakistan

Where terror and the bomb could meet

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia in secret nuke pact

US Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

'Saudi secretly working with Pak experts'

Countries of Strategic Nuclear Concern – Saudi Arabia 3

Countries of Strategic Nuclear Concern – Saudi Arabia 2

Countries of Strategic Nuclear Concern – Saudi Arabia 1

Saudi Arabia may join nuclear club

Saudia Arabia working on secret nuclear program with Pakistan help – report

Is Saudi Arabia A Nuclear Threat?

Saudi Arabia on its way to make the nuclear bomb with the secret help of Pakistani nuke scientists

Saudi Arabia trying to avoid full international nuclear inspections of International Atomic Energy Agency's – did Pakistan deliver the nukes to Saudis?

Saudi Arabia Acquiring a Nuclear Bomb?

Pakistan denies nuclear cooperation with Saudi Arabia

Pak-Saudi-China: Nuke Nexus

Saudi Nuclear Watch

Pakistan Agrees to Give Saudi Arabia Nuclear Bomb

See also: Nuclear Strike on US Imminent?

6:12 I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.
6:13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind.
6:14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place.
6:15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains,
6:16 and said to the mountains and rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!
6:17 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?"
(From the Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter 6; NKJV)

Spring Cleaning Update

An article at the Middle East Media Research Institute:

Taliban Recruiting Hundreds of Suicide Bombers for Major Attack on NATO Forces in the Spring: Al-Jazeera Reports
The following are excerpts from Al-Jazeera TV reports on Taliban military plans. The reports were aired on February 21 and 22, 2007.

To view this clip visit:

Reporter: "The fighters of the Afghan Taliban movement are in a real race against time. The spring offensive - for which the movement is preparing by means of training, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and with which the NATO forces threatened [the Taliban] - is imminent, according to the movement's leaders. This is a diligent movement, which operates at night more than by day, away from any surveillance or reconnaissance. The movement's leaders said that the attack would include all of Afghanistan, but that it would focus on the south, in order to take control of entire cities."

Mullah Dadallah (translated into Arabic): "There are 6,000 Taliban mujahideen ready to fight in the spring campaign, and the number will rise to 10,000. The greater the number of Jewish and Christian forces fighting us, the more this will encourage the people to join us."

Reporter: "The Taliban says it has obtained a new anti-aircraft weapon, but it did not go into details. As proof, it presented Al-Jazeera with footage showing what they say is a U.S. military helicopter burning after being downed, in Kandahar about two months ago."


Reporter: "In a noteworthy development, the Afghan Taliban movement presented what it called its 'new weapon,' which will confront NATO's lethal weapons. This is the weapon of suicide operations. Taliban military commander [Mullah] Dadallah used this gathering to recruit over 500 suicide bombers for the coming spring campaign, which he promised would be bloody. He stressed that the Taliban is capable of multiplying their numbers."

Mullah Dadallah (translated into Arabic): "Praise be to Allah, who gave us this great power of self-sacrifice, among Arabs and non-Arabs. Our preparations for the war in the field of self-sacrifice activities are not enough by themselves. These operations are not sufficient to defeat them. The weapon of devotion is still the most important. In addition, we must remember our martyrs and their blood, which they sacrificed for a greater cause."

Reporter: "One of the suicide bombers summed up for Al-Jazeera the reasons for carrying out this act. He denied that poverty or depression, or any other of the reasons given by commentators, had led to his decision."

Suicide bomber (translated into Arabic): "I understand what a self-sacrifice operation means. I am an educated student from a well-off family. I have no mental problems or anything like that. I could complete my studies and become a doctor."

Reporter: "The suicide operations that the movement is preparing for include the use of car bombs and motorcycle bombs, as well as the explosive belts worn by suicide bombers. All the movement's leaders and fighters whom we met emphasized that this year will be the decisive one in favor of the Taliban. One of them proudly told us that Afghanistan is the graveyard of the empires - from the Mongols and the British to the Russians - and that now, NATO's turn has come."

First of all, this article updates Spring Cleaning. It seems the Taliban will launch their offensive with plenty of suicide bombers.

Perhaps more noteworthy is the part that the article glosses over, that about the new anti-aircraft weapon of the Taliban. To understand the significance of that, see The Soviets in Afghanistan: Love at First Sting.

March 3 Update: See Al Qaeda's Resurgence.

Alligators by the Swampful

From an article entitled 'Political issues mar anti-Al Qaeda fight' at the Pakistani daily Dawn.

‘Political issues mar anti-Al Qaeda fight’

By Anwar Iqbal

WASHINGTON, Feb 25: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Sunday that there’re ‘political issues’ that hinder Pakistan’s fight against Al Qaeda but President Pervez Musharraf has been a ‘stalwart fighter’ in this war.

In an interview to ABC News, Ms Rice rejected the suggestion that Al Qaeda was staging a comeback but acknowledged that the terror network was trying to “regenerate some of its leadership”.

Asked if she agreed that President Musharraf was constrained in this fight against terrorism and did she worry about how much pressure he could bear, Ms Rice said: “I'm certainly aware that there are political issues in Pakistan. To not say that would be not to face the reality, but this has been a stalwart fighter, Pakistan's Musharraf, in this fight.

”Ms Rice recalled that Al Qaeda tried to kill President Musharraf a couple of times and added: “The Pakistani leadership knows that Al Qaeda would like nothing better than to destabilise Pakistan and to use Pakistan as a base, rather than Afghanistan, for its operations.”

Secretary Rice said that the US had had excellent cooperation with the Pakistanis on hunting down Al Qaeda, and in its efforts to disrupt its networks.

“More Al Qaeda have been caught in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia than any other place in the world. And so they are working very hard with us. We have excellent cooperation on that,” she said.

Commenting on recent media reports that the group was staging a comeback, Ms Rice said the terror network had taken a number of blows and most of its generals, who led Al Qaeda troops before Sept 11, 2001, had disappeared.

Notice the first sentence of the second-to-last paragraph: “More Al Qaeda have been caught in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia than any other place in the world.”

There's an old saying: "When you’re up to your behind in alligators, it’s hard to remember you’re there to drain the swamp."

Perhaps that’s why when people want to hunt alligators, they go to a swamp. Alligators get caught in swamps.

There’s a reason why alligators get caught in swamps: that’s where they breed, that's where they eat and sleep; that’s where they live.

In fact, more alligators have been caught in swamps than any other place in the world.


“More Al Qaeda have been caught in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia than any other place in the world.”

Men of Honor

From the Middle East Media Research Institute, an article entitled 'Honor' Murders – Why the Perps Get off Easy:

'Honor' Murders – Why the Perps Get off Easy
By Yotam Feldner*
[*Yotam Feldner is the Director of the MEMRI TV project.]
This article originally appeared in the Middle East Quarterly, December 2000.

On May 31, 1994, Kifaya Husayn, a 16-year-old Jordanian girl, was lashed to a chair by her 32-year-old brother. He gave her a drink of water and told her to recite an Islamic prayer. Then he slashed her throat. Immediately afterward, he ran out into the street, waving the bloody knife and crying, ‘I have killed my sister to cleanse my honor.' Kifaya's crime? She was raped by another brother, a 21-year-old man. Her judge and jury? Her own uncles, who convinced her eldest brother that Kifaya was too much of a disgrace to the family honor to be allowed to live." [1] The murderer was sentenced to fifteen years, but the sentence was subsequently reduced to seven and a half years, an extremely severe penalty by Jordanian standards.

[1] Chicago Tribune, May 3, 1998.

Why do I have a feeling I know which way this is going?

Today, honor killings are prevalent mostly among Muslim populations. [2]...

[2] United Nations Report of the Special Rapporteur, Ms. Asma Jahangir, on Civil and Political Rights, Including Questions of Disappearances and Summary Executions (New York: United Nations, Jan. 2000), p. 27.

"Today, honor killings are prevalent mostly among Muslim populations."

The report then goes on to highlight five connections between honor killings of women and Islam:

This custom is, in other words, deeply rooted in a devout society that does not view honor killing as an aberration from the teachings of Islam.

Second, if honor killing originated in pre-Islamic Arab tribalism, it has long since been incorporated into Islamic society and thereby become common throughout the Muslim world….

Third, honor killings fit into a wider pattern of customs that flow from the texture of Muslim life without specifically being required by Islam, yet still enjoy the blessing of Muslim authorities.

Fourth, it bears noting that the policy of "not taking the law into one's own hands," which dominates Islamic authorities' circles, is less than an unequivocal moral and religious prohibition of honor murder. The refusal of Islamic authorities to unambiguously denounce honor killings signals to the public that this practice does not necessarily contradict Islam.

Fifth, the already ambiguous Islamic objection to honor killings becomes even less effective when considering the way mainstream Islamic scholars interpret the Qur'anic verse (4:34) that legitimates wife-beating….

The report finishes…

The honor murder phenomenon has become a social plague in many Muslim societies around the world. Despite its clear pre-Islamic pagan origins, contemporary Islamic authorities usually refrain from unequivocally condemning it. Some important Islamic scholars in Jordan have even gone further by declaring honor-crimes an Islamic imperative that derives from the "values of virility advocated by Islam." This unwelcome development does not come as a surprise when the almost consensual approval of both Muslim public and leadership is considered.

There is a website that deals with this: International Campaign to Stop Honor Killings

Looking down the page today, the 29 incidents reported are nearly all among Muslims in the Islamic World. There are a few among Muslims in Israel, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

Only one is not related to Islam: a case of a Cuban emigre in the United States.

We must never let it be said that men throughout the Islamic world have no honor.

March 1 Update: See Gates of Vienna post entitled All Her Dreams Will Warm and Sweeter Be.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gotham City: "Things Change"

Gotham City is changing.

Crime of all kinds is on the rise: street crime, from petty thefts to murder; white collar crime, from embezzlement to misappropriation of funds; and organized crime, from extortion to narcotrafficking.

A criminal gang is gaining power, a criminal gang with a long history, very traditional, yet uncannily modern, and fanatically devoted to its mission of evil.

Touring the community triumphantly, as if their main battles had already been won, leaders of this gang were anticipating the time when they would sieze full political power. They were eagerly discussing the day when they would rule Gotham City openly; a time when, having taken over the community, their evil activities would no longer be illegal, but would instead be the law of the land.

"We're going to change all this," they maliciously smiled. "What they call 'robbery', we'll make them call 'tax'. What they call 'prostitution', we'll make them call 'marriage'. And what they call 'murder', we'll make them call 'justice'," they thundered boastfully, looking around some more.

Following them, watching their every move, a ghost-like figure contemplated them from the shadows.

"What do you want?"

Startled, they turned toward the voice. Something stirred in the darkness, approaching them like a phantom.

"Ah, the direct approach. That means so much, coming from an internet persona hiding in cyberspace," they laughed. "We're just touring these crime-ridden streets, deciding what we're going to do to deal with this evil wave of immorality in Gotham," they explained. "You know, upstanding community-leader kind of business," they added with a smirk.

"But you're not the community's leaders." The voice was quiet, determined, confident.

"Things change," they laughed again.

They paused, then asked the phantom, "You don't actually think you can win, do you?"

"Things change."

It was only for a moment that they pondered the exchange, but when they looked again, the Dark Knight had vanished back into the shadows.

Will You Remember Me Tomorrow?

From an April, 2002, article at World Net Daily, U.S.-Saudi oil imports fund American mosques:

Some of the largest mosques and Islamic centers in America are funded by the royal government of Saudi Arabia, which gets most of its revenues from oil exports. And America is its biggest customer.

"You certainly can say that U.S. oil purchases end up funding U.S. mosques," said Daniel Pipes, a former State and Defense department official who now heads the Middle East Forum in Philadelphia.

So what? More and more, Saudi is embracing a radical and acutely violent strain of Islam called "Wahhabism," one that is spreading rapidly from its borders. Most of the Saudi people adhere to this increasingly anti-American sect.

Saudi was home to 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, as well as their leader, Osama bin Laden. And it has been a reluctant ally in America's war on terror. Now federal authorities are investigating whether Saudi laundered money to Islamic terrorist groups through U.S.-based Muslim charities. Some 80 groups have recently received subpoenas for financial records.

Of the more than 1,200 mosques in America, more than 80 percent have been built within the last 20 years – thanks in large part to Saudi money, according to Reza F. Safa, author of
"Inside Islam."

"Saudi Arabia alone has spent $87 billion since 1973 to spread Islam throughout the United States and the Western hemisphere," Safa said.

More than a year and a half later, in a September 10, 2003, press release entitled SCHUMER: SAUDIS PLAYING ROLE IN SPREADING MAIN TERROR INFLUENCE IN UNITED STATES,

US Senator Charles Schumer discussed the role that top officials in the Saudi government, including Interior Minister Prince Naif , play in spreading militant Wahhabism in the United States and throughout the Middle East. Schumer detailed how prominent members of the Saudi royal family have set up charities that funnel money to mosques and madrassah schools that advance Wahhabi teachings.

The Senator starts out:

Before I start my statement, however, I want to make one point crystal clear: mainstream Islam is a peaceful religion that deserves the respect of all Americans. It has a proud history and many of the people who follow its beliefs here in the United States are hardworking, patriotic citizens.

It is true that many of the people who follow its beliefs in the US are decent citizens; however, the idea that mainstream Islam is a peaceful religion is utterly ridiculous. Islam is founded upon the idea that it is a service to Allah to forcefully conquer non-Muslims, enslave or kill them, and take their possessions.

Like many other people, so are many Muslims basically decent at heart. They strayed away from that foundation, and many Islamic communities over the centuries have been basically peaceful. However, Islam's militant foundation, essentially the philosophy of a band of pirates, remains; hence, when calls go out from preachers of extremism to return to the extremist teaching at the foundation of their ideology, those calls resonate: amidst cries of Jihad, the piracy commences again, as people return to that "olde-tyme religion".

The Senator continues:

Wahhabism is known throughout the Muslim world for its puritanical and severe approach to the teachings of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. It preaches violence against non-believers or infidels and serves as the religious basis for Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda.

Experts agree that Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of Wahhabist belief and its extremist teachings. Unfortunately, there is mounting evidence that Saudi sponsored groups are trying to hijack mainstream Islam here in the United States – in mosques, in schools, and even in prisons and the military – and replace it with Wahhabism.

As we will hear today, in the 1960s and 1970s, the Saudi royal family made a deal with the devil, offering to sponsor the teachings of Wahhabist clerics in exchange for their support of the Royal Family’s rule. Wahhabi teachings include examples of Allah cursing Jews and Christians and turning some of them into apes and pigs; and warnings that Muslims must consider non-Muslims or infidels their enemy.

One of the terms of the dirty deal between the Saudi Royal Family and its Wahhabi partners has been the export of Wahhabist belief as part of Saudi foreign policy. Prominent members of the Saudi royal family – including Prince Naif, Saudi Arabia’s Interior Minister and anti-terror czar – have set up charities that funnel money to Wahhabi madrassah schools throughout the Middle East and Pakistan, making these areas hotbeds of anti-American sentiment and extremism.

Senator Schumer got it almost right: the "Deal with the Devil" was made three centuries ago; in recent decades it was only renewed.

Naif is a particularly bad seed. He’s made comments insisting that Zionists were responsible for 9-11 and claimed that Saudis citizens could not have been involved in the attack, even after the Saudi government admitted that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi.

He also oversees the Saudi Committee for the Support of the Al Quds Intifadah, which, like Saddam Hussein, has provided families of terrorists with millions of dollars through specially designated bank accounts. It seems impossible to expect cooperation in the War on Terror from someone who sponsors extremist and hateful religious belief and encourages terrorist actions. After the bombing of the Khobar Towers in 1998 that killed 19 Americans, it was Naif who single-handedly prevented the trial of 13 Saudis indicted for the crime.

Even as I speak, he appears to be up to his old tricks as reports indicate that Saudi officials have for months denied American agents access to a Saudi with knowledge of extensive plans to release poison gas into the New York City subway system.

It boggles my mind that on the eve of the second anniversary of September 11th, we cannot access someone who may have knowledge of a new 9-11 in the making, all because of the intimate relationship Saudi bigwigs have with extremist Wahhabi clerics.

The political leadership of one of our main "allies" in the war on terror refuses to help prevent future acts of terror. With friends like that, no wonder 9/11 occurred.

That’s why I wrote to the Saudi Arabian ambassador Prince Bandar in July calling for Naif’s dismissal. Sadly, I was rudely dismissed. Earlier this week, I wrote to Secretary Powell asking him to make Naif’s removal part of US policy toward Saudi Arabia. I eagerly await the Secretary’s response. There are indications that Prince Sultan, the Saudi Defense Minister, may also be involved in activities similar to Naif since he has also set up charities that send money abroad for apparently humanitarian purposes.

And the money we are talking about here is not small potatoes. According to the Saudi Arabian Information Resource, between 1975 and 1987, Saudi Arabia sent $48 billion overseas in development aid, second only to the United States.

While all of this is terribly alarming – and no doubt contributed to the events of 9-11 – the most disturbing news is that Wahhabism – backed by truckloads of Saudi oil money – is now making inroads here in the United States. Saudi Arabia boasts of directly supporting over 18 mosques and schools across the country, including Islamic Centers in Washington and New York.

Saudzilla rampages through the heart of America.

The Council on American Islamic Relations – perhaps the most famous of these groups – reportedly received financial support from Saudi-funded organizations to build its $3.5 million headquarters here in Washington.

This may explain why in April 2001, the Council released a survey saying that 69% of Muslims in America say it is “absolutely fundamental” or “very important” to have Wahhabi teachings at their mosques.

Now I don’t believe that these figures reflect the true feeling of the American Muslim community because the extremist Wahhabi ideology is violent, exclusionary and intolerant. It denigrates not only Christianity and Judaism, but also Shia and moderate Sunni Islam. Yet the leaders of these extremist organizations are smart and have public relations savvy. They know how to promote their cause and are willing to do what is needed to get backing from Saudi oil money.

They don't just "denigrate" Christianity, Judaism, Shiism and mainstream Suniism -- they seek to exterminate it!

There's finger in the pie -- a Saudi Goldfinger.

Other Muslim community groups in the United States – the Islamic Society of North America, the Graduate School for Islamic Social Sciences and the American Muslim Foundation to name a few – also receive money from Saudi sources and exhibit Wahhabi influence. The Graduate School and the American Muslim Foundation are both currently under investigation by the US government for terrorist financing

As I noted during the previous hearings we held, this is why it is so disturbing that these groups – and only these groups – are used by the US military and the Federal Bureau of Prisons to help select imams to minister in their ranks. These groups, with their Wahhabist tenets, clearly do not represent mainstream Islam, a system of belief that is peaceful and preaches respect and tolerance of other religions. But there should be no doubt that these organizations are on a mission to claim the American Muslim community as their own.

Official Washington can do much to counteract this movement by recognizing American Islamic groups that do not take Saudi money and which do not endorse Wahhabist teachings. These are the people who should be invited to White House prayer breakfasts instead of those who have publicly praised suicide martyrdom.

The suicide martyers being praised by those who attend these prayer breakfasts are the henchmen of the buddies of their financial backers: again from U.S.-Saudi oil imports fund American mosques:

Little known is that Saudis have been accused of involvement in two terrorist attacks on Americans in Saudi Arabia – the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Dharhan, which killed 19 U.S. airmen, and the 1995 bombing of a Riyadh military center that left five Americans dead.

Even less known is that Saudi-born bin Laden had closer links to Saudi intelligence than to the CIA during the Afghan-Soviet war.

During the '80s, he was "effectively working as an arm of Saudi intelligence," said Peter Bergen, author of "Holy War Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden."

Bin Laden comes from a wealthy and connected Saudi family, as did some of the hijackers.

None of this is new information, nor is it something that is not current. In an editorial last month entitled The Boston mosque's Saudi connection, a Boston Globe columnist pointed out how decent people from the Muslim community have been warning us for years about the problems from Saudi subversion in America's Islamic community:

SPEAKING AT the State Department in 1999, Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, a Sufi sheik and leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, sounded an alarm about Muslim houses of worship in the United States.

"The most dangerous thing that is going on now in these mosques . . . is the extremists' ideology," he said. "Because they are very active, they took over the mosques; . . . they took over more than 80 percent of the mosques that have been established in the US." He warned ominously that "a danger might suddenly come that you are not looking for . . . we don't know where it is going to hit."

When Kabbani was condemned by other Muslim organizations, he stood his ground. His assessment of the leadership of US mosques, he said, was based on having visited scores of them, and in a subsequent interview he explained the extremists' pattern of infiltration.

Muslim immigrants to the United States "came with a good heart . . . and they wanted a place to pray," Kabbani told the Middle East Quarterly. "They collected money and they built mosques in their community. Slowly, certain Middle Eastern groups seized these mosques, promoting political and ideological agendas rooted in their home countries' problems. . . . Slowly, such groups took over many mosques either directly or by unseen pressure on the moderate board members, and now an antagonistic mentality controls them. The extremists -- not ordinary believers -- changed the use of American mosques into centers of intolerant political dogma."

At the time, Kabbani's charges may have seemed little more than inside Muslim baseball. After Sept. 11, it became clear that mosques dominated by radical clerics were a potentially lethal threat. Many such mosques are funded by Saudi Arabia, which spends heavily to propagate Wahhabism, a fanatic and aggressive strain of Islam. The Saudi government, reported the 9/11 Commission, "uses zakat" -- Islamic charity -- "and government funds to spread Wahhabi beliefs throughout the world, including in mosques and schools. . . . Some Wahhabi-funded organizations have been exploited by extremists to further their goal of violent jihad against non-Muslims." Its findings were reinforced by Freedom House, which in 2005 documented the penetration of US mosques by Saudi-supplied Wahhabi hate literature.

Again from Senator Schumer's 2003 press release:

The Bush Administration can also help by striking at the source of these organizations’ support: Saudi oil money. Secretary Powell and others must make it clear to the Saudi Royal Family that if it does not end its dirty deal with the extremist Wahhabi clerics, it will ends its relationship with the United States.

"[I]t will ends [sic] its relationship with the United States."???

How's about a declaration of war and regime change in Saudi Arabia!!!

From U.S.-Saudi oil imports fund American mosques:

Despite Saudi Arabia's growing anti-American extremism, attempts to reduce U.S. dependence on Saudi oil have fallen flat.

America imports more than half its oil supply, and Saudi is its biggest overseas supplier, shipping more than 1.5 million barrels here a day, according to the American Petroleum Institute. (Canada is actually America's biggest overall foreign supplier.)

Meanwhile, in the Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...

Opening up the area to exploration would produce an estimated 6 billion to 16 billion additional barrels of domestic crude – potentially replacing all of what America imports from the Saudis for the next 30 years, according to the National Center for Public Policy Research.

That would, in turn, dry up some major Saudi money for mosques and the spreading of Islamism in America.

And by the time that oil ran out, we could be converted over to alternative fuels produced in the American Midwest, with our dollars going to American families, instead of relying on oil from the radical Islamic Middle East, with our dollars going to the Saudi Royal Family and their terrorist buddies.

Take a good look around at America, ladies and gentlemen.

If these guys take over, Mt. Rushmore will go the way of the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley. The Statue of Liberty is in very real danger of going that way in the next terror strike.

We want to make sure we preserve America's treasures of nature, so our children will be able to experience them tomorrow, and not just have to imagine as we remember and tell them.

But pristine nature isn't the only thing in America that's endangered; unless we take some proactive steps to preserve another of America's treasures, one that does not come free, Lady Liberty, we may not have her tomorrow. And, if we don't have Lady Liberty, where will we get the freedom to preserve our treasures of nature?

Will our freedom be something that our children don't know? Will liberty itself be something that they will have to be told about?

Will we be allowed to tell them, or will we have to remember silently?

Lady Liberty herself is asking you: Will you remember me tomorrow?

An Invitation to Muslim Readers


I am happy and excited that you are here.

At this blog I write some things that will likely offend you. If so, too bad!

There are a great many statements coming out of the Islamic World that are offensive to non-Muslims, comments that go so far as to call for the violent extermination of non-Muslims, and I hear little (there is some) criticism of such comments from the Islamic community. And don't think I'm not listening for it!

I do not wish for all offensive statements necessarily to cease.

As an American, I know my country is not perfect. We have a great deal of room for improvement, a great many problems that need solving. But, we can't solve problems if we don't know they exist; we can't improve things if we don't know improvement is possible. Sometimes it takes the voices of those who hate us to point out what is wrong. Indeed, improvement seems nearly impossible in the absence of criticism; homogenized, pasteurized praise paves the road to Hell.

To hear those voices, we have to get past our sensitivities. To make progress, we have to get over our offensiphobia. This is why the United States has a First Amendment: so even people who seek the destruction of our Republic can help us improve it! Perhaps once they unwittingly help improve it by calling attention to its deficiencies, they will find it far more tolerable; instead of hating it, they might even grow to like it!

As a result of that, I am in favor of Freedom of Speech and of the Press, and of Religion. These fundamental liberties should be given a wide berth; they are the treasures of civilized society, and we should suspect anyone who draws near to them.

In this same light, I feel Islam should not be immune to criticism.

There are many, many different traditions and communities in the Islamic World. Some of them are very old and historic.

A trend that I see in the Islamic World, however, is one of increasing radicalization. This is a violent trend, a totalitarian trend, aimed at the elimination of Free Speech, Free Press, Free Religion, and even Free Thought. This trend involves the destruction of peaceful, historic cultures and beautiful places inside the Islamic World -- and, of course, outside it -- to make room for a takeover by radicalized, violent, totalitarian Islamic elites. This trend is nothing less than the establishment of Hell-on-Earth, a gateway to a more eternal place of torment.

If this trend continues, not only will we infidels be in danger, but so will you: whoever you are, whatever you believe, sooner or later someone will label you takfir or apostate, and that label is no less dangerous than the tattoo on the arm of a prisoner in a Nazi death camp from decades ago.

With this in mind, I invite you to join the conversation here.

If you have a comment, make it. If you have a question, pose it.

If you think I'm wrong, say so!

Don't be overly concerned about being polite and civil. Yes, we all appreciate politeness and civility, but if you don't know how to phrase it, just blurt it out! I will try to look past my offensiphobia and take it positively. In the very same light, if you see something that someone has blurted out, look past your offensiphobia and try to take it the way you would want others to take your comments. Remember, no one here is without sin.

All readers here should please keep in mind that English may not be the native language of the blog's guests. If someone is having difficulty communicating a thought, for any reason, try a little harder to understand that person; perhaps you can even help that person communicate the thought.

Having said all that, I, as the blog administrator, do, as a matter of principle, reserve the right to delete comments (or even entire posts) for any reason, or for no reason at all.

Think! That is why your Creator gave you a mind -- and your Creator didn't make junk!

And speak out -- before it is too late!

I will keep you all in my prayers, that our Creator does as He sees best for all of us, because He is merciful, loving and wise.

Thank you for visiting, and God bless you all!

Overview of Islamic Phobias

From MEMRI Special Report No. 10 (numbers in brackets are notes to links, many of which no longer work, so are not reproduced here; emphasis is in original); I have categorized the quotes according to the phobia evidenced:


Al-Salaam mosque in 'Al-Unayzah, Sheikh Abd Al-Muhsin Al-Qadhi said: "Today we will talk about one of the distorted religions, about a faith that deviates from the path of righteousness… about Christianity, this false faith, and about the people whom Allah described in his book as deviating from the path of righteousness. We will examine their faith, and we will review their history, full of hate, abomination, and wars against Islam and the Muslims."

"In this distorted and deformed religion, to which many of the inhabitants of the earth belong, we can see how the Christians deviate greatly from the path of righteousness by talking about the concept of the Trinity. As far as they are concerned, God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost: three who are one…"

"They see Jesus, peace be upon him, as the son of Allah… It is the Christians who believe that Jesus was crucified.[3] According to them, he was hanged on the cross with nails pounded through his hands, and he cried, 'My God, why have you forsaken me?' According to them, this was so that he would atone for the sins of mankind…"

"Regardless of all these deviations from the path of righteousness, it is possible to see many Muslims… who know about Christianity only what the Christians claim about love, tolerance, devoting life to serving the needy, and other distorted slogans… After all this, we still find people who promote the idea of bringing our religion and their's closer, as if the differences were miniscule and could be eliminated by arranging all those [interreligous] conferences, whose goal is political…" [4]

Christophobia and Judeophobia:

While Islam considers both Jews and Christians "People of the Book" - i.e. non-Muslims with special status under Islamic rule - Sheikh Abd Al-'Aziz Qari discussed the differences between the religions in a sermon delivered at the Qabaa mosque in Al-Madina: "Two groups - the Jews and the Christians - are the main elements constituting the 'Camp of Kufur' and will continue to be its two foundations until Allah allows their downfall and annihilation at the end of days..."

"When the Prophet Muhammad was sent out, the 'Camp of Kufur' declared war on his message. At the center of this war were these groups, particularly the Jews. These two groups will continue to serve as the grindstones of the conflict and the war between belief and Kufur until eternity comes… The conflict will end when Jesus the son of Mary, peace be upon him, arrives to break the cross and wipes it off the face of the earth, and kills the blind [false] Messiah, the leader of the Jews and the tyrant whom they await. Until that day, the conflict between us, the Muslims, and the Jews and Christians will continue, and it will ebb and flow, one day ours, another day theirs…"

"The Jews are the objects of Allah's [promised] wrath, while the Christians deviate from the path of righteousness… The Koran described the Jews as a nation cursed by Allah, a nation at which he was angry - some of whom he turned into apes and pigs…"[5]


Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid also discussed education to Jihad, stating: "Muslims must… educate their children to Jihad. This is the greatest benefit of the situation: educating the children to Jihad and to hatred of the Jews, the Christians, and the infidels; educating the children to Jihad and to revival of the embers of Jihad in their souls. This is what is needed now…"[31]


Sheikh Abd Al-Hamid Al-Daghastani explained at the Bin Hassan mosque in Mecca that "to disseminate moral or ideological corruption ... the Jews hand these traits down from father to son."[22] As the Imam of the Al-Harram mosque in Mecca, Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudais explained in one of his sermons: "Brothers in faith, what do our Koran and our Sunna say? What does our belief say? What does our history prove…? They show clearly that the conflict between us and the Jews is one of belief, identity, and existence…"

"Read history and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil forefathers of the even more evil Jews of today: infidels, falsifiers of words, calf worshippers, prophet murderers, deniers of prophecies… the scum of the human race, accursed by Allah, who turned them into apes and pigs… These are the Jews - an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption…"

"Oh nation of Islam, today our nation is at the height of conflict with the enemies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow - the offspring of [the three Jewish tribes of Al-Madina] Banu Qurayza, Banu Nadhir, and Banu Qaynuqa, upon whom Allah's curse rests until Judgment Day. Do the sons of our people realize the truth about the nation of wrath and deceit…? The insult to and contempt of Arabs, Muslims, and their holy places reaches its height at the hands of the rats of the world, the violators of agreements, in whose minds abide treachery, destruction, and deceit and in whose veins flow occupation and tyranny… They are indeed worthy of the curse of Allah, of the angels, and of all people…" [23]

In a sermon delivered at the Al-Nour mosque in Al-Khobar, Sheikh Nasser Muhammad Al-Ahmad said: "In the Jews, an astonishing quantity of moral abomination and corrupt behavior has accumulated. These cannot exist in any other nation. What is amazing is that this corruption in all things concerning morality, and this impudent behavior, are not limited to a specific generation of Jews, or to a specific group of Jews, but are manifest in the distorted Jew everywhere. Every Jew, except for the prophets and the believers among the [ancient] Children of Israel, is a human model of the same moral traits, from which the contemptible Jew who lived in the time of Pharoah or the liberated Jew who lives today on the land of Palestine, is not spared."

"Moral corruption is a general trait of the Jews, all the Jews. [These are] stable hereditary genes [found] in the Jew in every time and in every place. If you want to know the Jew through and through, imagine a group of perverse moral traits…"

"The Jews are liars …in their religious life, in their ritual, in the way they see Allah. The Jews lie to their enemies and friends alike… What is strange is that they have turned the lie into a religion, a faith, and a ritual through which they draw closer to their god… If we say that they speak the truth this time [regarding the peace process], it would mean that we are denying the Koranic text - a very serious matter…"

"Similarly, the Jews are treacherous… If they smile, their smile is perverted… The Jews are miserly, and enslaved by money… The Jews disseminate corruption in the land; this is one of their salient moral traits, even in the time of their prophet Moses… Most of the world's wars, particularly the great modern wars, were planned and started by the Jews so as to disseminate corruption in the land, and to achieve their goals on the ruins of the human race… I will conclude the matter of these moral traits with something else connected to the Jews: The Jews are an accursed nation. This is part of our belief. We believe that the Jews are accursed…"[24]


Sheikh 'Adel Bin Ahmad Bana'ma said in a sermon at the Muhammad Al-Fatih mosque in Jiddah: "For the thousandth time, the [Islamic] nation is losing its memory and sits with its enemy to discuss peace, agreements, and treaties… The Jews themselves do not forget their hatreds. Today, they disseminate everywhere the lie of the Holocaust and claim that Hitler killed six million Jews in gas chambers. Although this is pure falsehood, they have made it part of their history of trials and tribulations, disseminated it with their mighty propaganda machine, and extorted the countries of the world with it. They obtained huge reparations from Germany with it, and still accuse everyone who denies it of antisemitism, and incite the world against him. [The French Holocaust denier] Garaudy's story happened not long ago!"

"…How many times have the Jews bitten the hand stretched out to them for peace? How many times have the Jews violated the agreements they have signed? Didn't they betray the Prophet…? Didn't they betray the Ottoman state and cause its downfall…? Haven't they violated all the modern agreements, from Oslo through Sharm Al-Sheikh? Isn't this enough for those misled by illusions of peace to awaken?"[28]


In a sermon at the Al-Huweish mosque in Al-Taif, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Nimr explained, "The enemies of Islam… know that the woman is a double-edged sword, and that she can be transformed into the most dangerous weapon of destruction [of Islamic nations]. Thus, the woman has suffered from most of the conspiracies to shatter the Islamic nation - because the woman has a group of traits allowing her to either build or destroy the nation…"

"The enemies of Islam have decided to distance the Muslims from their religion. Therefore, they have made the woman the most important weapon in this destruction. Ostensibly, they are showing her mercy and defending her rights. Many among the Muslim women have been misled by this, because of their ignorance about their religion, which sees the woman as the man's partner and as possessing rights and obligations appropriate to her nature and character..."

"Permitting women to leave the home, so that they rub up against men in the marketplaces and talk with people other than their chaperones - with some even exposing parts of their bodies prohibited from exposure - are forbidden acts, a disgrace, and lead to destruction. The first crime perpetrated by the Israelites was letting their women loose when they were adorned, so that they would stir up Fitna [inner strife]. For this, Allah punished them with the plague."[39]

Freedophobia and Gynophobia:

At the same time, many sermons instruct women how to behave so as not to slide down the slippery slope of the "moral degradation" pervasive in the West. The sermon of Sheikh Hamad Ibrahim Al-Hariqi at Al-Basateen mosque in Al-Riyadh is one example of many: "One of the mistakes made by women with regard to their husbands is to avoid [joining] the husband when he calls her to bed claiming that she is fatigued, or simply because she wants to anger him, or because she is ignorant and does not know that by doing so she denies her husband the greatest of his rights and places herself under serious threat… As it was said: 'If a man calls his wife to his bed and she refuses to come, the angels curse her until she wakes up'…"

"Another mistake is deficient service to her husband. If she does not fulfill his needs, such as cooking, laundering, keeping the house clean, and the like, it is because she is lazy and for no other reason. There is no doubt that this is a grave thing. [These tasks] are the woman's right and obligation towards her husband… The wise Muslim woman must take care of and serve her husband, in a way that will gladden him and cast happiness between them."

"Another mistake is to allow entrance to anyone whom the husband does not permit to enter the home. The husband has the right to bring only the people he likes into his home, and the woman must obey him. She has no right to bring in anyone he hates, even if it is her relatives … When the husband takes other wives, some women behave with exaggerated jealousy, ignorance, and stupidity."[46]

Study of Islam Improves Vocabulary

The study of Islam is improving my vocabulary.

I thought I had invented two new words yesterday, but, alas, I hadn't.

Freedophobia: An irrational fear of freedom or liberty. Related words: freedophobic, freedophobe

(I googled it and found ONE return: See link.)

Gynophobia: An irrational fear of women. Related words: gynophobic, gynophobe

(Google that and see what you come up with.)

Here are some more I found:

Judeophobia: An irrational fear of Judaism or Jews. Related words: judeophobic, judeophobe

Christophobia: An irrational fear of Christianity or Christians. Related words: christophobic, christophobe

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gummihund: "Me, myselfe and islam"

From Gummihund:

Me, myselfe and islam

So far, I have refrained from writing any lenghty posts in English. It's not my native language, and therefore I feel that some- or the majority- of the actual menings of my standpoints and messages could be lost within a torrent of mispellings and lack of correct anglosaxian punctuation.

So please have patience with me. I hope that the essence of what I belive in still will get throught to you. If anyone reading this discovers anything that does'nt make any sense; please notifie me on the subject in matter.

I have noticed that most (of my few) readers are English- speaking, and I feel that you all deserve a little background of my thoughts and what I belive in.

I belive in democracy. I belive in basic freedom and rights for all people. That would include such rights as: Freedom of speach, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. In short; I'm a humanist. I belive in humans, not neccesarily in a specific ideology or religion. But I do belive that everyone on this planet has the right to choose for themself wether or wether not they want to embrace an ideology or a religion.

The problem is that some of theese ideologies and religions does'nt implement the basic freedom for you to actually choose! Theese currents of ideologies, thoughts and religions wants to choose for you! For some this might be a compelling way of never having to take responsibillity for their own destiny. If something goes bad- no worries- It is allways someone elses fault.

One such ideology is nazism. An other is communism. And a third, what we faces today; is islam!

Islam is not only a religion (if it even could be called as such). It is an imperialistic, totalitarian and all- embracing political ideology. It is a way of life- and as such- in my opinion- a terrible, terrible way of life. It is the true opium for the masses. Muslims worship a man who was a murderer, pedophile, liar, thief, gangster and generally a thug. He gave the meaning to ”La Cosa Nostra” before the Mafia even existed. This man is the ultimate ideale for muslims. The most rightful man. His morale permeates their whole ideology. No wonder islam brings out the worst in humans.

I'm not saying that all muslims are bad people. I (hope) that a majority of the muslims are decent humanbeeings. I have met and made accuainatces with many muslims who I liked very much. I have even had a relationship with muslim girl at one time (which ended at gunpoint from one of her countrymen- but that's a whole other story). It's not the humanbeings behind the viels and the badly attended beards. It is something else- more deeply rooted.

It is islam!

To be continued:

posted by pela68 at 13:55

Yankee Doodle said...
I think you explained that very well.

It's not about religion; it's about freedom. Even atheists and agnostics need to be concerned about Islam, because as Islam is being radicalized from some directions -- especially from Saudi Arabia -- atheism and agnosticism will no longer be tolerated.

Many Muslims here in the West enjoy the freedoms they have, and want everyone to have freedoms. Those Muslims seek to spread Islam by peacefully offering it to others; whichever way you decide, they respect you.

Many Muslims in the Islamic World wish they had these freedoms.

That's why the Saudis (and others) are spending so much money and effort to radicalize it. They can't tolerate that peaceful coexistence.

They have no freedom in their own country; they are all slaves of their system; even the king and the ulama themselves are slaves of Wahhabi Islam!

Anywhere in the world that is free is a place their people might escape to. Just the knowledge that freedom exists somewhere else is a threat to their oppressive order, and that's why the Saudi Royal Family and their Wahhabi allies try so hard to eliminate freedom everywhere.

If your average Muslims were bad people, the radicals' job would be easy. But they're not, so it isn't. The Saudi/Wahhabi alliance has to work very hard radicalizing the Islamic world, teaching people to hate, and fanning the flames of that hatred continuously.

To be useful, the hatred has to burn hot. But it's hard to keep it so hot for long; they have to use that burning hatred to seize world power before it burns itself out.

It doesn't help that the core of Islam lends itself so well to the hatred and violence....

We have to keep the discussion of Islam alive. It is our duty not just to the Free World, but to the people in the Islamic World, if they are ever going to have a chance to decide their own future for themselves, rather than being pawns, enslaved and exploited by a political-religious elite.

Keeping a candid discussion alive is more than the best way we can fight them; it's the best way we can save them.

Keep up the good work, and God bless you!

den 22 februari 2007 kl 12:04 CET

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


(Source: Hatred's Kingdom, by Dore Gold, Copyright 2003 by Dore Gold, Published by Regnery Publishing, Inc. USA; ISBN 0-89526-135-9; numbers in brackets are page numbers.)

A review of recent history in the Balkans….

By the end of 1992, an estimated four hundred Saudi volunteers were fighting with Muslim forces in Bosnia. These were in addition to Afghan veterans from Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan and Algeria. Because of serious ideological and religious differences between Arab soldiers and native Bosnians, in 1993 a separate El-Muzhahidun regiment was formed.

This unit had questionable military value.

But the Arab force acquired a reputation as fierce fighters, known to have severed the heads of the “Christian Serbs” and mutilated their enemies’ bodies. These acts, however, frequently undermined the cause of the Bosnian Muslims, who presented themselves as the victims of Serb brutality. [143-4]

The native Bosnian Muslims were involved in a war with significant ethnic overtones. Radical Muslim soldiers from overseas hurt the Bosnian Muslim cause more than helping it: by radicalizing it, by giving "the Muslims” a reputation for atrocities, and quite likely by provoking more harsh reactions from their enemies.

Its proxies' military capabilities coming up pathetically short, the real threat posed by the Saudi Kingdom was a monetary one: financial jihad (see a related post at The Gathering Storm ), run through Islamic charities.

Saudi money had more influence in the Bosnian struggle.

On August 11, 1995, King Fahd himself sponsored a telethon in Saudi Arabia that raised more than $100 million. These charities were instrumental in moving volunteers and especially supplies to the Bosnian front.

Saudi officials confirmed that the charities also provided arms and backing for the Arab volunteers. [144]

With Saudi financial backing of Wahhabi ideological conquest, the deck was stacked in favor of extremism in a new era of Islamic ideological imperialism:

Both the Saudi volunteers and the Saudi charities propagated Wahhabism to the Bosnian Muslims. They were disappointed with the type of Islam they encountered in Bosnia. [144-5]

Once the Saudis identified a lower form of religious life, the ideological conquest began.

The Saudi charities stayed active in the Balkans even when the postwar reconstruction efforts were under way, but the clash between the Saudi donors’ Wahhabism and the Balkan recipients’ form of Islam became ever more glaring. [145]

In a Darwinistic struggle, survival went to the best-financed. Historic Balkan mosques, not true enough to Islamic ideals – as understood by the Wahhabists – were plastered over and reworked, or just demolished and replaced altogether.

Thus, just as the Wahhabi-influenced Taliban destroyed Buddhist statues in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley, the Wahhabis in the Balkans had no problem tearing down the symbols of other cultures, no matter their archaeological and cultural value. But in this case, they were destroying Islamic culture. Saudi Wahhabism sought to restore the puritanical Islam of the seventh century, skipping over the centuries of Islamic civilization under the Ottoman Empire.

A clear cultural clash was under way. The head of the UN mission in Bosnia noted, “There is a conflict here between a Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi interpretation of Islam and an Ottoman perception.” Indeed, one Bosnian official confessed, “We have a big problem with the Saudis; they are spreading around huge amounts of money to help rebuild Bosnia. But, they are also building mosques and spreading a version of Islam that is alien to our Bosnian Islam.” [145-6]

The Saudi influence went beyond ideological or religious imperialism; in an overt act of cultural imperialism, some Albanian radio stations began to offer nightly broadcasts in Arabic, prompting Albanian Muslims to wonder if they were suddenly in an Arab country. [146]

The Saudi Kingdom is rich with petrodollars. The black gold under their desert gives the royal sponsors of ideological imperialism a midas touch; with Islam having spread to so much of the world, the Saudi Royal Family needs only to rearabize the Islamic World in order to turn an existing Islamic Empire into its own Arab Empire, all while helping the Islamic conquest to gain momentum.

At the same time, the connections between the Saudi charities in the Balkans and international terrorism came into focus. In October 2001, a NATO force raided the offices of the Saudi High Commission for Aid to Bosnia in Sarajevo. The commission, founded in 1993 by Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, was supposed to help Bosnian war orphans, and had raised $600 million. But the NATO raid turned up maps of Washington, D.C., with bull’s-eyes on U.S. government buildings, a computer program explaining how to use crop-duster aircraft (a method of spreading chemical weapons), and photographs of past American targets of terrorist attacks. [146]

Desiring resources for a variety of reasons, Islamic communities around the world are lured to accept the enticing bait of Saudi help. That help, however, has turned out to be the kiss of death to the rich traditions that have developed in these Islamic communities -- as well as to the traditions of the infidel communities around them.

For the Saudis, Wahhabi extremist ideology and its associated terrorism are an instrument of imperialistic foreign policy; the combination is worth its weight in gold.

He's the man, the man with the Midas touch
A spider's touch
Such a cold finger
Beckons you to enter his web of sin
But don't go in

Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can't disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he's kissed her
It's the kiss of death ...


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Asia Times Online has done a series of articles with interviews from the Taliban. Their articles can be found here: Taliban Land.

A key article in the series addresses Taliban preparations for operations this spring: Taliban line up the heavy artillery.

KARACHI - The battle lines have been drawn on the Afghan chessboard for what is likely to be a decisive confrontation between foreign forces and the Taliban-led tribal resistance. Both sides have fine-tuned their strategies, have engaged their pawns, and are poised for action.

The Taliban's efforts are focused on next spring, after the harsh winter weather eases, while North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces aim to "nip this evil in the bud", using the province of Kandahar as their strategic base.

From there, they want to contain and encircle the Taliban in their bases all over southwestern Afghanistan, according to a source familiar with NATO who spoke to Asia Times Online on condition of anonymity.

Central to this plan is the use of air power, even though the Taliban have come down from the mountains and entrenched themselves in civilian populations in carefully chosen pockets. They also have a headquarters in the rugged mountains of Baghran Valley in Helmand province.

"Central to this plan is the use of air power...." Where have I heard something like that before? (Hint: The Soviets in Afghanistan: Love at First Sting.) We'll be hearing about this again, too....

On the Taliban side, Taliban leaders are talking to local people, making them what are essentially campaign promises, but for a different kind of campaign. They are promising the people that if they return to power, they will share everything with the people. After they get enough people convinced in their political campaign, they will begin a mass mobilization for the military campaign.

A key locality will be Baghran. Baghran is in the last Pashtun-speaking province before one gets to the Persian-speaking provinces. It is sort of a border-town between Tajiks and Pashtuns. In some ways, the area may be symbolic to the Taliban for unifying different factions loyal to them. Shortly after the Soviets invaded in 1979, they left Baghran, and were never able to return; it became a stronghold for the Mujahideen. Surrounded by rugged terrain traversed by mountain passes, if the Taliban can hold it, it could be a key victory not just operationally, but politically as well. It should be noted that Baghran has a reputation for being a Taliban hotbed, and there have been high-profile assassinations of local leaders loyal to the regime in Kabul.

One key weakness of the Taliban may be their focus on ideological reliability, rather than competence or experience. In an area rich in veteran Mujahideen who battled the Soviet forces and won, including veteran military leaders, these "old hands" are conspicuously absent; Taliban leadership positions often go to graduates of the madrassa, despite their youth, inexperience, and mistakes.

In an article at entitled THE OTHER WAR: THE UNITED STATES GEARS UP FOR SPRING OFFENSIVE IN AFGHANISTAN, the operations coming up this spring are addressed from the US/NATO side:

Instead of the Taliban, it will be the US Army and NATO that will be seizing the initiative this spring, Bush vowed. "The snow is going to melt in the Hindu Kush Mountains, and when it does, we can expect fierce fighting to continue," Bush said. "Our strategy is not to be on the defense, but to go on the offence. This spring there is going to be a new offensive in Afghanistan, and it’s going to be a NATO offensive."

President Bush has promised aid to help build Afghanistan's military and national police forces; reliable results will take years, though. Meanwhile, NATO troops must fill the gaps. Currently, the new NATO commander, US Army Gen. John Craddock, feels that more NATO troops are needed for the contingent to effectively do its job until relieved by rebuilt Afghani forces. Unfortunately, political constraints from their governments prevent the NATO forces in Afghanistan from being as unified as one might hope:

In addition to the overall troop shortfall, NATO operations have been hampered by "national caveats" that limit the ability of various troop contingents to participate in ISAF’s operations. Some of these caveats restrict the locations where their troops can operate; others limit the type of operations in which they can engage. Many are rooted in domestic political considerations back home. For example, France, Germany, Italy and Spain presently are reluctant to deploy their respective troop contingents in areas where they would become engaged in heavy fighting against Islamic militants. Instead, they want their troops primarily to assist in reconstruction and stabilization efforts.

As addressed previously, one key feature of coalition operations is the use of firepower, especially airpower. Airstrikes bring a great deal of firepower to bear on a target, very suddenly; however, there are costs associated with this:

American, British, Canadian, and Dutch forces currently have had to bear the brunt of the fighting against the Taliban, mainly in southern Afghanistan. Hard-pressed coalition ground forces have had to rely increasingly on air strikes, which have resulted in increased civilian casualties, thus threatening to undermine popular support for ISAF and the allied Afghan government under President Hamid Karzai.

So, what is going to happen this spring? Let's analyze some different aspects of the upcoming campaign:

1) Parallel to the Soviet experience in Afghanistan, excessive reliance on airpower could become a handicap militarily if the Taliban gain an effective means of air defense. This is unlikely, however, as the Taliban have no high-tech backers, and without them would probably not be able to acquire adequate, new-generation air defense missiles (man-portable SAMs) in sufficient numbers to make a difference.

2) Excessive use of firepower, including airstrikes, could have a long-term negative impact if civilian casualties become too high. The surviving family members of victims of coalition firepower might be motivated to help the Taliban, or at least put political pressure on Kabul. On the other hand, inadequate use of firepower would likely result in increased coalition casualties, and there could be a political cost for that at home in coalition countries.

The NATO and US forces there are foreign armies. They need significant help from the local people to succeed. Without a large critical mass of support from Afghani people, their mission is doomed to failure.

Interestingly, and to a surprising extent, the Taliban are also a foreign army. During the 1990's, they began to have heavy backing from Saudi Arabia. This included monetary support, but came with ideological strings attached -- the Taliban had to adopt Saudi Wahhabism. To the extent that Afghanis dislike this extremist, foreign ideology, they may support those who fight agianst the Taliban.

The Taliban's passing over of experienced Mujahideen from the Soviet era in favor of a younger generation trained in Wahhabi madrassas leaves a militarily and politically significant segment of society available. Which way does that segment lean?

These last points emphasize a key feature of this war, a feature that seems to be missed in Western capitals: more than anything else, this is an ideological war, yet the talk in the West is about military operations.

One thing is for sure: Each side considers the other a problem in Afghanistan, and each side is determined to clean out pockets held by the other this spring.

It will be interesting to see who does spring cleaning better.

Let's keep the NATO and US forces, and the innocent among the Afghani people, in our prayers.

The New Battle of Britain

LionHeart had a post at his blog today entitled The Fear Factor. My response is here:

Good post.

The connection between heroin and radical Islam is amazing. Your blog tipped me off to it.

I had heard of narcoterrorists before, in South America, but an Islamic Mafia bent on ideological world conquest is something that defies the imagination, but that seems to be exactly what you're facing. I'm planning a post on it soon.

Islam's declaration of war on the non-Muslim world was made when "the prophet" moved from Mecca to Medina. It has periodically been renewed. Salami Bin Aladdin renewed it in 1998, then punctuated that with the 9/11 attack.

There has always been an element in the Muslim world that has never backed down from that. That element, funded with petrodollars, and now with narcodollars, is radicalizing the rest of the world's Islamic community.

Any place in the world that there is a community of Muslims, even if they're peaceful and have been so for generations, is potentially in danger because of the Saudi regime's proactive and well-financed policy of spreading the violent extremist hatred and intolerance of Wahhabi Islam to those communities.

At my blog, I touch on the relationship between the House of Saud and the Wahhabis. For here, let me just say that many members of the Saudi Royal Family are also literally blood descendents of Wahhab, and Wahhab's ideas are the de facto official ideology of the Kingdom.

Their goal is absolute world conquest. They seek to enslave every person in every land on earth. Sooner or later, this will threaten everyone.

Wahhabis, take note: Even you are threatened. Sooner or later, each and every one of you will do something that the leadership in your community doesn't like, and when that happens, you are takfir -- you will be killed, and your property and your women will go to the others.

Good post, LionHeart. I've got you in my prayers!

Since the UK historically had ties to South Asia (what is now India and Pakistan), and since Pakistan is, for the most part, the Muslim part of what the UK had ties to there, the radicalized Islamic threat to the UK has a distinctly Pakistani flavor to it.

It's certainly not that all Pakis are bad; it's that many of the bad people the UK is dealing with are Pakis. The threat is going to be different in the Philippines, in Malaysia, in France or in the United States, but the threat is there.

Visit LionHeart. He has some excellent links down the side of his blog, leading to articles in the press, so you will know this isn't just someone's imagination.

We've got to get the word out. The situation is getting desperate in the UK, worse, it seems, than it was during the Blitz.

We've got to win this New Battle of Britain, while we are fighting it together with the UK, because if we don't, it will become the Battle of America, and when that happens, we may not have allies.

Islamic Imperialism, Islamic Terrorism and the Islamic Mafia must be smashed, and those who foist it upon the world must be brought to their knees.

Peace through Victory!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Saudzilla Speaks

Here's another one from "the Kingdom": Riyadh Wants Dutch MP to Apologize for Anti-Islam Remarks

Riyadh Wants Dutch MP to Apologize for Anti-Islam Remarks

P.K. Abdul Ghafour, Arab News

JEDDAH, 19 February 2007 — Saudi Arabia has asked the Dutch government to intervene over remarks by an anti-immigration politician who said Muslims should “tear out half the Qur’an” and wants him to apologize, Al-Watan newspaper reported yesterday.

“The Saudi Embassy in The Hague has begun moves with the Dutch Foreign Ministry against the remarks of rightwing parliamentarian Geert Wilders,” the paper said. “It appealed to the appropriate authorities on the need for Wilders insulting statements to be withdrawn and an apology be given to Muslims ... The embassy has demanded that the Dutch side put an end to such statement.”

Saudi Ambassador to The Hague Walid Abdul Kareem Al-Khereiji said the embassy was making its efforts without media publicity. “Our only aim is to stop the smear campaign against Islam,” he added.

Wilders said in an interview with the daily De Pers on Feb. 13 that Muslims should throw away half their holy book if they wanted to stay in the Netherlands and that he would chase the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) out of the country if he were alive today.

“Our minister is not happy with Wilders’ remarks,” a Dutch Foreign Ministry spokesman said. “It is not the point of view of the Dutch government,” he added.

Last year Saudi Arabia withdrew its ambassador to Copenhagen over Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet, which provoked worldwide protests among Muslims.

Wilders has warned of a “tsunami of Islamization” in a country that is home to 1 million Muslims out of a population of some 16 million. He has campaigned to ban the veil, wants to freeze immigration and ban new mosques and religious schools.

The Dutch news agency ANP quoted Wilders as saying yesterday he would not retract his remarks. “I would not dream of taking any of it back,” Wilders said.

— With input from agencies

Wilders is exactly right. Unless Muslims rip out the half of the Koran that talks about killing non-believer men, raping and enslaving non-believer women and children, and stealing their stuff, among other things, Islam will never be reformed.

Unless Islam is reformed, Muslims will sooner or later force the Free World to kick the Islamic World's butt in self-defense.

Instead, the Saudi Royal Family is going to great lengths to spread Wahhabism, which is the ideological foundation of the extremist ideology behind much of today's Islamic terrorism. Mohammed started the jihad, and the Wahhabis are trying to get everybody back to that olde-tyme religion of fighting the kuffar, taking it perhaps farther than Mohammed did (and perhaps not -- Mohammed was pretty ruthless).

By the way: The Saudi Royal Family has also made the terrorists' lists of people who need to die; Wahhabi terrorists consider them takfir, even worse than infidels: takfir have known the right path, and strayed, in the eyes of many radical terrorists.

This is kind of funny, in a way, since the House of Saud is related to the House of Wahhab -- many in the Saudi Royal Family are descendents of Wahhab himself.

The Saudi Royal Family keeps stoking the fire that they themselves helped start, and over which the Saudi Royal Family may soon be roasted. (See: Deal With The Devil.)

No wonder their Kingdom is so backwards. Saudi Arabia is So Backwards....

Saudi Arabia is So Backwards....

Get this: Saudi Teacher Asks Expat to Marry Her

Saudi Teacher Asks Expat to Marry Her
Arab News

TIAF, 19 February 2007 — A Saudi female teacher asked her expatriate driver to marry her offering him a dowry of SR100,000. When the driver said he was unable to provide her with a high standard of living the teacher said she would purchase a restaurant for him in order to earn a secure income. The driver, who has been driving a number of teachers to school for the last five years, received the proposal one day while dropping the teacher off at home. The driver gladly accepted and the couple are soon to marry.

A woman (who is not allowed to drive) asks a man (her chauffeur) to marry him and he accepts.

Only in a place as backwards as Saudi Arabia is this front page national news!

I wonder if the royal family is proud....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gotham City and the Overcast of Evil

Gotham City is changing.

The crime rate is rising; the crimes are more frequent and more brutal.

Women, and even young girls, are being savagely gang-raped and sexually assaulted; often, when they report the crime, their own families kill them rather than face the dishonor of having a victim in the house.

Hard narcotics are again the scourge of the streets, fueling yet more street crime, even as their profits fund the criminal aspirations of those who sell them.

Innocent people are knifed, shot, beaten, robbed....

The crime is now organized, now semi-organized, now seemingly random; omnipresent, it is hidden in plain sight.

In the face of this, the silence is deafening. Elected officials deny that any problem exists; or, grotesquely, they portray the criminals as the victims, and defend them, making a complete mockery of logic and justice.

Law enforcement officers are told by their superiors to not deal with problems clearly visible, yet strangely unseen. Many are paid off by the criminals; many are intimidated by them.

The few people who speak up are themselves targeted by both the criminals and the authorities.

Instead of telling about the crime, the media condemn those who dare to point it out.

Gotham City has become oppressive and stifling. Hatred rules; life is a lie.

The citizens have become submissive, living in fear and apprehension of the evil all around them. Whistling in the dark, they go on about their lives, pretending to be happy and unconcerned.... Many of them truly are happy and unconcerned, so effective is the cover-up by the people in power.

All too many feel alone, afraid to even whisper what is on their minds.

A deep, dark pall has descended on the place they call home; Gotham City is covered by a thick overcast of evil.

Alone, in a quiet room, one person gazes at this new Gotham, taking it all in, thinking....

Alone, I am nothing.... Just one voice.... One voice that will be shouted down, and ultimately silenced, forever.

But, as a symbol, I can fight back.... As a symbol, I can have an effect and spread the word. Not knowing who the messenger is, people will be forced to focus on the message. Soon others will hear; soon, they, too, will speak out. Maybe, one by one, we can turn the tide.

I will have to be careful. To bring light back to Gotham City, I must live in the darkness. To move about freely, I must stay in the shadows. The key to success, and even to survival, is to be a stranger in the midst of those around me, even to friends and family.

To do my duty, I must wear a mask; from this day forward, I must lead two very different lives, and keep them completely separate....

Moving like a ninja through society, a new kind of knight enters the battle in a new kind of war, a personal crusade against an enemy thoroughly modern, yet ancient and unchanging. A Dark Knight enters the information war, determined to stem a tide of evil that came to Gotham City straight from Hell.

A voice whispering from the shadows, the Dark Knight catches the attention of one official. This official is a true public servant, one of the few who understands what is happening, and who wants to do something to stop it. But, this official feels alone and powerless, opposed by an entire system that has become rotten, betraying the very ideals upon which it was founded....


"Looks like the Mujahideen are back in town, Batman."

"We'll see."

This post is dedicated to the bloggers: you are the caped crusaders, the dark knights, who will save Gotham City from evil.

You are the Batman.

Jihad: Oh, What a Feeling!

I did a post entitled Boiling Water, in which I pointed out that "random" acts of violence are not random, but are tied in to an ideology that preaches hatred and violence; that ideology is, of course, the Religion of Peace, Islam.

The idea that "random" violence and certain acts of street crime are founded in Islam is of course not my own. My immediate inspiration for that post came from an article at entitled Salt Lake Jihad?. No one's blogosphere education is complete if that person doesn't know of the works of Fjordman (Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden), a legendary blogger; his works have more recently been filed via another legendary site, Gates of Vienna (for example, see Norwegian Authorities Still Covering Up Muslim Rapes). Fjordman's work and the works posted at GOV obviously also served as food for thought. There are also other related posts in the blogosphere; for example: Chastity Belts Make Comback in Sweden.

In response to my post, Highest Infidelity responded with a link entitled: Relatives of killer: 1997 Empire State shooting was revenge for U.S. support for Israel. That got me to thinking about the other reports, and I decided to do some research and see just how bad Islamic crime has gotten. Here are some initial results:

In what appears to be a Christian site that seems to have serious differences with some Christian denominations, a site that appears to no longer be maintained, I found this posting, which included the texts of emails that the site had received, describing a situation in Indonesia. The page sounded pretty sincere and honest; check it out for yourself: Muslim mobs rape children while crying, "Allah is Great!"; the page has dates from 1998. Some key quotes (it's pretty bad; I'll spare you all the details):

Hundreds of Chinese Indonesian girls/women (aged 10-55) were sexually harassed and gang raped brutally. Some victims were even raped in front of their family members or in front of inhuman cheering crowd. Some of them were even thrown into the fire and burnt to death after being raped. Yet, not many actions seem to have been taken to investigate all this or to help the victims. And not very many people seem to know or care about what happened. Please help to spread the news and let the world know. We need help to get more international attention to help Chinese Indonesians, who are now living in fear in Indonesia.


"My name is Vivian, and I am 18 years old. I have a little sister and brother. As a family we live in what is supposed to be a "secure" apartment. At 9.15 am, May 14th, 1998 a huge crowd had gathered around our apartment. They screamed, "Let's butcher the Chinese!", "Let's eat pigs!", "Let's have a party!"....

We could hear girls of 10 to 12 years old screaming, "Mommy, hurts" That time I didn't know that these little girls were being raped. After about half an hour the noise diminished and we had some guts to go out and check. It was indescribable. A lot, some of them young girls, were lying on the floor. "Oh my God, what has happened?" Seeing all of this we screamed and my little sister Fenny, screamed hysterically and hugged her father.


After I fainted 7 people raped me. At that time my father still couldn't see well after being hit with a piece of wood. They raped me repeatedly. Then my father said "Vivian, Fenny is gone..." I was confused and cried out, "Why Dad?" My father couldn't answer. He told me to rest and went out of the room. I cried over and over again, feeling that my life had no meaning any more.


Additional comments from Bill Hekman: This is one of many victims. Hundreds of women and children were raped, mutilated and killed by Muslim mobs. Some had their vaginas ripped apart, their bodies cut into pieces. Over 5000 of the Chinese Indonesian's shops were looted and burned down. A few days ago anther 63 shops were burned in Tegal, Central Java. The city of Solo is burned down. There is no protection and no justice in this country any more.

In an article from December 3, 2001, entitled Martyred: Muslim murder and mayhem against Christians

President Bush's repeated assertions about the peaceful nature of Islam were briefly interrupted when the State Department issued the annual report required by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. This year, as in the past, our Muslim-world partners in the coalition against terrorism were prominently featured among the most violent, most intolerant regimes in the world. Religious minorities are persecuted in over 20 states where Islam is the official or dominant religion. The million Christians who have fled the Muslim world in the past five years were hardly seeking sanctuary from the peaceful face of Islam.

With shocking regularity, human-rights groups report the death of Christians at the hands of Muslim militants in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East....

The article then takes us on a tour of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Algeria, and other countries, describing crimes based on religious hatred.

My question: Why does President Bush keep covering for these guys, calling this a Religion of Peace? And don't tell me he's better than Kerry or Gore would have been, because that sure isn't saying much.

In an article from 2005, Jihad Watch describes murders in the United States related to Christians who were proselytizing to Muslims: Ignoring Muslim Murder on U.S. Soil?. The story was picked up by Fox News: Two Charged in NJ Family Slaying, where the crime was explained as not being motivated by religion, and the Coptic Church was quoted as feeling relieved by that.

An article from Der Spiegel describes how six Muslim women were killed by their family members for trying to break free and live as Westerners. The link takes you to a page where you have to wait for a moment for the article to load: "The Whore Lived Like a German".

Fjordman's report was picked up by Also at is an article describing crimes perpetrated by Muslims in western countries: Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree. Some quotes:

In Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations, there is a distinct race-based crime in motion being ignored by the diversity police: Islamic men are raping Western women for ethnic reasons. We know this because the rapists have openly declared their sectarian motivations.

When a number of teenage Australian girls were subjected to hours of sexual degradation during a spate of gang rapes in Sydney that occurred between 1998 and 2002, the perpetrators of these assaults framed their rationale in ethnic terms. The young victims were informed that they were "sluts" and "Aussie pigs" while they were being hunted down and abused.

In Australia's New South Wales Supreme Court in December 2005, a visiting Pakistani rapist testified that his victims had no right to say no, because they were not wearing a headscarf.


And with haunting synchronicity in 2004, the London Telegraph reported that visiting Egyptian scholar Sheik Yusaf al-Qaradawi claimed female rape victims should be punished if they were dressed immodestly when they were raped. He added, "For her to be absolved from guilt, a raped woman must have shown good conduct."


In Sweden, according to translator for Jihad Watch, Ali Dashti, "Gang rapes, usually involving Muslim immigrant males and native Swedish girls, have become commonplace." A few weeks ago she said, "Five Kurds brutally raped a 13-year-old Swedish girl."

In France, Samira Bellil broke her silence – after enduring years of repeated gang rapes in one of the Muslim populated public housing projects – and wrote a book, In the hell of the tournantes, that shocked France. Describing how gang rape is rampant in the banlieues, she explained to Time that, "any neighborhood girl who smokes, uses makeup or wears attractive clothes is a whore."

Unfortunately, Western women are not the only victims in this epidemic. In Indonesia, in 1998, human rights groups documented the testimony of over 100 Chinese women who were gang raped during the riots that preceded the fall of President Suharto. Many of them were told: "You must be raped, because you are Chinese and non-Muslim."

The article continues with its own global tour of Muslim atrocities. Notice the last paragraph quoted, which may correlate the above report from the Christian website regarding the gang rapes in Indonesia.

Here are a couple of blogposts regarding shootings in Seattle: Meet the Muslim Shooting Suspect from July 29, 2006 and Shooting in Seattle: Muslim Revenge from July 28, 2006.

Even 60 Minutes picked up on the situation in France: The New French Revolution: Population Of France Is Almost 10 Percent Muslim:

Samira Bellil wasn't asking for trouble, but trouble came to her. She's the granddaughter of Algerian immigrants and she's written a book about surviving the hell of the Paris ghettos.

"I was gang raped by three people I knew, and I couldn't say anything, because in my culture, your family is dishonored if you lose your virginity," says Bellil. "So I kept quiet, and the rapes continued. The next time, I was pulled off a commuter train and no one lifted a finger to help me. …Everybody turned their head away. They were all looking out the window."

When Bellil's family discovered that she had been raped, they weren't sympathetic. They threw her out onto the streets. But she's since discovered that what happened to her was not the only case.

"There was a trial in Lille where a 13-year-old girl was gang raped by 80 men. Sometimes, it’s 80, or 50 or 10. It’s absolutely terrible," says Bellil. "In the case of Argenteuil, it was horrible. A young woman was raped in a school. Of course, everybody knew, but they're so afraid of these young men that they prefer to close their eyes. That's the price of peace in the ghettos."

When the verdicts came down in this case, the courthouse turned into a madhouse. Eighteen teenagers were convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl over a two-month period. But what really shocked France was how the mothers of those boys reacted.

"You call this justice, seven years in prison for some oral sex," says one mother. "It's the girl who should be behind bars."

Ah, yes: the Religion of Peace, and its progressive view of women's (and little girls') rights.

Here's a blog post that addresses the situation in Europe, with links: Pan-European Arab Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic. One of its more enlightened commentators observed:

You cristian infidel whores must accept the fact that we the chosen ones, children of the all mighty Allah obey under the rules of holy law. Any infidel woman must be cleansed of her infidelity by the means of the rape. Only through this act may server our Lord Allah. The whores of the white man are our target and rape is our tool. We will not rest untill everyone of you infidels are cleansesd of the earth as is the will of Allah. We are coming and you can't stop us for Allah is showing us the way.

Another one had this to say:

all u can burn in **** ***** *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**** u christians!!!!!!!!

[Edited for profanity]

At another webpage, from 2001, the title tells it all -- Egypt Acquits All Muslim Murder Suspects:

Instead of convicting the Muslim murder suspects accused of killing 21 Christians in last year's El-Kosheh massacre, a judge in southern Egypt has accused the local Coptic clergy of responsibility for the three-day rampage.

In his opening statement before announcing the verdict on February 5, presiding Judge Mohammed Affify accused three priests in the predominantly Christian village of failing to put a stop to the rioting.

During the mayhem, which erupted between December 31, 1999, and January 2, 2000, twenty-one Christians were killed and 260 of their homes and businesses destroyed or looted in El-Kosheh and surrounding villages in southern Egypt's Sohag governate. The only Muslim victim was shot dead accidentally by a fellow Muslim.

Singling out Fr. Gabriel, Fr. Bessada and Fr. Isaac by name, Affify stated that the three priests "shoulder the moral responsibility for escalating the events," and urged church authorities to discipline them.

Moving right along, an article from last October from Australia Muslim Religion Blamed for Fatal Stabbing begins like this:

A RELIGIOUS feud between a Muslim father and his teenage daughter may have sparked a bloody domestic dispute on Queensland's Gold Coast which left the man's wife dead and him fighting for life in hospital.

Police are investigating suggestions the violence erupted after the 17-year-old girl told her father she wanted to opt out of the Islamic faith and convert to Christianity. The girl's mother is believed to have stepped in to protect her daughter, only to be fatally stabbed with a kitchen knife.

Neighbours reported hearing "blood-curdling" screams before the hysterical girl ran half-naked from their Southport home unit covered in scratches.

Here's a blogpost on Muslim Rape, which references Fjordman's work. The blog, called Islamic Evil, looks interesting.

Anyway, the post is getting long, and I wouldn't want to appear too islamophobic, so Google Muslim plus your choice of rape, murder, stabbing, or some other word, and see what you get.

To close, I repeat my comments with which I finish two previous posts:

At its core, Islam is evil. (from Islamic Imperialism 101)

Islam is Hell. (from Islamic Imperialism 102)